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Aguirre, The Wrath of God Director: Werner Herzog
with Klaus Kinski.
1972, 94 minutes, German with English subtitles.
A band of Spanish conquistadors travels into the Amazon jungle searching for the legendary city of El Dorado, but their leader's obsessions soon turn to madness.

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GR 009
Aimée and Jaguar DVD GR 132
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
with Brigitte Mira, El Edi Ben Salem.
1974, 94 minutes, German with English subtitles.
A widowed German cleaning lady in her 60s, over the objections of her friends and family, marries an Arab mechanic half her age in this engrossing drama.
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GR 077
All Quiet on the Western Front DVD GR 134 A/B
Alles Gute (chapters 1 - 4) GR 034-1
Alles Gute (chapters 13 - 16) GR 034-4
Alles Gute (chapters 17 - 20)
GR 034-5
Alles Gute (chapters 21 - 24) GR 034-6
Alles Gute (chapters 25 - 26)
GR 034-7
Alles Gute (chapters 9 - 12)
GR 034-3
Alpen - see Berlin see Berlin
Deutsche Welle - Schauplatz Deutschland, 10-08-91.
[ Opening missing ], German with English subtitles.
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Alpine Austria - The Power of Tradition LLC Library
GR 044
Amerikaner, Ein - see Was heißt heir Deutsch? LLC Library

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff GR 120
Art of the Middle Ages 1992 Studio Quart, about 30 minutes.
Masterpieces of the Hermitage - Museum of St. Petersburg.
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MLGP 012
Aufbruch zu neuen Ufern - See Was heißt heir Deutsch? LLC Library

Augsburg See Germany Live
Authentic German Materials vol. 1: A German TV Journal
GR 104
Azubi: Apprentices in Berlin with Video Guidelines.
AZUBI [the German acronym for apprentice, or Auszubildende] provides a unique personal look at the varies and active lives of three young apprentices: Michael, an electrician; Ersin, and auto mechanic; and Antje, a hotel management apprentice. The view learns how these young people choose their careers and follows them at work and at play.
The program is offered here first in German [26 minutes] and then in English [26 minutes]. The video is of interest to anyone studying the language or current problems in Germany or to anyone in the social sciences or vocational guidance programs who wants to know more about job education in Germany.
PICS, The University of Iowa, 1990.
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GR 038
Bamberg Bamberg - See Germany Live
Baron Münchhausen Director: Josef von Baky
With Hans Albers, Brigitte Horney, Wilhelm Bendow, Leo Slezak, Ferdinand Marian, Gustav Waldau, Ilse Werner.
1943, 110 minutes, restored, German with English subtitles.
Stories about von Münchhausen including the story of finding the secret of eternal youth, riding on a cannonball shot into a Turkish encampment, and flying to the moon.
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GR 084
Berg ruft, Der WithLuis Trenker, Heidemarie Hatheyer.
1937, 95 minutes, Black and White.
Drama about the first conquest of the Matterhorn. Friendship of two men is severely tested, but in the end their friendship will conquer all.
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GR 082
Berlin - Symphony of a Great City Director: Walter Ruttman.
1927, 70 minutes, silent.
Moving expression of the life of a city from morning to night.
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GR 036-C
Berlin Express Director: Jacques Tourneur
with Robert Ryan, Merle Oberon, Paul Lukas.
1984, 86 minutes.
Postwar German statesman is kidnapped by members of Nazi underground, setting the stage for a deadly game of 'cat and mouse' in this taut thriller.
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GR 036-B
Berlin: Berlin Connection, The Six young Americans discover the history on an exciting NEW Berlin.
1991, 15 minutes.
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GR 036-A
Bildschirm 4: Wirtschaft With book.
Inter Nationes, Bonn.
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GR 071-A
Bildschirm 6: Ökologie with book [2 copies]
Inter Nationes, Bonn.
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GR 071-B
Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, The Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
with Margit Carstensen, Irm Hermann, Hanna Schygulla, Eva Mattes.
1972, 124 minutes, English subtitles.
The story deals with the shifting power relationships among 3 women: a successful fashion designer, her contented assistant, and a sultry model. Accompanied by the music of Verdi and The Platters, dressed in an incredible mélange of glitter and C.B. DeMille, these women act out a super-charged melodrama of passion.
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GR 083
Blechtrommel, Die Director: Volker Schlondorff
with David Bennet.
1979, 142 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Oskar Matzerath, a self-made dwarf, sees Germany from the turn of the century through the Nazi era. He refuses to grow up in order to ignore the horrors around him, venting his anger by beating his drum.
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Blue Angel, The Director: Josef von Sternberg
with Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings.
1930, 92 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Study of sexual humiliation and ruin of a dignified university professor by a nightclub singer.
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GR 013
Blue Light, The Director: Leni Riefenstahl.
Buch: Leni Riefenstahl
with Leni Riefenstahl and Bela Balasz.
1932, 60 minutes, B&W with English subtitles.
The mystical fantasy of an ethereal mountain girl and her rejection by the people of the village below was the first film directed by the controversial Leni Riefenstahl. And enthralling adoptation of the romantic German legend.
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GR 095
Boat is Full, The Director: Marcus Imhoof
with Tina Engel, Curt Bois, Renate Steiger, Mathias Gnadinger, Ged David, Michael Gempart, Hans Diehl, Martin Walz, Simone and Laurent.
1980, 104 minutes, English subtitles.
A conflict of country versus conscience is at the heart of this haunting film. It is the summer of 1942 and the Swiss government, alarmed at the vast numbers of people fleeing Nazi Germany, has set up immigration policies so stringent that they have declared the country <>.
A Swiss woman wants to protect Jewish people who have come onto her property. Her husband does not want to protect them. When authorities are alerted, the family and the people in the town have a decision to make: to save the refugees or hand them over. The terrible twists and turns of this life-or-death decision create a chilling suspense that is unrelenting until the last frame.
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GR 089
Boat, The Director: Wolfgang Petersen
with Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Klaus Wennemann.
1982, 145 minutes, English language version.
Harrowing drama looks at WWII through the eyes of a weary U-boat crew. The stunning camera work vividly depicts the cramped, claustrophobic feelings of life onboard the boat.
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GR 012 - A
Boot, Das Director: Wolfgang Petersen
with Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Klaus Wennemann.
1982, 145 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Harrowing drama looks at WWII through the eyes of a weary U-boat crew. The stunning camera work vividly depicts the cramped, claustrophobic feelings of life onboard the boat.
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GR 012 - B
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The with Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt.
1919, 53 minutes, silent with musical score.
A stunning experiment in film surrealism and horror that set the tone for many later German works. A young man's descent into madness is conveyed by mysterious happenings, supernatural characters, and weirdly distorted sets as well as scenery.
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GR 008
Cathedral of Speyer, The 1983, 18 minutes.
Examines the rudiments of Romanesque architecture as epitomized in the Cathedral of Speyer and traces the cathedra's architectural evolution from the 11th century to the present.
JCU Library
Challenges of German Pronunciation 2004, 27 min., Sunburst Visual Media
GR 139
Der Landvogt von Greifensee
GR 028
Der Zerbrochne Krug
GR 073
Derrick Derrick - see Heimat
GR 022, GR 023, GR 026, & GR 027

