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Poenulus, Latin Laughs: A Production of Plautus' comedy Director: John H. Starks, Jr.
1994, 105 minutes.
We don't often hear about Latin or Greek drama being staged in their original languages; it's in translation or through modern playwrights that we see the great masterpieces of Greece and Rome performed today. That's why the 1994 presentations at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, of Plautus' Poenulus - in Latin! - are such a rare treat. With a total of more than one thousand spectators for three live shows, these performances were a huge success.
·Contemporary props and jokes bring the Latin to life.
·English plot explications make the action easier to follow.
·The video's list of Dramatis personae features pictures of costumed actors for easy identification of character.
·Act and scene numbers at the bottom of the screen allow quick reference to the text.
Although Poenulus has sometimes been criticized for its double plot and length, director J.J. Starks, Jr. discerns the play's excellence: "What stands out about Poenulus…is not the 'weakness' of its web of plots…but the infinite variety of characters that cross the stage and help to paint a picture of the entire comedic world."
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