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Yoga Reach

Mayfield Village Civic Center
6622 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield Village ,  OH  44143

Phone: (216) 397-4698

In 2004, YogaReach began as a program that 5 students identified with a disability, enrolled in. One of the purposes of YogaReach was to find ways to assist the diverse learners along their individual paths of discovery. The director of YogaReach taught her instructors to learn to remember that categories and labels of disabling conditions did not indicate the ability of an individual person. Instead, it was important to view each person holistically, determining their strengths and modifying if necessary, areas of weakness. This information developed YogaReach, into an educational yoga therapy program that taught the students how to improve concentration, focus, behaviors, and learn to socialize with peers. As the program has grown, we now have a large range of students from teens to young adults. A ” child with a disability”, may be identified with Autism, Cognitive Disability, Deaf-Blindness, Deafness, Emotional Disturbance,Hearing Impairment, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury,and Visual Impairment including Blindness, have joined the YogaReach Adaptive Recreation Program.

What we do there:
Participants in this service activity will participate in yoga sessions with Mayfield Village Adaptive Recreation individuals with disabilities, assisting YogaReach staff and, above all, "being" with the participants.

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Contact Us!
John Carroll University, University Heights, OH 44118  |  (216) 397-4294  | (888) 335-6800 (toll-free)   |  (216) 397-4981 (fax)
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