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Accompanist, The Director: Claude Miller
with Richard Bohringer, Romane Bohringer, Claude Rich, Elena Safonova.
1992, 111 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.
A collaborator in occupied Paris, merchant Charles Brice sees the war as an opportunity to increase his wealth - and ensure the devotion of his wife, a beautiful singer. But his moral compromise is mirrored by his wife's infidelity, and she pursues a leader of the French Resistance with the same hunger that he pursues German marks. Caught in the middle of their emotional whirlpool is an awkward young pianist who observes everything - and who sacrifices her own chance at happiness by living in their dark shadow.

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FR 129
Au Revoir, les enfants
(Goodbye, Children)
1987, 103 minutes, French with English subtitles; VHS tape - SEE FR 191 C FOR A DVD COPY.

Director: Louis Malle.

Set during German occupation of France. Two boys become friends in a Catholic boarding school, one a gentile, the other a Jew. Their lives will change forever, when the Jewish boy's identity becomes known to the Gestapo.
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FR 064
Babette's Feast Director: Gabriel Axel
with Stéphane Audran, Birgitte Federspiel, Bodil Kjer, Bibi Anderson, Jarl Kulle.
1988, 102 minutes, French and D with English subtitles.
Babette, a superb French chef, lives an anonymous life among a pious congregation on the desolate coast of Denmark. As cook and housekeeper to two elderly, religious women, she's never called upon to prepare anything more exciting than the traditional boiled codfish and ale-bread soup, until one day she wins 10,000 francs and decides to spend it all by creating the most memorable, mouth-watering, magnificent meal ever consumed - even though her guests, the simple villagers, will have no idea what they're eating.
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MLSC 005
Baker's Wife, The Director: Marcel Pagnol
with Raimu and Ginette Leclerc.
1938, 130 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A simple country baker debuts in a new town and it is spoiled when his younger wife runs away with a local shepherd. His steadfast (and unfounded) belief in his bride's fidelity becomes the marvel and blessing of the whole village.
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FR 058
Beauty and the Beast, with lesson plan Director: Jean Cocteau
with Jean Marais, Josette Day.
1946, 90 minutes, B&W, French with English subtitles.
The enchanting fable of the kindly beast and the self-sacrificing beauty whose love releases the prince in him. Cocteau creates a mood of dream-like delicacy and ethereal charm which makes this film an unforgettable experience.
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FR 071
Blue see Bleu (Trois Couleur)
Bolero, Part 1 Part 1 takes up about half the tape.
Language used in Part 1 is English and French.
The story takes place in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, before and after WWII. Some scenes also take place in the USA. Most scenes are in France showing some soldiers and war scenes, etc. They emphasize the Nazis in Germany and other places in Europe showing how they rounded up Jews, sent them to concentration camps, etc.
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FR 072 - 1
Bolero, Part 2 Part 1 takes up about half the tape.
Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1.
Language used is English and French.
The story involves the lives of several people on both continents. The time jumps to the 1960s. The Russians get into the action, too, including a defector from the Bolshoi. Some people in the movie seem to know each other, some are not connected at all. The film is hard to follow. There does not seem to be a point. The story jumps all over the place. The action is overdramatized.
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FR 072 - 2
Boudo sauvé des eaux Director: Jean Renoir
with Michel Simon, Charles Granval and Marcelle Hania.
1932, 87 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A tramp is fished out of the Seine by a Paris bookseller and taken to his home, only to bring chaos into the family.
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FR 013
Boyfriends and Girlfriends - see L'ami de mon amie Director: Eric Rohmer
with Emmanuelle Chaulet, Sohpie Renoir, Anne-Laure Meury, Eric Viellard.
1988, 102 minutes, color, French with yellow English subtitles.
Boyfriends and Girlfriends is a lighthearted bedroom comedy with irresistible wit and a deliciously happy ending.
Set outside of Paris, this saucy French tale tracks the friendship between Blanche and Léa, two total opposites whose lives and loves seem destined to intertwine. Blanche is a shy civil servant, new in town and romantically unattached. Léa's a free spirit who lives with boyfriend Fabien, but still shops around for other attachments. Léa would like her friend to find a lover and helps Blanche summon the nerve to meet Alexandre, a handsome hunk of an engineer who leaves Blanche speechless.
The story really takes off when Léa goes on vacation with a mysterious someone and Blanche finds herself involved with the abandoned Fabien. Expect the unexpected as this rollicking tale of love unfolds.
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FR 101
Camille Claudel Director: Bruno Nuytten
with Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu.
1989, 1989 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.
Both an inspiring saga of artistic vision and the haunting story of a doomed romance, it offers a brilliant study of the thin line separating creativity, passion, and madness. Combining stunning cinematography, powerful perfomances and a timelss love story, this film is itself a masterpiece.
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FR 053
Carnival in Flanders Director: Jacques Feyder
1936, 90 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A satire concerning the 17th-century conquest of a Flemish village by Spanish invaders. The seductive wiles of the female townsfolk save the day after the men turn tail and run.
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FR 026
César Director: Marcel Pagnol
1936, 117 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Part 3 of the "Marseilles Trilogy". The characters come to grips with tragedy and separation.
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FR 009
Children of Paradise Director: Marcel Carné
with Jean-Louis Barrault, Arletty, Pierre Brasseur.
1943-1945, 189 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Set in the theater district of early 19th-century Paris, the film recreates a glittering world of backstage life. Garance, an elusive courtesan, is loved by four men - a talented mime, an ambitious actor, a nihilistic villain, and a snobbish aristocrat. Bursting with passion, jealousy, and deception, Prévert's screenplay has been called < >. With an overwhelming visual richness, this beguiling romantic epic changes with every viewing. Arletty's Garance emerges as an utterly modern herioine; Jean-Louis Barrault's performance as the lovelorn mime is legendary. Filmed at peril during the Nazi Occupaiton, Marcel Carné's masterpiece belongs among the milestones of cinema.
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FR 089 - 1/2
Cinema belge francophone with Transcript Catalogue T-EF-I & T-EF-J.
PICS, The University of Iowa.
1990, 29 minutes, French.
Belgian francophone cinema needs to be exported to survive financially. This exhaustive and witty panorama of the current state of the film industy shows the diversity and the vitality of its filmmakers, their productions, and the problems facing its future. Abundant film clips illustrate interviews with such internationally known directors as Chantal Ackerman, Andrée Delvaux, Jean-Jacques Andrieu, and others.
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FR 079
Claire's Knee - see Le genou de Claire Director: Eric Rohmer
with Jean-Claude Brialy and Lawrence De Monaghan.
1970, 111 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A comedy which focuses on the temptations of a diplomat who visits his childhood home just before he is married to a woman with whom he has lived for six years.
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FR 021
Coup de foudre - see Entre Nous