Deutsche Emigration: Küstler, Autoren - see Was heißt hier Deutsche?
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Deutsche Welle - Schauplatz Deutschland - see Germany Live
Deutsche Welle tv
Deutsche Welle tv im Unterricht?
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GR 119
Deutschland Magazin Ausgabe I - Mai 1991.
50 minutes, German
LLC Library
GR 051
Deutschlandspiegel Themen 3.2 Kultur with Transcript:
Catalogue #T-DST-3
50 minutes,
To accompany: Deutsch für Alle
Fourth Edition
By Haas, Merrifield and Mathieu Wiley.
LLC Library
GR 109
Deutschstunde with book.
Siegfried Lenz.
Produktion: Sender Freies Berlin.
Regie: Peter Beauvais.
Drehbuch: Diethard Klante.
Inter Nationes, Bonn.
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GR 059-1/2
Die romantische Strasse
GR 045
Die Schwarzwaldklinik (folge 1)
GR 091 A
Die Schwarzwaldklinik (folge 2) GR 091 B
Die Schwarzwaldklinik (folge 3)
GR 091 C
Die Schwarzwaldklinik (folge 4) GR 091 D
Die Schwarzwaldklinik (folge 5)
GR 091 E
Doctor Faustus
Director: Nevill Coghill/Richard Burton
With Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Andreas Teuber, Ian Marter.
1968, 93 minutes.
Rendition of classic drama of an aging scholar who bargains away his soul for youth regained and love discovered.
JCU Library
Doing Business in Bavaria - see Wirtschaftsland Bayern
Doing Business in Bavaria: Industrial Boom English version GR 113 E
Doing Business in Bavaria: Industrial Boom German version GR 113 G
Doing Business in Bavaria: Infrastructure: The Magic Formula English version GR 115 E
Doing Business in Bavaria: Infrastructure: The Magic Formula German version GR 115 G
Doing Business in Bavaria: No Trade Without Craftmanship English version GR 116 E
Doing Business in Bavaria: No Trade Without Craftmanship German version GR 116 G
Doing Business in Bavaria: The Bavarian Service Industries English version GR 117 E
Doing Business in Bavaria: The Bavarian Service Industries German version GR 117 G
Doing Business in Bavaria: The Think Tank English version GR 114 E
Doing Business in Bavaria: The Think Tank German version GR 114 G
Doing Business in Bavaria: Trading Partners English version GR 118 E
Doing Business in Bavaria: Trading Partners German version GR 118 G
Dragon Chow Jan Schütte
with Bhasker, Ric Young, Buddy Uzzaman
1987, 75 minutes, Black and White, German, Urdu, Mandarin with enhanced English subtitles.
Dragon Chow is the beautiful and moving story of Asian political refugees living on the edge of deportation in the land of economic miracles, West Germany. The film's hero, Shezad, arrives in Hamburg and finds himself in an Unpromised Land of welfare hotels and con men.
Shezad manages to land a job in a second-rate Chinese restaurant were he befriends a waiter named Xiao.
In this story, which resembles My Beautiful Laundrette, the two join forces in an attempt to storm the citadel of Western capitalism by opening a restaurant of their own.
LLC Library - Call Number: GR 125
GR 125
Effi Briest Director: Rainer Maria Fassbinder
Mit Hanna Schygulla, Wolfgang Schenck, Ulli Lommel.
1974, 135 minutes, English subtitles.
The most famous 19th-century German novel Theodor Fontane's Effi Briest holds a position like <> in France.
Effi Briest is a radiant beauty, a vivacious blend of naïveté and intelligence, forthrightness and willful self-interest. Married to an older Prussian diplomat she has a short affair with a local womanizer at a small Baltic port. The consequences take full effect six years later, in a chilling manifestation of the Prussian legal code. This is the director's most classical and elegant film.
LLC Library
GR 111 &CD5
Eiliger Großauftrag, Ein - with book
PICS, University of Iowa.
25 minutes.
LLC Library
GR 112
Ein Volk Sprengt Seine Mauern 9. November 1989
GR 072
Elektra Richard Strauss.
Conductor: Abbado, the Chorus and Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera.
With Eva Marton, Brigitte Fassbänder, Cheryl Studer, James King, Franz Grundheber.
1989, 108 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Story of horror and revenge about the mad, guilt-ridden Klytemnestra, vulnerable Chrysothemis and the vengeful Elektra
LLC Library
GR 066-A
Richard Strauss.
Conductor: Levine, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra,
With Birgit Nilsson, Leonie rysanek, Mignon Dunn, Robert Nagy, Donald McIntyre
February 16, 1980, 112 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Story of horror and revenge about the mad, guilt-ridden Klytemnestra, vulnerable Chrysothemis and the vengeful Elektra
LLC Library
GR 066-B
Emil und die Detektive
Direktor: Gerhard Lamprecht
With Fritz Rasp, Kathe Haack, Rolf Wekhaus.
1931, 75 minutes, Black and White.
Screenplay by Billy Wilder based on Erich Kästner's best-seller.
A boy visiting Berlin is robbed but recovers the money and captures the thief with the aid of some newfound friends.
LLC Library
GR 093
Emil und die Detektive 2001 Run Time: 107 minutes German with optional German subtitles

