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African and African Diaspora Cultural Studies

The Africana Studies Concentration track of African and Diaspora Cultural Studies seeks to promote an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the myriad cultures of Africa and the African diaspora.  This track focuses on historical, philosophical, political, economic, religious and cultural traditions of the African continent and on the cultures of the historical and contemporary global migrations of African peoples known as the African Diaspora.  This track emphasizes the importance of colonialism and post-colonial thinking, as well as transnational alliances, cultural hybridity, and global race relations

12 Hours from four of groups A through E:

(A) PL 285, PL 398 (with approval)

(B) RL 299 (with approval), RL 328;

(C) PO 310;

(D) EN 286 (with approval), EN 480, ML 206, ML 399 (with approval), SP 429;

(E) HS 131.



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