Crime of Monsieur Lange, The Director: Jean Renoir
with Renée Lefèvre and Jules Berry.
1935, 90 minutes, French with English subtitles.
When the boss embezzles the company funds and is declared dead while fleeing the country, the workers at a publishing frim band together to produce a very successful series of "Arizona Jim" cowboy stories. All is well until the boss returns to cash in.
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FR 057
Cross My Heart with lesson plans
Director: Jacques Fansten
with Sylvain Copans, Nicolas Parodi.
1992, 105 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Not since Stand By Me has a film captured all the innocence, pain, and fun of growing up. When Antoine and Jerome follow their best friend Martin home from school one day, they discover why he has been acting so strange - his mother has been dead for three days and he's been keeping it a secret for fear of being sent to an orphanage. That calls for a pact - to preserve Martin's home life at all costs. They'll learn to cook, sign his report cards, even sell the furniture in order to keep him out of the clutches of meddlesome adults. Filled with comic escapades and bittersweet adventures, Cross My Heart brings back the magic and mystery of childhood.
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FR 119-A/B
Cyrano de Bergérac Director: Jean-Claude Petit
with Gérard Depardieu, Jacques Weber, Anne Brochet, Vincent Perez, Roland Bertin.
1990, 138 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.
Film about large-nosed poet, swordsman, social gadfly and unlikely romantic hero.
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FR 095 (2 copies)
Danton Director: Andrzej Wajda
1983, 136 minutes, Fench with English subtitles.
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FR 044
Day for Night Director: Francois Truffaut
with Jaqueline Bisset, Valentina Cortese, Dani, Alexandra Steweart, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Jean Champion, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Francois Truffaut.
1973, 120 minutes, English language version.
The title is taken from a technique for shooting night scenes in daylight with special lens filters. While editing the film Two English Girls, Truffaut was struck with the interplay between screen people in real life and the people they portray in films. Jaqueline Bisset plays the role of an international beauty recovering from a nervous breakdown. Jean-Pierre Leaud, Truffaut's alter-ego, portrayed a young man intoxicated with the script girl, the actresses, the cinema itself. Francois Truffaut made his own fiml acting debut in the role of the film's director, part creator, part craftsman, part ringmaster of the circus he unveils. This film carries us into the heart and mimd of a great filmmaker at work. Lyrical , yet vigourous, affectionalte yet unsentimental, the film reveals the methodology behind the magic - and somehow leaves us feeling that movies are more magical than ever.
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FR 108
Devil's Envoy, The - see Les Visiteurs du soir.

Diabolique Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
with Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot and Paul Meurisse.
1955, 116 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A cruel schoolmaster is murdered by his wife and his mistress...or is he? A frightening tale of suspense and desperation.
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FR 016
Dossier I PICS, The University of Iowa.
29 minutes.
The first installment of Espace francophone is subdivided into four segments: an introduction to Les Plouffe, a film by québécois filmmaker Gilles Carle, featuring two clips, an interview with the filmmaker and reactions of the public at the Paris opening; Gilles Vigneault, one of the leading singers from Québec, performs his most popular song "Il me reste un pays" on stage; a discussion with Haitian writer René Depestre about art as a reflection of society; a dossier on the Agence de la Coopération Culturelle et Technique, including an interview with its secretary-general, Francois Owono-Ngueme.
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FR 073
Enfants de Brel et de personne with Transcript Catalogue T-EF-D & T-EF-F.
PICS, The University of Iowa.
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FR 076
Entre Nous Director: Diane Kurys
with Miou Miou, Isabelle Huppert, Guy Marchand.
1983, 110 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Moving, multi-layered story of two women who from a bond of friendship that lasts many years, takes many turns, and threatens their ineffectual husbands. Compassionate telling by Kurys of her own mother's story, with extraordinary performances.
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FR 107
Entre amis: An Interactive Approach to First Year French Oates/Oukada/Altman: Interactive Approahc to 1st year French.
Demonstartion tape.
Program for use with Entre Amis
Copy 1
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FR 051 - copy 1
Entre amis: An Interactive Approach to First Year French Oates/Oukada/Altman: Interactive Approahc to 1st year French.
Demonstartion tape.
Program for use with Entre Amis
Copy 2
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FR 051 - copy 2
Expressions québecoises PICS, The University of Iowa.
29 minutes.
The contribution of québécois artists to the French language has been noted especially since the nationalist movement of the sixties brought forth such singers as Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, and Robert Charlesbois. Interviews follow in which the artists explain their position in French culture in North America. Also, the oppression by French speakers is being discussed by director Arthur Lamothe who believes that this should not occult the real oppression of the native American cultures which existed before the arival of Champlain, a preoccupation that has brought him to documentary filmmaking.

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FR 074
Eyes Without a Face Director: Georges Franju
with Pierre Brasseur, Edith Scob and Alida Valli.
1959, 88 minutes, French with English Subtitles.
The origional Gallic Version of the chillingly poetic shocker about a surgeon's murderous attempts to restore the disfigured face of his daughter.

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FR 065
Fanny Director: Marc Allegret with Peirre Fresnay, Orane Demazis and Raimu. 1932, 126 minutes, French with English subtitles. Part 2 of the "Marseilles Trilogy: Marius answers the call of the sea, abandoning fanny with his child, while Ceasar plays matchmaker.

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FR 008
Forbidden Games -see Jeux Interdits
Director: Rene Clement
with Brigitte Fossey and George Poujouly. 1952, 102 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A touching drama focusing on a young girl who loses her parents in an air raid and is taken in by a poor family.

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FR 060
400 Blows, The see Les 400 Coups
France comes with booklet in video cover
Come discover the Glory of France. Its people, history, culture, and cuisine. Fall in love with Paris as you visit the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, Louvre museum and the bohemian Left Bank. Slip behind the scenes into the haute couture world of Peirre Cardin and persue the shops that define international style. Discover the secrets of French cuisine and learn the art of selecting wine from France's foremost chef, Paul Bocuse. Visit the Alpine slopes of Mt. Blanc, the sun-drenched Cote d' Azur, the chateaux of the Loire Valley and the many other treasures of France.
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FR 087
France Nobody Knows, The Passport to Adventure.
Discover the World.
The is a travelogue type documentary hi-lighting several interesting regions of France.
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FR 069
France from Within Video Sample for tapes 1 & 2
Bernard Petit Video Production.
see also French Way, The.
Tape 1 features the T.G.V., and open-air market, preparation of a < >, the game of < >, a winery tour, a Parisian < >, and interviews with < > Paul Bocuse, a young law student, a < > philosophy professor, a < > in Grenoble, and an engaging Parisian < >.
Tape 2 features the Dior boutique and < > in Paris, a < >, a perfectly French perfect, a World War II < >, < >, the 2 CV, a < >, Normandy and more.

