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Guillaume Francois Antoine Marquis de L'HoppyTail

Not a Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science

Professional interests: Calculus, Spelling

Office: varies

Telephone: none

E-mail: none





L'HoppyTail leads a life of leisure, and teaches no classes.  He does occasionally make classroom appearances, however.  To learn more about L'Hospital, the mathematician for whom L'HoppyTail was named, read the biography from the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive.

L'HoppyTail joined the department in 1998, after the department's spelling team, "The Oblique Asymptotes," won the John Carroll University Spelling Bee.  Team members were Kim Balk, Barbara D'Ambrosia, and Carl Spitznagel.  With L'HoppyTail's help, the team won the JCU Spelling Bee again in 1999, and went on to become the champions at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Community Spelling Bee.


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