Resources for GeoGebra

Video transcript of our presentation
You may have to scroll down to access the video controls.

Depending on your screen resolution, you may have to scroll down to see the video controls at the bottom of the window.
Our ICTCM Conference paper The paper includes step-by-step instructions for creating demos for the graph of the derivative function, Riemann sums, and Newton's method. For instructions for various other GeoGebra demos, see our ICTCM papers from 2010 and 2011.
Where to get GeoGebra From this site you can also obtain the official GeoGebra Help Manual.  We recommend that you use the "Webstart" download, which will automatically update with future releases.
GeoGebra Users' Forum Thousands of questions that have been asked and answered by others.  Subscribe (for free, of course) and you can post your own questions!
GeoGebraTube The official repository of user-contributed GeoGebra constructions and related sources.
Experiment with the GeoGebra files we used to create the applets in our talk Unzip the archive to a convenient location, and then open the files using GeoGebra.  (Of course, you must first install GeoGebra on your computer.)