DVD - Region 2 code - requires special all regions DVD player

Der 12-jährige Emil Tischbein (Tobias Retzlaff) lebt mit seinem allein erziehenden Vater (Kai Wiesinger) in einer ostdeutschen Kleinstadt, Als sein Vater einen Autounfall hat und im Krankenhaus landet, seinen Führerschein und dadurch seinen Job verliert, schickt er Emil nach Berlin. Dort soll er mit der Pastorin Hummel (Maria Scharader) und ihrem Sohn Gustav (David Klock) zwei Wochen seiner Ferien verbringen. Es könnte eine wunderbare Zeit werden, wäre da nicht der Gangster Grundeis (Jürgen Vogel), der Emils Erspamisse klaut, Bei seinem Versuch, das Geld zurückzubekommen, erhält Emil überraschend Unterstützung von Pony Hütchen (Anja Sommavilla) und iher Bande. Ehe er sich versieht, ist er plötzlich in ein halsbrecherisches Abenteuer verstrickt...
GR 141
Erzgebirge see also Germany Live

Ewige Jude, Der
Direktor: Fritz Hippler.
1940, 62 minutes, black and white, with recently-recorded high-quality English óbice-over sound track and English titles.
A visit to the Lodz ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland, recorded by German cameramen with the naïve co-operation of the Jewish community is combined with rare archival footage, clips from international newsreels, and excerpts from related cultural films to portray the World's Jews as swindlers and parasites. This pseudo-logical, uncomfortably-realistic, and genuinely-frightening point of traditional European anti-Semitism an nazi ideology. A candid, cinematically-unique expression of racial hatred.
LLC Library
GR 106
Director: Hans Bricker.
1988, 17 minutes, black and white, German with English subtitles
JCU Library
Theatre Artists Group.
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GR 018-B1/B2 &CD1 &C
Director: Peter Gorski
With Will Quadflieg, Gustav Gründgens, Elisabeth Flickenschildt
1960, 124 minutes.
Faust ist ein nachdenklicher Zweifler. En versucht, die Geheimnisse der Welt und ihre Zusammenhänge vollständig zu verstehen. Mephistopheles wettet mit Gott. Er will Faust vom rechten Weg abbrigen. Die eiden schießen einen Pakt. Mephistopheles verwirklicht Faust alle geistigen und sinnlichen Wünsche, solange bis Faust die absolute Erfüllung erlebt. Dafür gehört Fausts Seele dem Teufel.
LLC Library
GR 018-C1/C2
Faust: The Man and the Legend 29 minutes, color.
The historical Dr. Faust, and the legends that have arisen around him thanks to the writings of Marlowe, Lessing, and Goethe, are the subject of this fascinating program. The real Faust - excommunicated as a heretic - is presented as a victim of the political and religious tensions of his day. In a medieval world that believed in the corporal presence of the Devil, the accusation that Faust was in league with Mephistopheles seems strangely reasonable. Faust's mysterious death is seen as contributing to the subsequent legends that developed surrounding his character. Viewers gain a sense of Europe before the Enlightenment, and of the legendary figure who continues to symbolize humankind's quest for scientific knowledge.
LLC Library
GR 121
Feuerzangenbowle, Die Director: Helmut Weiss
With Heinz Rühmann, Karin Himboldt, Hilde Sessak.
1944, 94 minutes, black and white.
Der erfolgreiche Schriftsteller Pfeiffer stallt bei einer abendlichen Feuerzangenbowle fest, daß er die eigentliche Schule nie kennengelernt hat, da er durch einen Privatlehrer erzogen worden ist. Darauf beschließt er, noch einmal die Schulbank zu drükken, wobei er mit seinen Streichen nicht nur die Schule, sondern sein ganzes Heimatstädtchen auf den Kopf stallt.
LLC Library
GR 094
Fitzcarraldo Director: Werner Herzog
With Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale.
1982, 147 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Drama about human aspiration, filmed in Brazilian jungle. A plantation owner dreams of an opera house in the wilderness and drives a boat across a mountain to claim the land he needs for his dream.
LLC Library
GR 086
Flügel, der aus Küche kam, Der see Was heißt hier Deutsch?
LLC Library

