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US Together

2490 Lee Blvd/Rockefeller Pointe Bldg
Suite 200
Cleveland Heights ,  OH  44118

Phone: (216) 456-9630

US Together is a mutual assistance agency founded in 2003 as a response to the needs of refugees and immigrants in central Ohio. Its mission is to coordinate, organize, and initiate services to immigrants and refugees through education, advocacy, support services, information, referral, and networking opportunities to strengthen the community in which we live. US Together provides refugees with such services as resettlement assistance, acculturation and orientation classes, VESL classes and employment assistance and training, interpretation and translation services, and coordination and advocacy for access to health care resources.

What we do there:
JCU students will engage in teaching basic English and assist in citizenship preparation classes for refugees with limited English proficiency. Additionally ,students may be providing tutoring and homework assistance to elementary-age children who are members of the US Together community.

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Contact Us!
John Carroll University, University Heights, OH 44118  |  (216) 397-4294  | (888) 335-6800 (toll-free)   |  (216) 397-4981 (fax)
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