Student Guide to Accompany France from Within, Video #I.
Heinle and Heinle Publishers, Inc., Boston, Mass., 1987.
Petit, Bernard:
Tapescript for France from Within, Video #2
Heinle and Heinle Publishers, Inc., Boston, Mass., 1987.
FR 030 (2 copies)
French Can-Can Director: Jean Renoir
With Jean Gabin and Maria Felix.
1956, 93 minutes, French with English subtitles.
The early days of the Moulin Rouge and the entrepreneur who began it are backdrops for beautiful, high-kicking chorus girls and their swirling petticoats.
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FR 054
French Classical Style of the 17th & 18th Centuries French Classical Style of the 17th & 18th Centuries
1992 Studio Quart, about 30 minutes.
Masterpieces of the Hermitage - Museum of St. Petersburg.
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MLGP 018
French Way, The Video Sample. Same description as for France from Within.
Petit, Bernard Vbideo Production.:
Heinle and Heinle Publishers, Inc., Boston, Mass., 1986.
LLC -Library, Copy 2
FR 029 (2 copies)
Gardens of France Home Video Library
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FR 109
George Meliès: Cinema Magician 1978, 27 minutes
Documentary on the father of the special effect. Biography, plus clips from newfound negatives, "The Impossible Voyage" and others.
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FR 011
Gervaise Director: Rene Clement
With Maria Schell and Francois Perier.
1957, 116 minutes, French with English Subtitles.
A woman struggles to keep her family together when her husband, injured at work, becomes an alcoholic.
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FR 025
Godard-Truffaut Shorts Directors: Godard and Truffaut.
1957, 39 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Truffaut's "Les Mistons" looks at a group of teens, mystified by love, who decide to follow a pair of lovers; Godard's "All the Boys are Named Parick" follows a young man's loves and infidelities.
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FR 001
Goodbye, Children see Au Revoir, les enfants.
Grand Highway - see Le grand chemin
Grand Illusion Director: Jean Renoir
With Jean Gabin, Pierre Fresnay, and Marcel Dalio 1937, 111 minutes, French with English subtitles.
French officers in World War I are captured and sent to a German prison camp run by aristocratic commandant Erich von Stroheim.
One DVD copy, one VHS copy
FR 003
Haïti: Un Peuple Créateur PICS, The University of Iowa.
29 minutes.
The republic of Haïti was the first independent black nation in the world. This program explores some or the best known aspects of Haïtian popular culture and explains their connections to religious beliefs and practices, especially the infamous voodoo tradition. Interviews with artists and artisans alternate with scenes of voodoo dances and displays of local customs, while two university professors provide background information on the history and the evolution of the country.
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FR 075
Horse of Pride, The Director: Claude Chabrol
With Jacques Dufilho and Francois Cluzet.
1980, 118 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A look at the lives of the peasants of Breton in the early 1900's through their loves, tragedies and triumphs.
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FR 055
In a Brilliant Light: van Gogh in Arles The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
1984, 57 minutes.
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MLNE 003

1992 Run Time: 156 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Director: Regis Wargnier
With Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham, Jean Yanne, Dominique Blanc, Henri Marteau.

This film depicts a story of passion and revolution in colonial Vietnam. Deneuve stars as Eliane Devries, the seemingly repressed owner of a prosperous rubber plantation in French Inochina. Her steely exterior, however, is only a mask intended to hide her torrid love affairs from upper class society. But when her adopted Indochinese daughter innocently falls in love with Eliane's secret lover, the scandalous lovers' triangle threatens to destroy their entire family. A sensual story of unbridled passion set against the violence of the bloody Communist uprising. Indochine is a historically accurate, emotionally wrenching epic of love and war.
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FR 032
Ingrès, Portrait of an Artist Vol 22: Slaves of Fashion
An RM Arts/BBC Production
1981, 50 minutes.
In his own day, Ingrès was admired by many for his scrupulous attention to detail, and won respect as a champion of neoclassicism against the rising Romantic tide. The film is enhanced by contemporary musical extracts.
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FR 046
Italian Straw Hat, The - see Un Châpeau de paille d'Italie.
Jean de Florette Director: Claude Berri
With Gérard Depardieu, Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil, Elisabeth Depardieu, and Ernestine Mazurowna.
1986, 122 minutes, French with English subtitles.
The story of Jean Cadoret, a hunchback who inherits a farm from his mother and hopes to become a farmer. But even before he arrives, his powerful neighbor is plotting to steal his land. The ending is heartbreak and tragedy for Jean who is no match for his wily neighbor.
JCJ Library -
PQ2631.A26J42 1988
Jesus of Montreal Director: Denys Arcand
with Lothaire Bluteau, Remy Gierard.
1989, 119 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Acclaimed Canadian comedy-drama that takes savage swipes at modern religious hypocracy and greed. An unemployed actor is hired by a Montreal priest to run a local Passion Play, but his attempts to re-create the Easter story place him into some antagonistic situations that strangely parallel the play's scenes.
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see Modern Languages
Jeux Interdits see Forbidden Games
Josephine Baker - see Princess Tam Tam
- see Zou Zou

L'Age d'or Directors: Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali
With Lya Lys, Gason Modot and Max Ernst.
1930, 60 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A series of bizarre, bewildering images that mock religious hypocrisy while framing a surprisingly sentimental love story.
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FR 002
Haiti: Killing the Dream 1992, Crowing Rooster Production
"Haiti: Killing the Dream provides an emotionally gripping and politically profound illumination of the Boat People's story and the details of their current state of affairs." Jonathan Demne
"This film deeply moved me by showing not only the pain and suffering of the Haitian people today, but also the hope and potential for the beautiful Haiti that is dawning tomorrow.
It's not just a question of Haitian People, but a question of democracy throughout the world."
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
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FR 091
L'Année dernière à Marienbad Director: Alain Resnais
With Delphine Seyrig and Giorgio Albertazzi
1962, 93 minutes, French with English subtitles
A controversial, visually surreal study of two unwilling lovers who feel compelled by destiny to be together.
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FR 017
L'Argent de Poche see Small Change.

L'Enfant Sauvage - see Wild Child, The
La Femme du Boulanger - see Baker's Wife, The
La Femme Nikita Director: Luc Besson
With Anne Parillaud, Jeanne Moreau.
1991, 117 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Exciting, sexy and violent thriller about a beautiful junkie, condemned to die for murdering a policeman, who is given a second chance by becoming a secret political assassin for the government. She eventually falls in love with a grocery clerk who has no idea of her real identity.
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FR 097
La Gloire de mon Père - see My Father's Glory.
La petit voleuse Un film de Claude Miller
Avec Charlotte Gaisnbourg, Simon de la Brosse, Didier Bezace, Chlothilde de Bayser, Raoul Billery, Chantal Banlier, Nathalie Cardone.
1988, 110 minutes, in French.
Elle est prêre à tous les mensonges pour obtenir ce qu'elle veut: l'argent, l'affection, l'amour…en un mot, sa place au soleil.
Énchappée de l'école de reform, Janine se retrouve à l'école de la vie, où elle apprendra que le chemin du bonheur n'a rien à voir avec la route sur laquelle elle s'est engagée. Elle n'a ni scrupules, ni pudeur, et tous les gens qui l'entourent deviendrong les victims de ses manigances. Mais comme Michel, Séverine et Raoul, vous aussi succomberez au charme innocent et irresistible de la petite voleuse.
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FR 040
Last Metro, The
(Le Dernier metro)

Director: François Traffaut
With Catherine Deneuve, Heinz Bennent, Gerard Depardieu, Jean Poiret.
1986, 135 minutes, color, (copy 1 dubbed in English).
The Last metro is a poignant, compelling drama set in nazi-occupied Paris. It unfolds in the theatre Montmartre, as a group of actors rehearse a play. But almost everyone in this troupe is also harboring a crucial secret. Every night the star and company boss, Marion, visits her exiled Jewish husband, who is hiding in a secret apartment under the stage. The group's new leading man, Bernard, a compulsive womanizer, is a member of the Resistance. Marion must cope with a powerful, fanatically anti-Semitic critic who suspects her husband is still in Paris, as well as her growing attraction to Bernard. All of France hungers for liberation in this touching, tense, intelligent and insightful drama.
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Two copies - copy one VHS (dubbed into English); copy two DVD - a 2 disk set, including supplements, in French with optional English subtitles