Fodor's Video: Germany, Behind the Scenes Germany, Behind the Scenes - with notes
90 minutes.
From the Alps to the North Sea, the Black Forest to the Harz Mountains, come explore this country where eastern and western Europe meet. Witness the contrast of East and West Berlin as Germany searches for a new identity after unification. Meet a master piano maker in Hamburg's Steinway factory, a fashion designer in Munich and the publisher of a prestigious German newspaper. Soak up the music and revelry of a Hofbräuhaus and hear a local brewmaster discourse on the history and social import of beer. Tour Germany's most romantic castles, then journey down the Rhine.
LLC Library
GR 076
Fokus Deutsch, Level III An introduction to German Language and Culture
25: Eine Familiengeschichte: Lebensstile
26: Jugend in Bewegung: Drei Jugendporträts
27: Geschichte eines Gymnasiums: Der Schultag
Wiederholung 9
28: Geschichte einer Universität: Ein Student aus Kamerun
29: Wirtschaft im Wandel: Hilfe für Arbeitslose
30: Die Frauenbewegung: Im Auftrag der Frauen
Wiederholung 10

LLC Library
GR 122 A
Fokus Deutsch, Level III An Introduction to German Language and Culture
31: Ein grünes Hobby: Weiterbilden in der Freizeit
32: Rulaub gestern und heute: Arbeiterurlaub
33: Ein Kurort: Ein Arztbesuch
Wiederholung 12
34: Vom Sauerkraut zur Pizza: Typisch deutsch?
35: Aur Kosten der Umwelt: Umweltschutz zu Hause
36: Theater für Jugendliche: 100 Jahre deutscher Film
Wiederholung 12

LLC Library
GR 122 B
Friedrich Schiller Director: Herbert Maisch
with Horst Caspar, Lil Dagover, Heinrich George.
1940, 110 minutes, Black and White, German dialogue.
- see also Porträt Friedrich Schiller
The young Friedrich Schiller rebels against the discipline of a military academy and the despotism of the Duke of Württemberg, leading him to write the inflammatory play <>. Some commentators believe parts of the film express anti-Nazi sentiments.
LLC Library
GR 047-B
Führer, Der Adolf Hitler und das 3. Reich Dokumente zur Zeitgeschichte, ca. 45 minutes.
Teil 1: Hitlers Weg zur Macht.
Ende der Weimarer Republik - Der Führer und Reichskanzler.
LLC Library
GR 088 - A
Führer, Der Adolf Hitler und das 3. Reich Dokumente zur Zeitgeschichte, ca. 45 minutes.
Teil 6: Die totale Niederlage.
Invasion - Angriff auf das Reich - Kapitulation.
LLC Library
GR 088 - B
Geheimnisse einer Nacht - see Heimat: Derrick
LLC Library

German Commercials 2006 2006 15 minutes German with optional German subtitles DVD

New 2006 German commercials, with options specially designed for your classroom - 1) Regular speed, 2) Slowed down a bit for easier comprehension, 3) With or without German subtitles. A great teaching tool, featuring German ads for Deutsche Bank, Nivea, Haarfarbe, Umschau, Sensodyne Zahnpasta, Garnier and many more. Captured in 2006.
GR 135
German Commercials I
Teacher's Discovery.
25 minutes.
LLC Library
GR 096 - A
German Commercials II Teacher's Discovery.
25 minutes.
LLC Library ]

GR 096 - B
German Orientation A survey of West Germany and Berlin before 1989 for American soldiers being stationed in West Germany. Film gives historical and economic background, surveys architecture, food and drink, restaurants, industries and landscapes, as well as festivals.
23.09 minutes, English.
LLC Library
GR 037
German Resistance to Hitler: Widerstand
GR 040
Germany - Political and Economic Integration... Germany - Political and Economic Integration within the Country and the European Economic Community
Presenter: Prof. Andrew Sobisch, Ph.D., JCU.
October 9, 1991.
Series: Euphoria & Agony Series,
Sponsored by: Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures.
LLC Library
For the other lectures in this series, see under:
MLBA 001, MLHU 006-1/2, MLSL 040, MLUK 002

GR 060
Germany Today Life in a Modern European Country with booklet.
Gessler Publishing.
33 minutes, color, English narration and script.
An up-to-date documentary on Germany. It focuses not only on geography and history, but places Germany within its European context, with references and comparisons to Germany's neighbors and European Community partners.
LLC Library
GR 064
Germany: A Tapestry of Tradition
1989,50 minutes, German.
LLC Library
GR 046
Langenscheidt: 1991
Videosprachdurs für Wirtschaftsdeutsch,
Für ausländische Geschäftsleute und Wirtschaftsstudenten mit vorkenntnisses in Deutsch,
Führt 'Geschäftskontakte'weiter, ist aber auch unabhängig als Trainingsmaterial einsetzbar.
Zeigt anhand von verschiedenen Themen und Situationen sprachlich und außersprachlich Verhandlungstaktiken, sensibilisiert für die interkulturellen Unterschiede, die oft den erfolgreichen Abschluß vpm Geschäftsverhandlungen entschei-en. Präsentiert an einem Fallbeispiel den Fachwortschatz für Vertragsabschlüsse.
LLC Library
GR 091 B
Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, The Director: Wim Wenders
With Arthus Brauss, Erika Pluhar, Kai Fisher
1971, 101 minutes, German with English subtitles.
A washed-up soccer player wanders through Vienna in search of release from his frustrations and discovers only tragic consequences from his actions.
LLC Library
GR 054
Goebbels, Joseph - see Grass, Günter
Goetz von Berlichingen see Iron Hand
Good Bye Lenin 2003 121 minutes
Wolfgang Becker, director. Starring Katrin Sass and Daniel Brühl.
This coming-of-age adventure blends the fall of Communism with the salient emotions of a family's love.
In 1989, Christiane Kerner has lost her husband and is completely devoted to the Socialist East German state. A heart attack leaves her in a coma, and when she awakens eight months later, the Berlin Wall has fallen and it's a whole new world. To protect her from the shock, her son Alex hatches a plan to keep her in the dark.
It's easy... all he has to do is turn back the hands of time.
DVD special features: widescreen, German with English subtitles
GR 138
Götz Von Berlichingen see Iron Hand
Hauptmann von Köpenick, Der
Director: Helmut Käitmer
With Heinz Rühmann, Hannelore Schroth, Martin Held, Erich Schollow.
1983, 88 minutes, German.
Having been released from prison, Voigt is frustrated, for he cannot get a work permit. One day he buys a captain's uniform from a thriftshop. The uniform makes the man. He gets himself a guard troop and the keys to the city hall and the treasury.
LLC Library
GR 069
Heimat, Part II Heimat, Part II 0000-1520

