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General Information
Enter a Work Order
Enter a Work Order
Pre-Authorized Requestors
Expectations of the Work Order System
Enrollment Instructions
(Facilities Personnel Only)
Placing a Work Order
Status of a Work Order


General Information

Schooldude is a web-based work order entry system. John Carroll University has been using the Schooldude system since the fall of 2005. The system allows Requestors to directly enter a work order into the Facilities Department 24/7 from the convenience of his/her own computer. It also provides reply information with every change in the status of a work order. Furthermore, the system allows for date stamped information for every data entry into the system, so a history of "who and when" regarding work orders is documented.

Pre-Authorized Requestors at JCU

The following individuals with valid JCU e-mail addresses may use the system:

  • AC’s – Area Coordinators
  • SRA’s & RA’s - Resident Assistants
  • All Students
  • All Faculty
  • All Staff
  • All Administrator

The Schooldude work order system, maintained by the Facilities and Auxiliary Services Departments, is the preferred mechanism for placing a work order at JCU. All work orders placed through the web-based system are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner, and all transactions are recorded for the Requestor, Technicians, and Facilities Supervisors. However, the Requestors should be aware that there are other departments aside from the Facilities Department that act as Technicians (responders to requests). The following are the basic assignments:

  • Maintenance, Grounds, and Furniture issues in all University owned buildings, including the Residence Halls are responded to by Facilities Department staff
  • Housekeeping issues are responded to by Auxiliary Services
  • SOME Computer Network/ IT issues are responded to by Information Services

Expectations of the W.O. System and of the Facilities Department

While work orders (W.O.'s) can be sent any time of day, every day of the week, the Facilities Department receives and processes W.O.'s during regular business hours, M-F. (The same is true of other responding departments.) With the quantity of W.O.'s received it is necessary for the Facilities staff to prioritize the requested work and balance those with other daily and preventative maintenance operations. EMERGENCY repairs are always dealt with in the highest priority. Other repairs will follow. You should expect that non-emergency W.O.'s will be addressed within 1-3 days. 

Call if you need immediate assistance at (216) 397-4314.

Enrollment Instructions For Pre-Authorized Users

Pre-Authorized Requestors must enroll in Schooldude prior to entering and checking the status of his/her own work orders.

  1. Follow the instructions below on "How to place a W.O." Pay close attention to item 2.
  2. You will need to have the "Submittal Password" in order to complete the W.O. Contact your RA, AC, the Office of Residence Life, or the Facilities Department to obtain the current password for JCU. All students receive training regarding placing W.O.'s from his/her AC or RA at the beginning of a school year.

How to Place a Work Order (W.O.)

The following are the steps to enter a work order:

Note: The vast majority of the John Carroll University population will use the link or icon: "Enter a Work Order on www.myschoolbuilding.com" to create a work order. The schooldude.com link and icon is ONLY for authorized Facilities Department administrators of the system.

  1. Go to http://www.myschoolbuilding.com by either typing the web address into your browser or by selecting the link/ icon at the top of this page.
  2. Entering the John Carroll University account at Schooldude:
    • If using the link at top, you will be directed to a "Welcome Page."
    • If you are a repeat customer and at your own computer, the fields will be pre-populated with your information. You will need to answer YES to the verification question.
    • If you are a new Requestor (never entering a work order before) or if you are NOT at your own computer, you will be prompted to enter identification information (i.e. first and last name, e-mail address, and phone number). Then you will need to answer YES to the verification question.
    • If you have entered the site by typing the address into your browser and are a new Requestor, you may have to have the JCU organization number to enter the site. You will then need to contact the Facilities Department to obtain the JCU organization number (which is NOT related to your department organization code in the Banner system).
  3. Once on the request page, complete the required information requested: Location and Area/Room Number.
  4. Select your Problem Type that best describes the issue from the available icons. Once you click on the Problem Type, the page will refresh and your problem type will be highlighted with a red circle.
  5. Describe your Problem or request. Providing clear and concise information will help in expediting the work order. Work orders are automatically routed in the system by the Location and the Problem Type. The "Problem Type" is the TOPIC or nature of the work. The description notifies the assigned Technician more specifically of the issue.
  6. Enter the Time Available or leave blank if there is no specific time related issue to the request. Entering information here does NOT mean that the work will be done at the date/time specified, but only helps in getting the work scheduled with the Technicians. All repairs are normally done during normal business hours.
  7. Enter your Submittal Password. The password will be the same for all Requestors within the JCU community. Please contact your department secretary, your AC or RA, the Office of Residence Life, or the Facilities Department if you are not sure of the current password. Click the "Submit" button to save and send your request.
  8. After submitting a work order, an automatic e-mail will be sent to you to notify you that the work order has been submitted. You will be automatically notified EVERY TIME there is a change in the status of the work order, including when the work order has been completed. You may also receive an e-mail from a Technician working on the work order if there are questions or comments.
    • W.O.'s submitted by Students will be directed to the appropriate AC (Area Coordinator) for review and attention.

Status of a Work Order

You may view all work orders that you have submitted by clicking "My Requests."

  1. You can sort the list by any of the fields listed; the default is on the "Request Date."
  2. You can view the Details, Status, Technician assigned to your request, Action Taken, and the Completion Date of your requests.
  3. To search your requests, enter a key term in the "Search This Results For," then click the "go" button. To view only requests of a certain status, click the number next to the status under "Request Totals.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions about the use of the Schooldude work order system, please contact the Facilities Department.


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