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Project ¿QUE?

La Sagrada Familia Parish
7719 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland ,  OH  44102

Phone: (216) 281-4044

Projects ¿QUÉ? is a multi-faceted JCU initiative to raise the educational aspirations of middle school Hispanic children on Cleveland's west side. Outreach efforts include tutoring Latino and other children at Metro Catholic Middle School.

What we do there:
Service participants provide homework assistance and tutoring in math, science, and reading to 5th and 6th grade children for whom English is a second language. Participants should have some ability to converse in Spanish.

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Contact Us!
John Carroll University, University Heights, OH 44118  |  (216) 397-4294  | (888) 335-6800 (toll-free)   |  (216) 397-4981 (fax)
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