The tools on this website are used to give the user a better understanding of fractals and their formations.  This is accomplished visually and in real time.  The user has the option to create and examine fractals using four different methodologies: Chaos Game, Random Iteration, Deterministic, and Geometric Iteration.  Descriptions of the methodologies are given in the table below.

Note:  The "Copy To Clipboard" function is only available for the downloaded, executable JAR files that can be found on each of the fractal creation pages.  If the user desires to capture a fractal image from the web interface, he or she must use press the "Print Screen" key (which will copy the entire screen to the clipboard), open a photo-editing program (such as Microsoft Paint), and paste the fractal for further cropping and processing.

Chaos Game
Manipulate fractals by adding and removing base points and altering where each of the its points are drawn.  Reshape/resize the fractal in real time.
Random Iteration
Manipulate transformation values to modify several pre-defined fractals, or create a new one.
Step through the various stages of fractal generation using transformation values. Shapes are used to define the fractals.
Geometric Iteration
Create an initial stage using "Turtle Geometry" and derive a fractal from it.