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MT 167-52, 55
The Mathematics of Change and Chance
Spring, 2013



  • College Mathematics, 7th ed., by S. T. Tan (Thomson/Brooks Cole)
  • WebAssign (electronic homework system)


College Mathematics

Course Content:  MT 167 is a blend of topics from calculus ("change") and probability ("chance"), and provides the basic mathematical background needed by all business majors. (Well prepared business students - especially those planning to major in economics or finance - may wish to consider taking MT 135 Calculus instead of MT 167.) The topics covered in the course include sets and counting techniques; discrete probability distributions; expected value and variance; functions, limits and derivatives; applications of derivatives; exponential and logarithmic functions; integration and improper integrals; the normal distribution and the Central Limit Theorem; and estimation of the mean. Computer technology is integrated throughout the course.

Computer Use: The course will require frequent access to a computer with the software Excel and Derive. For your convenience, this software is available in all general-purpose computer labs on the JCU campus.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact me (Dr. Carl Spitznagel).

More:  Students enrolled in this course are invited to visit the course Blackboard site for additional information.

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