Hello Austria - Hello Vienna Hello Austria - Hello Vienna - see Heimat
LLC Library

Hochzeit im Odenwald - see Karneval in Köln
Hänsel un Gretel - with notes.
Engelbert Humperdinck
Conductor: Fulton, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Chorus, and Ballet,
With Judith Blegen, Frederica von Stade, Rosalind Elias, Jean Kraft, Michael Devlin.
Performed on December 25, 1982, 104 minutes.
Retelling one of The Brothers Grimm best-known fairy-tales.
LLC Library
GR 100
Idomeneo with notes.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Conductor: Levine, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus
With Luciano Pavarotti, Heana cotrubas, Hildegard Behrens, Frederica von Stade, John Alexander.
Performed November 6, 1982, 185 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Story of Idomeneo, king of Crete, who vows during a terrific storm at sea that he will sacrifice the frits human being he meets on reaching shore safely. The victim turns out to be his own son, Idamante.
LLC Library
GR 035-1 & GR 035-2
Idomeneo with notes in video cover.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Conductor: Levine, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus With Luciano Pavarotti, Heana Cotrubas, Hildegard Behrens, Frederica von Stade, John Alexander.
Performed November 6, 1982, 185 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Story of Idomeneo, king of Crete, who vows during a terrific storm at sea that he will sacrifice the first human being he meats on reaching shore safely. The victim turns out to be his own son, Idamante.
LLC Library
GR 035-1/2
Im Weißen Rößl
Director: Werner Jacobs
With Peter Alexander, Waltraud Haas, Adrian Hoven, Günther Philipp.
1960, 99 minutes.
Crazy action in the Hotel Weiße Rößl where the waiter loves his lady boss, but she loves someone else and a businessman who wants to marry his daughter off.
LLC Library
GR 067
Immensee Director: Veit Harlan
With Kristina Söderbaum, Karl Raddatz, Paul Klinger.
1943, 88 minutes, German.
Theodor Storm novella, set in rural Northern German. A woman's marriage to a wealthy landowner is threatened when her childhood sweetheart, now a famous musician, returns after a long absence.
LLC Library
GR 068
In July (Im Juli) 2004 96 minutes
Fatih Akin, director. Starring Moritz Bleibtreu and Christiane Paul.
Getting there is all the fun in this sunny, award-winning romantic comedy about following and finding your destiny. Moritz Bleibtreu stars as Daniel, a shy Hamburg student teacher who impulsively resolves to follow a beautiful tourist he just met to Istanbul. His hapless odyssey is complicated by the irrepressible Juli (Christiane Paul), a street vendor who sold him an enchanted ring she guaranteed would help him find his true love. Through many mishaps and detours, Daniel's wayward journey is a wild ride that the San Francisco Chronicle hailed, "Evokes road movies from 'It Happened One Night to Planes, Trains and Automobiles.'"
DVD special features: widescreen, German with English subtitles
GR 137
Iron Hand [Götz von Berlichingen]
100 minutes, German with English subtitles
This is the story of Götz von Berlichingen und Adalbert von Weislingen who grew up together, but then went their separate ways. In the end von Weislingen triumphs over Götz whom he throws into the tower after a battle in which he was heavily wounded.
LLC Library

GR 097
Jeder für sich und Gott gegen uns Alle
Director: Werner Herzog.
1983, 110 minutes.
True story of a young man who appeared in a small German town in 1820, after having lived in total isolation from humans since birth. He was taught to speak, read, and write by the townspeople, then was mysteriously murdered.
JCU Library
Jew-boy Levi DVD GR 130
Jud Süss
Director: Veit Harlan
With Ferdinand Marian, Werner Krauss, Heinrich George, Kristina Söderbaum.
1940, 90 minutes, Black and White, German with English subtitles.
18th century spectacle, which was loosely based on the career of Joseph Süss-Oppenheimer, financial advisor and tax collector of the Duke of Württemberg. Süss, after gaining influence with the dissolute duke by loaning his money, rapes a privy councilor's daughter and tortures her fiancé, but his brought to justice by the enraged townspeople.
LLC Library
GR 107
Kaiser von Kalifornien, Der
1936, 95 minutes, Black and White.
The story of Swiss printer Johann August Suter who settled as a farmer in unknown California and on whose land gold was first discovered, starting the California Gold Rush.
LLC Library
MLGR 002
Director: G.W. Pabst
With George Chlia, David Mendaile, Eernest Busch.
1931, 78 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Gas explosions collapse a mine on the French/German border, trapping a group of French miners within. When rescue operations west of the border prove futile, a daring mission is mounted by a crew of German miners. An inspiring plea for unity.
LLC Library
GR 078
Karneval in Köln - Hochzeit im Odenwald
35 minutes, Inter Nationes, Bonn.
LLC Library
GR 049
Kassell see Germany Live
Kleider machen Leute
Director: Helmut Käutner
With Heinz Rühmann, Hertha Feiler, Aribert Wascher.
1940, 107 minutes, Black and White, German dialogue.
Gottfried Keller's novella is the basis for this comedy about a journeyman tailor in 19th century Switzerland who is suddenly treated as if he were a man of high station.
LLC Library
GR 101
Koblanks, Die - see Heimat
LLC Library