FR 106
Last Year in Marienbad - see L'année derniére à Marienbad
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme 1958, 97 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A combination of comedy, dance and song - a French satire on human excesses.
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FR 006 (2 copies)
Le Bourgeios Gentilhomme 1997, 97 minutes, French with English subtitles.
"A Comedie-Ballet in 5 acts in prose…for the entertainment of the king." Performed by the Comédie Français. An evening's combination of music, dance, and song. Written by Moliére, whose plays were often comedies about human personality traits satirized to excess. The "Would be Gentleman" in this case is adorned with an elegant dressing gown and an absurd chapeau, as he aspires to a higher station in life. The music is by Jean Baptiste Lully, a contemporary of Molière whose music set the pattern for French Opera, concert music and even the symphonic orchestra in years to come. Lully's melodies are lyrical and colorful; his settings featured lavish costumes, ballets and dances. Opulence to both ear and eye came from Molière and Lully in abundance. C'est Magnifique!
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FR 115
Le Château de ma mere - see My Mother's Castle.
Le Cheval d'orgueil - see Horse of Pride, The.
Le Crabe Tambour Director: Pierre Schoendoerffer
With Jean Rochefort, Claude Rich, Jacques Dufilho, and Jacques Perrin.
1977, 120 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Three ex-soldiers reminisce about a colorful officer with whom each served in various parts of the world, their exploits being shown in flashback.
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FR 056
Le Genou de Claire - see Claire's Knee
Le Grand Chemin Director: Jean-Loup Hubert
With Antoine Hubert, Anémone and Richard Bohringer.
1987, 104 minutes, French with English subtitles.
This comedy depicts the adventures of a young boy who is sent to live with friends while his mother goes to the hospital to give birth.
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FR 063
Le Retour de Martin Guerre see Return of Martin Guerre, The.
Les Bas-fonds Director: Jean Renoir
With Louis Jouvet, Jean Gabin, Jany Holt and Suzy Prim.
1935, 91 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A financially ruined nobleman learns about life from a street thief in the slums.
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FR 019
Les Compéres Director: Francis Véber
With Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu, Anny Duperey.
1985, 92 minutes, French with English subtitles.
When her teenage son runs away with a wanton girl and her husband refuses to search for him, a frantic mother calls on two old lovers to help. They join forces on the Riviera and in comedic fashion try to rescue the boy from gangsters.
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FR 042
Les Enfants du Paradis See Children of Paradise
Les Misérables (Les Régles du jeu) Director: Jean Renoir
With Roland Toutain, Nora Grégor, Marcel Dalio and Renoir.
1939, 110 minutes, French with English subtitles
A witty, acerbic look at the jaded and amoral lifestyles of the aristocracy in the days before World War II.
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FR 005
Les Misérables With lesson plans
Director: Claude Lelouch
With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Boujenah, Alessandra Martines, Annie Giradot.
1995, 175 minutes, French with English subtitles.
It comes like lightning. The Nazis overrun France and for its proud people, it begins the most miserable of times. Yet it's not so miserable that the goodness of one man cannot triumph. In Les Misérables, two-time Academy Award winner Claude Lelouch fashions a magnificent achievement that won the Golden Glove Award as 1995's best Foreign Language Film. Legendary Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as Henri Fortin, a true and simple man whose life parallels that of Jean Valjean, the hero of Victor Hugo's great novel. But those papllels do not mean a simple updating of Hugo's tale. Instead, Lelouch uses them to frame a towering cascade of events, traits, and emotions: nobility, suffering, persistence, joy, hate, longing, love, greed, betrayal, war, peace, and life-affirming joy and hope. "After 34 films, I am dedicated to filming hope," Lelouch states. Here he does it with exquisite power and grace.
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FR 117-1/2
Les 400 Coups Director: François Truffaut
With Jean-Pierre Leaud.
1959, 98 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Leaud is the 12-year-old Doinel, who begins a life of petty crime in response to a troubled home life, until he uses his inner strength to overcome his situation.
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FR 018
Les Roseaux Sauvages Director: Jean Renoir
With Elodie Bouchez, Gaël Morel, Stéphanie Rideau, Frédéric Gorny, Michèle Moretti.
1994, 110 minutes, in French.
En France, dans un petit lycée du sud-ouest, débarque < >. Il s'appelle Henri et c'est l'année du premiere bac. C'est aussi le dernier trimestre et et la promesse de l'été. L'intrusion de ce garcon animé par la haine va bouleverser les petites habitudes de l'internat… Henri, le pied-noir exile, milite ouvertement pour la terre brûlée, considére tous les Français comme des trâitres et les communistes comme des bêtes à abattre…Avec lui, c'est la guerre civile qui va entrer dans un monde qui savait vivre a l'abri des vents du dehors…. Cet étranger va reveler à eux-mêmes tous les personages de notre histoire en les mettant au pied du mur, en les confrontant à leur proper désir….
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FR 066
Les Troyens with notes.
Hector Berlioz
Conductor: Levine, The Metropolitian Opera Orchestra and Chorus
With Tatiana Troyanos, Jessye Norman, Placido Dominutesgo, Allan Monk, Paul Plishka.
Performed October 8, 1983, 253 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Story of the fall of Troy, the wooden horse and Cassandra's vision and suicide. Aeneas on his way to Italy stops in Carthage where Dido falls in love with him. But their happiness does not last. Aeneas sails to Italy to fulfill his destiny. Dido, betrayed, kills herself.
LLC Library
FR 037-1/2
Les visiteurs du soir -see Devils' Envoys, The.

