Errata for Topology: Point--Set and Geometric by Paul Shick

Updated January 10, 2008

Many thanks are due to Allen Hatcher and Bob Kolesar for their careful reading. If you spot errors in the text not listed here, please email me (

  • Overall, the pages listed in the Index are off by a small amount in many cases, due to a programming error. The page number listed for a given topic should get you "in the neighborhood" of the correct reference.
  • p 2: In the footnote, Universitat Erlangen, not Erlange.
  • p 3: In the footnote, N. Abel was Norwegian, not Danish.
  • p 12: In the footnote, it should read S = "the set of all sets"
  • p 24: Exercise 2d should read f^{-1}(f((2,3]))
  • p 225: In the proof (part 1), it should read beta(4s-1), not beta(4s-2)
  • p 226: It should read "alias s = (t+1)/4," not 4s/(t+1).
  • p 227:

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