JCU Mathematics & Computer Science
Interactive Statistics Educational Package
Welcome to ISEP, an interactive statistics package designed to help college students learn statistics at the introductory level. Please note that to be able to run the following pages your computer must have a browser capable of supporting applets written with JDK1.1.5. Also for best results, your machine should be IBM-PC compatible with 133 MHz Pentium or higher. The following lessons are designed to be very vague in nature. This is to allow the students to discover the statistical concepts for themselves. Also this is not to be considered a stand alone product. ISEP was designed with the intention that students would be provided with some instructions, questions, and goals by their supervising professor.

Please choose a lesson to start with. Also, please note to return from any of the lower pages simply click on the "BACK" button provided by the browser.

Lesson 1: Mean
Lesson 2: Standard Deviation
Lesson 3: Linear Regression
Lesson 4: Central Limit Theorem
Lesson 5: Power
Lesson 6: Monty Hall
Lesson 7: Triangle Inequality Theorem
Lesson 8: Confidence Interval
Lesson 9: Quincunx

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