Director: Marcel Carné
With Arletty, Jules Berry, Marie Dea, Alain Cuny, Frenand Ledoux.
1942, 120 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Made during the German Occupation, this historical masterpiece explores the will of the individual pitted against the forces of evil. Marcel Carné and Jaques Prévert were forbidden to be witnesses of their time, so Carné reverted to the hope and beauty of the Middle Ages. In this romantic fantasy based on French legend, the Devil sends two emissaries to earth to create anarchy. But much to the Devil's dismay, the two eventually succumb to the powers of love.
LLC Library - Call Number: Les visiteurs du soir - see Devils' Envoys, The.
Director: Marcel Carné
With Arletty, Jules Berry, Marie Dea, Alain Cuny, Frenand Ledoux.
1942, 120 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Made during the German Occupation, this historical masterpiece explores the will of the individual pitted against the forces of evil. Marcel Carné and Jaques Prévert were forbidden to be witnesses of their time, so Carné reverted to the hope and beauty of the Middle Ages. In this romantic fantasy based on French legend, the Devil sends two emissaries to earth to create anarchy. But much to the Devil's dismay, the two eventually succumb to the powers of love.
LLC Library
FR 088
Les Yeux sans visage - See Eyes Without a Face.
Manon des sources - See Manon of the Springs
Manon of the Springs see Manon des sources.
Director: Claude Berri
With Emanuelle Béart, Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil, Hippolyte Girardot.
1986, 112 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Ten years have passed since the tragic events of Jean de Florette. Jean's daughter, Manon, appears in town to accuse the Soubeyrans of killing her father. A tragedy results that nearly destroys César, the neighbor who destroyed Jean.
JCU Library
PQ2631.A26M26 1988
Maria Chapdelaine With Jean Gabin, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Madeleine Renaud.
1934, 75 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Gabin is the trapper bying with jean-Pierre Aumont for Madeleine Renaud's affections.
LLC Library
FR 045
Marius Directo: Alexander Korda
With Jules Raimu, Orane Demazis, and Pierre Fresnay.
1931, 125 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Part 1 of the "Marseilles Trilogy." An introduction to the many delightful and fascinating characters of the city's waterfront and their tangled relationships.
LLC Library
FR 010
Marivaux: La Double Inconstance Films for the Humanities and Sciences.
1991, 135 minutes, color, in French.
Marivaux's own favorite among his plays, this comedy tells of two lovers separated by the prince both of whom fall in love with others at court.
LLC Library
FR 110-1/2
Modernism: Matisse, Picasso & More 20th Century Painters 1992 Studio Quart, about 30 minutes.
Masterpieces of the Hermitage - Museum of St. Petersburg.
LLC Library - Call Number: MLGE[neral Purpose] 020
MLGP 020
Ecrite et mise en scene par Ariane Mnouchkine
Avec Phillippe Caubère, Josephine Derenne, Mari-Françoise Audollent, Jonathan Sutton, Nicole Félix et al.
1992, 280 minutes, in French.
Ce film raconte l'histoire de Moliére. Comment un petit garcon né en 1622 d'un père tapissier et d'une tender mere qu'il perda trop tôt, deviendra-t-il cet acteur prodigieux, cet auteur universel que nous connaissons tous? Nous allons le suivre de son enfance à sa mort dans cetrte France du XVIIe siècle, sauvage et raffinée…
LLC Library
FR 103-1/2
Moliére: L'oeil en coulisses PICS, The University of Iowa.
56 minutes.
Twenty-two excerpts from six Moliére plays plus interviews with five famous French actors and directors. The interviews include discussions of the six plays, Moliére's career, how to act and stage his plays, the importance of Moliére for today's audiences, and some of the issues raised by the plays. The plays excerpted are La Malade imaginaire, Le Misanthrope, Tartuffe, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, L'Ecole des femmes and Amphitryon.
LLC Library
FR 082
Mon Oncle d'Amerique Director: Alain Resnais
With Gerard Depardieu, Nicole Garcia, Roger Pierre.
1980, 123 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Three people seek success: Jean - a man who wants fame in politics or literature [it hardly matters as long as he achieves the desired end]; Janine - a woman who needs a complete and total change in her life and so becomes a starving actress; and René - a man who escapes the declining economy of agriculture to find his fortune [or misfortune] in the city.
Three lives brought together by the hand of fate - together they discover the excitement and joy of their success and face the frustrations and hardships of the dream. The film is not a drama, it is a comedy about the drama of life, turning the struggles of everyday into a hilarious romp!
LLC Library
FR 105
Monsieur Hire Director: Patrice Leconte
With Michel Blanc, Sandrine Bonnaire.
1990, 88 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.
Gripping erotic French thriller about a reclusive tailor whose only human contact comes from his nightly peeping sessions on a beautiful neighbor. At first shocked, she begins to welcome his attention, but the murder of a local woman soon sends her relationship in an even more bizarre, and dangerous direction.
One DVD copy, one VHS copy

FR 098
Mont St. Michel 56 minutes.
Presents a tour of the cathedral of Mont St. Michel which reveals every aspect of this extraordinary structure and its unique surroundings.
JCU Library
My Mother's Castle Director: Yves Robert
with Phillippe Caubère, Nathalie Roussel, Thérèse Liotard, Didier Pain.
1991, 98 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.
The continuation of Marcel Pagnol's adventures follows the young protagonist's experiences in a prestigious school, his Christmas in the country, and how his family trespasses on a private road en route to their holiday home.
LLC Library
FR 093 2 copies
Napoléon - Exclusively in Memphis. Emperor and Empire. Legend and Man.
See the most comprehensive exhibition on Napoléon Bonaparte ever assembled in one place, drawn from nearly 50 prestigious public and private collections from around the world. See his life shown in the things he wore, in the things and people he touched, used and loved. See his glory reflected in the art of the empire, his genius revealed in victory, his ultimate isolation in defeat. Napoléon…general, statesman, lover, emperor. All here, in this exclusive video presentation of this remarkable exhibition.
LLC Library

FR 086
Napoléon Director: Abel Gance.
with Albert Dieudonne.
1927, silent with music score.
Rediscovered and reconstructed by Francis Ford Coppola, music composed and conducted by Carmine Coppola.
1981, 235 minutes, tinted and toned, silent with music.
This epic of the Little Colonel's youth and rise to power during the French Revolution is breathtaking in its scope and revolutionary use of split screen and camera effects, including the three-screen climax [preserved here in a special format].
LLC Library
FR 102 -½
New Directions in Technology Solutions for Language Learning and Teaching
Heinle & Heinle Publishers
LLC Library

Look in MLGE
Nun, The Director: Jaques Rivette
With Anna Karina, Lieselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle, Christine Lenier.
1966, 155 minutes, color, French with English subtitles.
Originally banned by the French government, acclaimed French New Wave director J. Rivette's adaptation of Diderot's classic 18th century novel explores with poetic simplicity the moving tale of a 16-year-old girl who is forced by her mother to enter a convent. Suzanne, played by the exceptional Anna Karina, is persuaded by a kind Mother Superior to accept her vows. However, Mother Superior soon dies and Suzanne meets with the rigors and abuses of her harsh successor. Her desperate attempts at freedom land her first in another convent, and then finally, with tragic ends, in the outside world. Despite the controversy over its release, The Nun is less an indictment of a religious society - a society in which women had two choices as dictated by their families: marriage or the convent.
LLC Library
FR 111
Orpheus Director: Jean Cocteau
With Jean Marais, Maria Cesares, Marie Dea.
1949, 86 minutes, Black and White, French with English subtitles.
Modern story of Orpheus and Eurydice, the love of a poet for the Princess of Death, who travels constantly between this world and the next.
LLC Library
FR 038
Pape Jean Paul II 1984, in French
Documentary about Pope John Paul visiting Canada in 1984 with a lot of speeches, masses, pop kissing, babies crying, etc.
LLC Library - Copy 1

FR 023 - Copy 1
Pape Jean Paul II 1984, in French
Documentary about Pope John Paul visiting Canada in 1984 with a lot of speeches, masses, pope kissing, babies crying, etc.
LLC Library-Copy 2
FR 023 - Copy 2
Paradise Director: Mary Agnes Donoghue.
With Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Elija Woods, Thora Birch
1991, 111 minutes.
Griffith and Johnson play a dispassionate couple whose lives were chattered when their young son died. They attempt to heal their marriage by caring for a 10-year-old boy whose mother is about to have her own baby. Based on the French film Le Grand Chemin.
LLC Library
MLAM 041
Paris/Québec/Dakar; Naissance d'un communauté planéraire with Trans-
Transcript: Catalogue T-EF-I & T-EF J.
PICS, The University of Iowa.
26 minutes.
Following Paris [1986] and Québec [1987], Dakar hosted the third meeting of francophone countries in 1989. Interviews highlight the main concerns of la francophonie in 1989: third-world debt, environmental issues, the relationship of the French language to national language, telecommunication, and most importantly, the future of the francophone world.
LLC Library
FR 078
Pas de Problème! Houghton Mifflin Company:
An Introductory French Video.
This is a custom-designed video, shot in France. The 60 minutes of programming are divided into twelve convenient modules that can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin's Introductory French programs. Each module focuses on everyday problem-solving situations, which are left open-ended to prompt student interaction
Au tennis; Le coup de fil; Le metro; La boulangerie; Au café; Château Saint-Jean; La poste; En panne; Au Centre-Pompidou; Au march, rue Mouffetard; Le Papillion; La fête de la musique.
LLC Library - Copy 1

