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2100 Lakeside Men's Shelter

2100 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland ,  OH  44114

Phone: (216) 566-0047

Managed by Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM), 2100 Lakeside is the largest men's shelter in Ohio, housing over 350 men per night and serving 1,000 meals per day. The mission of LMM is to serve people who are oppressed, forgotten, and hurting. The staff of 2100 seek to provide support services to men experiencing homelessness in the Cleveland area and to empower them towards independence and self-sufficiency. The shelter serves up to 350 men per night with an additional 30-60 beds available at partner overflow sites. Social service partners provide on and off-site services to increase resident self-sufficiency. The staff offers hope while providing support for men in transition and in crisis.

What we do there:
Service participants at 2100 Lakeside partner with residents in a variety of activities.

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