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Auxiliary & Fleet Services

Facilites Scheduling Policy (doc)

Fleet Services Transportation Policy (doc)


Key Policy

Finance & Purchasing

University Procurement Guidelines-081013 (pdf)

Purchasing Policy 032409 (doc)

Purchasing Card Update 111609 (ppt)

Purchasing Card Policy 050506 (doc)

Business Expense Policy 111002 (pdf)

Gift Policy_031709 (pdf)

Budget Advisory - Purchases of Goods and Services_031709 (pdf)

Budget Advisory - Purchase of Printed/Imprinted Items_031709 (pdf)

Budget Advisory - Meal Purchases_031709 (pdf)

Budget Advisory - Travel_031709 (pdf)

Travel Advance Policy 111002 (pdf)

International Travel (Travel Abroad) Policy 091311 (doc)

Per Diem Rates-2010 (xls)
Receipts should be used for all meal reimbursement unless use of "per diem" has been approved prior to travel! (e.g. international travel where receipts may not be available)

University_Vehicle_Usage_Log_Guideline-090110 (doc)

Employee Computer Assistancy Program (doc) and Application Form (xls)

Human Resources

Go to Human Resources Policies Page

Mail Center

Copyright Policy

Indicia (Bulk Mail) Policy 082802 (doc)

Risk Manangement & Regulatory Affairs

Accident Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure (pdf)



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