FR 070 - copy 1
Pas de Problème! Houghton Mifflin Company:
An Introductory French Video.
This is a custom-designed video, shot in France. The 60 minutes of programming are divided into twelve convenient modules that can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin's Introductory French programs. Each module focuses on everyday problem-solving situations, which are left open-ended to prompt student interaction
Au tennis; Le coup de fil; Le metro; La boulangerie; Au café; Château Saint-Jean; La poste; En panne; Au Centre-Pompidou;
Au march, rue Mouffetard; Le Papillion; La fête de la musique.
LLC Library - Copy 2
FR 070 - copy 2
Pas de Problème! Houghton Mifflin Company:
An Introductory French Video.
This is a custom-designed video, shot in France. The 60 minutes of programming are divided into twelve convenient modules that can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin's Introductory French programs. Each module focuses on everyday problem-solving situations, which are left open-ended to prompt student interaction
Au tennis; Le coup de fil; Le metro;
La boulangerie; Au café; Château Saint-Jean; La poste; En panne; Au Centre-Pompidou; Au march, rue Mouffetard; Le Papillion;
La fête de la musique.
LLC Library - Copy 3
FR 070 - copy 3
Pas de Problème! Houghton Mifflin Company:
An Introductory French Video.
This is a custom-designed video, shot in France. The 60 minutes of programming are divided into twelve convenient modules that can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin's Introductory French programs. Each module focuses on everyday problem-solving situations, which are left open-ended to prompt student interaction
Au tennis; Le coup de fil; Le metro; La boulangerie; Au café; Château Saint-Jean; La poste; En panne; Au Centre-Pompidou;
Au march, rue Mouffetard; Le Papillion; La fête de la musique.
LLC Library - Copy 4

FR 070 - copy 4
Pas de Problème! Houghton Mifflin Company:
An Introductory French Video.
This is a custom-designed video, shot in France. The 60 minutes of programming are divided into twelve convenient modules that can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin's Introductory French programs. Each module focuses on everyday problem-solving situations, which are left open-ended to prompt student interaction
Au tennis; Le coup de fil;Le metro;
La boulangerie;Au café; Château Saint-Jean;La poste; En panne; Au Centre-Pompidou;Au march, rue Mouffetard; Papillion;
La fête de la musique.
LLC Library - Copy 5
FR 070 - copy 5
Pas de Problème! Pas de Problème!
Houghton Mifflin Company:
An Introductory French Video.
This is a custom-designed video, shot in France. The 60 minutes of programming are divided into twelve convenient modules that can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin's Introductory French programs. Each module focuses on everyday problem-solving situations, which are left open-ended to prompt student interaction
Au tennis; Le coup de fil; Le metro;La boulangerie;Au café;Château Saint-Jean;La poste;En panne; Au Centre-Pompidou;Au march, rue Mouffetard; Le Papillion;La fête de la musique.
LLC Library - Copy 6
FR 070 - copy 6
Phédre Tape I: 118 minutes, Tape II: 78 minutes
This is the celebrated Jean Kerchbron version of Racine's famous play, with Silvia Montford as Phédre and Alain Cuny as Thésée.
136 minutes on two tapes.
LLC Library
FR 083-1/2
Princess Tam Tam Director: Edmond Greville
With Josephone Baker, Albert Prejean, Germaine Aussey, Robert Arnoux.
1935, 80 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Baker plays an African native brought to France by a writer and coached so she can be passed off as an Indian princess in this Pygmalion-like comedy that also showcases Baker in stunning musical sequences
LLC Library
FR 099
Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces:
LLC Library
FR 112
Rapports - Dossiers Authentiques: Un programme video en neuf aprties;
D.C. Heath and Company [c], 1990.
LLC Library
FR 068
Red and the Black, The. Director: Claude Autant-Lara
With Gérard Philipe, Danielle Darrieux and Michelle Morgan
1954, 134 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A 19th-century career opportunist's attempts to rise up the social ladder are altered when he falls fro a charming maiden.
LLC Library
FR 050
Return of Martin Guerre, The Direcotr: Daniel Vigne
With Gérard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye.
1983, 123 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Dramatization of an imposture that took place in the 16th century and became a legend; the husband leaves his family and years later, returns. He reintegrates himself into the family and community, but then serious doubts spring up about his identity.
LLC Library
FR 022
Road to Impressionism, The: 19th Century France 1992 Studio Quart, about 30 minutes.
Masterpieces of the Hermitage - Museum of St. Petersburg
LLC Library - Call Number: MLGE[neral Prupose] 023

MLGP 023
Rouge Rouge - see: Trois Couleur
Red - see: Trois Couleur
Rules of the game - see Les Régles du jeu.
Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, 1639-1649 Walk where they walked…
Here is the powerful story of Ontario's first European community, the French Jesuit mission of Sainte-Marie in the heart of the Huron homeland.
Sainte-Marie among the Hurons dramatizes the courage, inspiration, hope and heartbreak of Sainte-Marie, as revealed in the lore of the longhouse, the splash of the canoe paddle, the sounds of the forge and stable, and legends told around smoky fires.
This is the story of a true historical place, a story you'll never forget, told by costumed historical interpreters at today's Sainte-Marie among the Hurons.
LLC Library
see Mod. Languages
Sans Toit ni loi - see Vagabond.
Scola 7 minutes.
Chreighton University.
LLC Library
Look in MLGE
Shoot the Piano Player - see Tirez sur le pianiste.
Situations 01-13 - see Video Program for French.

Situations 14-17 Situations 01-13 - see Video Program for French.

- see Video Program for French.

Small Change Director: François Traffaut
With Nicole Felix, Chantal Mercier, Jean-François Stévenin, Virginie Thevenet, Tania Torrens.
1976, 105 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A boy finds a few coins in an amusement park. A shy girl sneaks a glance at the even shyer boy she fancies. They're small events, but not for a child. "A child invents life," says Traffaut, who brilliantly captures the joys, yearnings, pain and wonder of childhood in Small Change.
LLC Library
FR 085
Sugar Cane Alley Director: Euzhan Palcy
With Garry Cadenat, Darling Legitimus Douta Seck, Joby Bernabe.
1985, 107 minutes, French
On a lush sugar cane plantations in Martinique lies a dirt road called Sugar Cane Alley, lined with the shacks of the poor black families who work in the cane fields. In one of these lives Jose, a bright mischievous 11-year-old orphan, and his grandmother, a tough, wise woman determined to save Jose from the hard life of the plantation. When Jose wins a partial scholarship at the school in the city, she is ready to sacrifice everything for his chance at education and an escape from the fields.
LLC Library