Director: Veit Harlan.
Epic of Prussian town's rebellion against Napolean's occupational forces.
LLC Library
GR 029
Kruzes Leben lang, Ein Kruzes Leben lang, Ein
Alte Leute werden manchmal wunderlich
LLC Library
GR 052-A
Lahn, Die Lahn, Die - See Germany Live
Richard Wagner
Director: Levine
With Peter Hofman, Leonie Rysanek, Eva Marton.
1986, 220 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Two cassettes with booklet.
The medieval romance of the swan-knight, who comes miraculously to save the falsely accused Elsa of Brabant, is one of Wagner's most popular operas.
JCU Library - Call Number:
Love in German, A
Director: Andrzej Wajda
With Hanna Schygulla, Piotr Lysak.
1984, 107 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Forbidden romance between a German soldier's wife and a Polish P.O.W. in 1942.
LLC Library
GR 075
Luther With Stacy Keach, Patrick McGee, Hugh Griffith, Robert Stephens.
1974, 108 minutes.
Inspiring adoptation of John Osborne's stage play about the German cleric whose convictions and courage led to the Reformation and changed the course of Western thought.
LLC Library
MLGB 002
M Director: Fritz Lang
with Peter Lorre.
1931, 95 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Police and criminals alike track down a psychopathic child killer in this masterpiece.
LLC Library
GR 010-A/B
Making of the German Nation, The, 2nd Edition Making of the German Nation, The, 2nd Edition
95 minutes.
LLC Library
GR 102
Man from Kiel, The - see Heimat: Derrick
LLC Library

Maria Stuart with book.
Friedrich Schiller.
12 minutes, Inter Nationes, Bonn.
LLC Library
GR 050
Martin Luther Director: Irving Pichel
With Nial McGinnis, John Ruddock.
1953, 105 minutes.
Masterful retelling of the life and works of the man who strived for reform and birthed the Protestant Reformation. Despite ex-communication and exile, he survived to see his beliefs take hold throughout Europe.
LLC Library
GR 079
Maybe…Maybe Not Director: Sonke Wortmann
With til Schiger, Katja Reimann, Joachim Krol.
1996, 93 minutes, German with English subtitles.
A hilarious looks that the mistaken sexual identity, Maybe…Maybe Not deftly explores the comic possibilities of what happens when two gender worlds clash. The story revolved around a handsome main character Axel, an open-minded heterosexual whose girlfriend, Doro, has just thrown him out for cheating on her. The only place he can find to sleep is at the apartment of Norbert, a gay acquaintance who would like nothing better than to seduce Axel. Doro announces that she is pregnant, then finds Axel and Norbert in a compromising position and decides that her lover is gay. In the comedy of errors that follows, everything Axel does goes hilariously wrong. Will Axel's life ever be normal again? Maybe…Mabye Not.
LLC Library
GR 105
Director: Istvan Szabo
With Klaus Maria Brandauer.
1981, 97 minutes, dubbed in English.
Vain actor who compromises himself in order to continue performing in Nazi Germany.
LLC Library
MLHU 003
Metropolis Director: Fritz Lang.
1926, 97 minutes, silent with musical score.
The definitive sci-fi film with its city of the future, special effects, and the story of love against a background of social conflict.
[A delightful story of love conquering all, especially in the dark forces.]
LLC Library
GR 011-A
Metropolis Director: Fritz Lang, reproduced by Giorgio Moroder.
1984, 87 minutes.
Restored 1926 silent version, colorized, boasting rock songs by Freddi Mercury, Pat Benatar, Billy Squire, and others.
LLC Library
GR 011-B
Mies van der Rohe see Was heißt hier Deutsch?
LLC Library

