Standard Deviation

To operate the lesson below, click on the block in the bin on the left side of the window. Then, while holding down the mouse, drag the box into the main window. Finally release the block by letting go of the mouse over the desired value. The block will then fall down until it lands on the ground or another block. As this is happening a new block will fall down into the bin. Repeat this process until you have placed all ten blocks in the window. To move blocks that are already in the window, simply click and drag.

To shift the number line to the right or left, simply click on the approperiate button. This will shift all the blocks one unit in the requested direction. To remove all the blocks from the screen and place them in the bin, hit "Reset" button.

Please note that while moving blocks, they may pass through one another. However, all blocks when releases will line up nicely in a slot and will be placed on the top off the stack.

To print the page click on the browser's "Print" button; to end the lesson and return to the main menu, click on the browser's "Back" button.