2 copies

c1: VHS tape with yellow English subtitles
c2: DVD with optional English subtitles
FR 004
Tartuffe Mise en scene: Jacqueline Duc
Avec Michel Feder, Christian Moro, Patrick Amar, Fabrice Chalot, Gérard Rauber et al.
1990, 110 minutes, French.
LLC Library
FR 059
Tatie Danielle Director: Etienne Chatiliez
With Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob, Isabele Nanty, Neige Dolsky, Eric Prat, Laurence Février.
1991, 114 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Hilarious Gallic farce about a nasty old woman who is taken in by her naïve relatives who hope she will be a nice old aunti to their children. Little do they realize how mean and miserable Tatie Danielle is!
LLC Library
FR 096
Teacher's Discovery: French Commercials Teacher's Discovery: French Commercials
LLC Library
FR 028
Théâtre noir francophone with Transcript: with Transcript:
Catalogue T-EF-G & T-EF-H
PICS, The University of Iowa
The African traditions of storytelling is alive and well and available for all to enjoy, thanks to the works of Francophone playwrights in Mali, Cameroon, and the Ivory Coast. Interviews with actors and writers stress the need for theater because of the immediacy of its message. From the more politically oriented protest theater of Cameroon to the educational children's plays of Mali, the vitality and the diversity of the stage testifies to the creativity of the writers and actors. This great oral tradition has also been the basis for Creole theater, as shown in an extract from a Haitian play.
LLC Library
FR 077
Three Men and a Cradle With lesson plans
Director: Coline Serreau
With Roland Giraud, Michel Boujenah, Andre Dussollier.
1985, 106 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A trio of swinging bachelors learn that life's biggest gifts come in small packages in this charming comedy sensation that inspired the hit film 3 Men and a Baby. Life will never be the same again for womanizing roommates Pierre, Jacques and Michel when a basket bearing a small infant - presumably the by-product of one of Jacques' passion plays - suddenly arrives on their doorstep. Now, three men whose entire lives revolve around wine, women and late night parties are about to discover the true meaning of rolling with the punches - and how changing diapers will change their lives forever - in this Academy Award nominated film that Leonard Maltin calls "A Delight!"
LLC Library
FR 120
Tirez sur le pianist
Director: François Traffaut
With Charles Aznavour and Marie Dubois.
1960, 84 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A dark mystery with Aznavour as a concert pianist-turned-bar musician involved with the underworld.
LLC Library
FR 015
Topaze Director: Marcel Pagno
With Fernandel and Hélène Prdrière.
1951, 90 minutes, French with English subtitles.
For being "straight-as-an-arrow" a school teacher is fired from his job for being "too honest" and winds up finding satisfaction as an unscrupulous businessman.
LLC Library
FR 047
Blanc (Trois Couleurs)
With Julie Deply, Zbigniew Zamachowski
1994, 92 minutes, French with English subtitles.
A Polish hairdresser's life crumbles with his French wife divorces him because he can't satisfy her sexually in this second film of the trilogy. The man returns to Poland, where his reinvents his personality and plots revenge.
LLC Library
FR 104-A
Bleu (Trois Couleurs)
With Juliette Binoche
1993, 98 minutes, French with English subtitles.
The initial entry in the < > stars Juliette Binoche as a woman who loses her husband and daughter in a car accident and severs all ties to her past. With her new, anonymous persona, she investigates her husband's secret life.
LLC Library -
FR 104-B
Rouge (Trois Couleurs)
With Irène Jacob, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Frederique Feder.
1994, 99 minutes, French with English subtitles.
The film focuses on an elderly judge who becomes romantically involved with a beautiful model he's been eavesdropping on over the phone.
LLC Library
FR 104-C
Un Châpeau de paille d'Italie
Director: Rene Clair
1927, 101 minutes, French.
A silent farce about a hilarious altercation between a soldier and a groom whose horse has chewed the soldier's girlfriend's hat.
LLC Library
FR 007
Underground or Lower Depths - see Les Bas-fonds.
Director: Agnes Varda
With Sandrinve Bonnaire.
1986, 105 minutes, French with English subtitles.
This story of Mona, an aimless drifter whose only desire in life is to be truly free. On her wanderings she encounters violence, hunger, fear, and cold, She touches deeply the lives of all she encounters, confronting them with their own ideas of freedom.
LLC Library
FR 062
Video Program for French - with booklet.
Situations 01-13
Random House
LLC Library

FR 031-A/B
Video Program for French with booklet.
Situations 14-17
Random House
LLC Library
FR 032 - B
Vidéo Vérité
Demonstration Video.
1994, Houghton Mifflin Company.
PICS The University of Iowa.
Intermediate-level French video to accompany the text-book with the same title. Authentic footage from French television, divided into 9 modules on a variety of topics such as immigration, divorce, etc.
LLC Library
FR 081
Vivre pour manger Stephen Duplantier.
30 minutes, in Cajun French.
Althought the title means < > the film is more than about the food in Louisiana; it is a questioning of the language, culture, and ecology of Cajun. There are three parts to this documentary. Part 1: two older men discuss food. Part 2: a description of Cajun life and customs. Part 3: 2 older Cajun coupes eat a meal and talk.
LLC Library
MLAM 047
Voici Donald! Vol. 2, 1987, 22 minutes.
Unve merveilleuse collection de chefs-d'oeuvre du dessin animé créés par le grand maître Walt Disney. La joie et les rires qui ont rendu ces dessins animés éternels jaillissent de chaque volume de cette nouvelle série fantastique. Un plaisir qui ne vieillira jamais…
L'inénarrable râleur professionnell, le seul, l'unique Donald Duck, en vedette dans un trio de dessins animés désopilants.
à la loi [1947]: entre l'acariâtre gérant du motel et un matelas qui n'en fait qu'à sa tête, le pauvre Donald fait des cauchemars avant même de s'être endormi.
L'autruche de Donald [1937]: le chef de gare Donald affronte Hortense, un "colis" égaré qui ne pense qu'à manger et faire des bêtises. Quelqu'un va y perdre ses plumes!
Déboires sans boire [1947]: Donald, seigneur du désert, et son fidèle compagnon Dingo, traversent les sables brûlants du Sahara.
LLC Library
MLAM 024
Force à la loi [1947]: entre l'acariâtre gérant du motel et un matelas qui n'en fait qu'à sa tête, le pauvre Donald fait des cauchemars avant même de s'être endormi.
Déboires sans boire [1947]: Donald, seigneur du desert, et son fidèe compagnon Dingo, traversent les sables brûlants du Sahara.
LLC Library
MLAM 024
What Do Those Old Film Mean? France 1904-1912
Vol. 4: The Enemy Below.
As seen in such entries as Pour Me Some Brandy, Feting Josephine, Child of the Bamcade and Street-rough's Strike STRIKE, the new art form's appeal