Minna von Barnhelm with book.
G.E. Lessing.
Inter Nationes, Bonn.
LLC Library
GR 087
Mädchen in Uniform Director: Leontine Sagan
With Hertha Thiele, Dorothea Wieck, Emilia Unda.
1931, 90 minutes, German with English subtitles, Black and White.
Highly controversial when first released, this drama of a lonely student in a girl's boarding school and her infatuation with a female teacher is recognized as a classic of early German cinema.
LLC Library
GR 039
New Germany, The (Cassette 1) 1991, 17 minutes.
Cassette 1: Nation without a Country.
Up to Peace of Münster.
LLC Library
GR 103-A
New Germany, The (Cassette 2) 1991, 23 minutes
Cassette 2: The Emergence of a Modern State.
LLC Library
GR 103-B
Nosferatu, The Vampire Director: F.W. Murnau
with Max Schreck.
1922, 60 minutes, silent with musical score.
A masterpiece of silent German horror. The mysterious count Orlock heads for London, coffin in tow, to spread the plague of living death.
LLC Library
GR 015
Oesterreich: Land und Leute LLC Library
GR 048
Opfergang Director: Veit Harlan
with Carl Reddatz, Kristina Söderbaum, Irene von Meyendorff.
1944, 89 minutes, German dialogue.
Based on a novel by R.G. Binding set in the world of the landed Hamburg upper class, this popular romance portrays a wife's sacrificial kindness to her husband and his lover.
LLC Library
GR 062
Orphan Boy of Vienna, An 1937, 87 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Delightful family tale of a young foundling who is taken into a prestigious music school and looked after by a kindly nun. The Vienna Boys Choir stars in this musical drama.
LLC Library
GR 004
Porträt Friedrich Schiller with book
Inter Nationes, Bonn.
LLC Library
GR 047-A
Porträt of an Artist: Kaspar David Friedrich Director: Peter Schamoni.
1991, 39 minutes.
LLC Library
GR 058
Practice of Love, The Director: Valie Export
with Adelheid Arndt, Rüdiger Vogler, Hagnot Eliscka.
1984, 90 minutes, German with English subtitles.
Judith, a journalist, investigates a murder which implicates her two lovers, an arms dealer and a psychiatrist. Through these relationships, Judith discovers that in the world of male power struggles, love is complicated, marginal or impossible. The film makes a stunningly coherent indictment of male-dominated society.
The story has several beginnings, returns at the end of the film to the beginning in a breathless U-turn and is characterized by variations of merging cinematographic reality and hallucinatory dreams.
LLC Library
GR 110
Promise, The Director: Margarethe von Trotta with
Anian Zollner, Meret Becker.
1995, 115 minutes, German with yellow English subtitles.
A riveting saga of two lovers trapped on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. In 1961, on the eastern side of a Germany divided, The Promise tells the story of Konrad and Sophie - two teenagers who've planned their escape to the west. As Sophie successfully flees, Konrad falters, and at that moment, they both realize their lives will never be the same.
The two are forced to live apart despite the fact that a torch still burns between them. Only when the Wall comes down can the flood of emotions break free.
Wonderfully photographed, superbly acted, and artfully directed, this epic story provides great insight into the power and endurance of love.
LLC Library
GR 098
Putz dir die Schuhe ab Putz dir die Schuhe ab
LLC Library
GR 052-B
Rheinland-Pfalz, The State of Loreley 15 minutes.
LLC Library
GR 057
Rosa Luxemburg
GR 127
Run Lola Run 1999 Stefan Arndt, producer. Starring Franka Potente and Moritz Bleibtreu
A thrilling post-MTV, roller-coster ride, Run Lola Run is the internationally acclaimed sensation about two star-crossed lovers who have only minutes to change the course of their lives. Time is running out for Lola (Franka Potente). She's just received a frantic phone call from her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), who's lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. If Lola doesn't replace the money in twenty minutes, Manni will surely suffer severe consequences. Set to a throbbing techno score, "Lola's like a human stun gun!" - Peter Rainer, New York Magazine
DVD special features: German or English, with English and French subtitles
GR 136
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die (folge 6) Die Mutprobe / Vaterschaft.
1989, 90 minutes, German
LLC Library
GR 091 F
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Folge 1. Die Heimkehr 1989, 90 minutes GR 090-A
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Folge 2. Hilfe für einen Mörder / Der Weltreisende 1989, 90 minutes GR 090-B
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Folge 3. Sterbehilfe / Die Entführung 1989, 90 minutes GR 090-C
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Folge 4. Die Wunderquelle / Die Schuldfrage 1989, 90 minutes GR 090-D
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Folge 5. Der Dieb / Der Kunstfehler 1989, 90 minutes GR 090-E
Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Folge 6. Die Mutprobe / Vaterschaft 1989, 90 minutes GR 090-F
GR 053
GR 065
GR 081
Teleskop: Landeskunde im ZDF GR 041 copy 1
Teleskop: Landeskunde im ZDF
GR 041 copy 2
Test the West! Metamorphosis in East Germany (part 1) GR 042 A
Test the West! Metamorphosis in East Germany (part 2)
GR 042 B
The Edukators 2004 130 minutes German with optional English subtitles DVD

Actors: Knut Berger, Bernhard Bettermann, Oliver Bröcker, Daniel Brühl, Sebastian Butz

Jan (Daniel Brühl, Ladies in Lavender) and Peter are the best friends behind the radical and mysterious group The Edukators, united by their passion to change the world, in "The funniest, most original movie I’ve seen all year." (David Edwards, The Daily Mirror). When the rich go on vacation, The Edukators break into their homes. They don’t steal, but simply rearrange everything, leaving the message "Your days of plenty are numbered." When Peter’s girlfriend Jule (Julia Jentsch, winner, Best Young Actress, 2005 Bavarian Film Awards) moves in, she joins them in their subversive activities. But when a rich businessman catches them in the act, they rashly decide to kidnap him. Faced with the values of the generation in power, they will see what kind of revolutionaries they are, if their friendship can survive, and discover if they truly work in the interest of the greater good, or just in their own self-interest. Passions rage and loyalties shatter in director Hans Weingartner’s exciting film that’s "Fresh, biting, gripping, tender, and tense." (The Telegraph On Sunday )
GR 140
The Harmonists GR 126
The Legend of Rita DVD GR 133
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum GR 124
The Nasty Girl GR 128
The Stationmaster's Wife
GR 108
The Story of Silent Night
GR 074
The Student of Prague
GR 007
The Threepenny Opera
GR 085
GR 080
Triumph of the Will
GR 014
Vienna is Different
GR 043
GR 099
Westfront 1918
GR 033
What do those Old Films Mean? Vol. 6 - Germany 1926-1932
GR 063
Wings of Desire
GR 055
GR 070 A &CD4
GR 070 B
Wrong Move
GR 056
Zielpunkt Deutsch (cassette 1) GR 092 A
Zielpunkt Deutsch (cassette 2) GR 092 B
Zielpunkt Deutsch (demo cassette)   GR 092 C
The Lives of Others

2006 Run Time: 137 minutes Language: German Optional Subtitles: English, Spanish, French DVD

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Actors: Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Mühe, Sebastian Koch, Ulrich Tukur, Thomas Thieme

This critically-acclaimed, Oscar®-winning film (Best Foreign Language Film, 2006) is the erotic, emotionally-charged experience Lisa Schwarzbaum (Entertainment Weekly) calls "a nail-biter of a thriller!" Before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, East Germany's population was closely monitored by the State Secret Police (Stasi). Only a few citizens above suspicion, like renowned pro-Socialist playwright Georg Dreyman, were permitted to lead private lives. But when a corrupt government official falls for Georg's stunning actress-girlfriend, Christa, an ambitious Stasi policeman is ordered to bug the writer's apartment to gain incriminating evidence against the rival. Now, what the officer discovers is about to dramatically change their lives - as well as his - in this seductive political thriller Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) proclaims is "the best kind of movie: one you can't get out of your head."

GR 142
The White Ribbon

2009 Run Time: 144 minutes Language: German Subtitles: English DVD

Actors: Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Tukur
Director: Michael Haneke

On the eve of World War I, strange accidents in a small Protestant village in Northern Germany involve the children and teenagers of a choir run by the schoolteacher and their families. The abused and suppressed children of the villagers seem to be at the heart of this mystery as these events gradually take on the character of a punishment ritual.

GR 143
Das Versprechen

1995 Run Time: 115 minutes Language: German DVD Region 2 PAL (won't play in standard North American DVD player) NO SUBTITLES - for subtitles, see same movie, "The Promise" GR 098

Director: Margarethe von Trotta
Actors: Corinna Harfouch, Meret Becker, August Zirner, Anian Zollner, Susanne Ugé

GR 144
When We Leave

2010; Run Time: 115 minutes; Language: German, Turkish; Subtitles: English; DVD

Director: Feo Aladag
Actors: Sibel Kekilli, Nizam Schiller, Derya Alabora, Settar Tanriogen, Florian Lukas

A German-born woman flees from her oppressive marriage in Istanbul, taking her son with her. She hopes to find a better life with her family in Berlin, but her unexpected arrival creates intense conflicts. Her family is trapped in their conventions: they're torn between their love for her and the traditional values of their community. German Actress, Feo Aladag makes her sensational directorial debut in this heartbreaking drama. Germany's Official Selection for the 2011 Academy Awards.

GR 145
Winnetou I / Winnetou II / Winnetou III

1965; Run Time: 277 minutes;Language: German or English (selectable); Subtitles: English; Region 2 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player; 3-DVD Set; The film Winnetou III does NOT have English language selections

Director: Harald Reinl
Actors: Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Marie Versini, Mario Adorf, Walter Barnes

Winnetou I: Apache Gold:
Apache Gold was a German/French/Yugoslav coproduction, originally titled Winnetou I. Teil (British title: Winnetou the Warrior). It was one of a series of European Technicolor westerns based on the 'Winnetou' stories of German author Karl May. As in most of these films, French actor Pierre Brice stars as Winnetou, here dedicated to halting the activities of gold raiders in Apache territory. Apache Gold was released on a limited basis in the US by Columbia Pictures; in some cities, the film went directly to television.

Winnetou II: The Last Of The Renegades:
In this western, an entry in the 'Winnetou' series based on Germany's Karl May's novels, follows the attempts of two con men to cheat the Apaches out of their oil rights. They are foiled by Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, his Apache partner. The film was made on location in Yugoslavia.

Winnetou III: The Desperado Trail:
American actor Lex Barker and Frenchman Pierre Brice are teamed once again in the Teutonic western Winnetou, Part III. The noble Indian Winnetou and his friend Old Shatterhand battle settlers who have been duped by an unscrupulous land grabber into a war with the Apaches.

GR 146
Colonel Redl

1985; Run Time 142 minutes; Language: German; sutitles: English; VHS tape

Director: Istvan Szabo
Actors: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Hans Christian Blech, Armin Muller-Stahl

A sweeping historical epic of power, intrigue, love and lust set in Austria during the turbulent years before the start of World War I.

COLONEL REDL is the story of Alfred Redl, the son of a poor railway worker who, through driving ambition, became the head of military intelligence and commander of the 8th Army in Prague. This drama vividly recreates Redl's life from his childhood in military school to his mysterious end amidst rumors of deceit and adultery.

GR 147
The Marquise of O

1999; Run Time: 102 minutes; Language: German; subtitles: English; VHS tape

Director: Eric Rohmer
Actors: Edith Clever, Ruth Drexel, Bernhard Frey, Bruno Ganz, Hesso Huber

Set in 18th century Italy during the Franco-Prussian War, THE MARQUISE OF O centers on a young widow (Edith Clever) who is saved from an attempted rape but then mysteriously finds herself pregnant several months later. Unaware of how this happened, she is sent away by her family and ends up marrying her rescuer, whom she doesn't know is the child's father.

GR 148