reached across class lines and gave the masses freedom from rigid social values.
LLC Library
FR 052
White see Blanc (TROIS COULEUR)
Wild Child, The Director: Francois Truffaut
with Jean-Pierre Cargol and Truffaut.
1970, 86 minutes, Black and White, French with English subtitles.
Story of a young boy who is discovered living like an animal in the forest. When taken into a home to be transformed into a civilized being, the boy becomes increasingly divided between his longing for the wilderness and his new life. The method used to < > the boy, is similar to today's Montessori Method. The question raised, however, seems to be ambivalent: is the boy turning into a human being or into a semi-civilized idiot?
LLC Library
FR 061
Wild Reeds With lesson plans
Director: André Téchiné
with Elodie Bouchez, Gaël Morel, Stéphane Rideau, Frédéric Gorny.
1994, 110 minutes, Black and White, French with English subtitles.
Set in southwest France in 1962, André Téchiné's award-winning film Wild Reeds is a poignant coming-of-age sotry about four young teenagers awakening to love in a nation torn apart by war. This bittersweet tale delves into the life of François, a sensitive young man uncertain of his sexuality as he finds himself more attracted to his classmate Serge, than his platonic girlfriend Maite. An older boy, Henri, finds himself drawn into the circle, further complicating relationships. Through their passage into adulthood, the four experience a series of sexual and political conflicts as they explore the mysteries of the human heart.
LLC Library
FR 118
Wolf at the Door, The with Donald Sutherland, Jean Yanne, Sofie Braboel and Max von Sydow.
1987, 90 minutes.
A look at 19th century French painter Gaugin, as he returns to Paris after years in Tahiti. He faced critical revilement and several tumultuous relationships with women.
JCU Library
Year in Provence, A BBC TV, 1992, 90 minutes.
The Mayles fulfill their cherished dream when they quit the London rat race and move to rustic Provence to savor the French way of life - good food, fine wines, and seductive climate. Ah, but the Provençal way of life is something quite different - even the French find it peculiar. Based on Peter Mayle's international bestseller by the same name, A Year in Provence is the hilarious first year account of the Mayles' adjusting to both the idiosyncrasies of the locals and the quaint traditions of the ancient and charming region. Vive la différence!

Winter (Year in Provence) FR 084 - A
Spring (Year in Provence) FR 084 - B
Summer (Year in Provence) FR 084 - C

Winter (Year in Provence) The Mayles bid adieu to gloomy London and begin their new life in a cozy farmhouse in the Lubéron Valley.
LLC Library
FR 084 - A
Spring (Year in Provence) With the glorious spring comes a parade of visitors lured by the extravagant meals and the generous Mayles.
LLC Library
FR 084 - B
Summer (Year in Provence) Summer is slow and savory, marked by leisurely games of boules - French bowling - in the town square.
LLC Library
FR 084 - C
Fall (Year in Provence) The year in Provence ends with crisp days and a cellar full of wine produced right on the Mayle grounds.
LLC Library
FR 084 - D
Yirikan: La Voix du bois with Transcript Catalogue T-FC-A & T-MF-A.
PICS, The University of Iowa.
30 minutes, native language with French subtitles.
A father passes on to his son the skill he learned from his father: how to dry and carve and shape pieces of wood to evoke the tones referred to in the title. As this craft is revealed to us we also glimpse delightful images of village and family life in Burkina Fasso.
LLC Library
FR 080
Zou Zou Director: Marc Allegret
with Josephine Baker, Jean Gabin, Yvette Lebon, Pierre Larquey.
1934, 92 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Josephine Baker is featured in this backstage tale of a laundress who fills in for the leading lady on opening night and becomes a sensation.
LLC Library
FR 100
Anne Murray January 1983: Caribbean Cruise Maritimes
LLC Library
FR U15
Invite René Levèsque Les Lundis de Pierre Nadeau - Invite René Levèsque - Premier
Ministre du Québec
LLC Library
FR U12
La Cage aux folles Part I [ English dubbed ]
LLC Library
FR U01
La Cage aux folles Part II
LLC Library
FR U02
Last Métro, The Part I
LLC Library
FR U05
Last Métro, The Part II
LLC Library
FR U06
L'Or bleu du Québec LLC Library
FR U14
Sol "Parlez-moi" Au Restaurant - Au Téléphone - Le Cambrioleur
LLC Library
FR U08
Sol "Parlez-moi" Sol at Hotel - Sol at Airport
LLC Library
FR U09
Sol "Parlez-moi" Garder les Enfants - La Douane - Fortune Teller - Weather -La Culture Physique
LLC Library
FR U10
Sol "Parlez-moi Chez le Docteur - Buying a Washing Machine - Car Mechanic - Policeman - Ami Disparu - Fisherman and Sol - Sol and the Gambler
LLC Library
FR U11
Vagabond King, The Part I
LLC Library
FR U03
Vagabond King, The Part II
LLC Library
FR U04
Vive le Québec Québec: A Whole Different World Next Door
LLC Library

FR U13
Year of the French: 1982, The Parisian Singer Marie-Paule Belle - Skiing Patrolman
LLC Library
FR U07
Astérix chez les Bretons Un film de René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo et Georges Dargaud.
1986, 90 minutes, French.
Après avoir conquis la Gaule, Jules César s'attaque à la Bretagne. Le Breton Jolitorax demande l'aide de son cousin le Gaulois Astérix pour défendre son village contre les Romains. Astérix et son ami Obélix emporteront dans ce périple un tonneau de la potion magique préparée par le druide Panoramix. Au cours de voyage, les deux Gaulois perdent le tonneau qui s'est mêlé à une cargaison de barriques de vin. Pour retrouver la potion, ils s'engagent dans d'étonnantes aventures.
LLC Library
FR 116
Bande à part LLC Library
FR 014
Dandin Un film de Roger Plachon
avec Claude Brasseur, Zabou, Daniel Gélin, Nelly Bourgeau, Jean-Claude Adelin, Evelyne Buyle.
1990, 113 minutes, couleur, in French.
Dandin, riche paysan, a fait un marché. En renflouant sa belle-famille, il a aquis un titre "Monsieur de la Dandiniére," un prestige social, et un femme, Angélique. Celle-ci cherche à connaître les jeux dont son marriage premature l'a privée. Elle se refuse á son mari et se laisse courtiser par Clitandre, un gentilhomme libertin et cynique. Dandin veut la confondre en appellant á l'aide ses beaux-parents, mais il est, á chaque fois, remis dans sa condition de paysan…
LLC Library
FR 041
Dès le début Demonstration Tape
LLC Library
FR 036 - A
Dès le début Tape #1
LLC Library
FR 036 - B
Dès le début Tape #2
LLC Library
FR 036 - C
Dès le début Tape #3
LLC Library
FR 036 - D
Dès le début Tape #4
LLC Library
FR 036 - E
Dès le début Tape #5
LLC Library
FR 036 - F
Hiroshima, Mon Amour Director: Alain Resnais.
1959, 88 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Haunting story of two people who find escape from dark memories in a brief but meaningful love affair.
LLC Library
FR 020
American in Paris, An American in Paris, An
Director: Vincente Minnelli
with Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant, Nina Foch.
1951, 115 minutes.
Story of struggling fine artist, an ex-GI in post-WWII Paris. He meets a lonely French shop girl, engaged to marry a successful entertainer, unless he can convince her otherwise.
LLC Library
MLAM 009
Carmen (Bizet's) with Julia Migenes-Johnson and Placido Domingo.
1984, 152 minutes, French with English subtitles.
Opera's classic tale of obsessive, doomed love. A soldier falls for a sultry schemer and abandons his career to be with her. Lavishly filmed on location in Spain.

VHS Tape (copy 1) DVD (copy 2)
FR 172
Estée Lauder, Biography Series Sweet Smell of Success
A&E, 1999, 50 minutes, color.
LLC Library
MLAM 053
France: Burgundy, Provence and The Loire, Travel the World Series hosted by Rick Steves.
1993, 55 minutes.
Burgundy: Savor the subtle pleasures of France in the idyllic hilltown villages of Burgundy.
Cruise Burgundy's romantic canals past chateaus, medieval abbeys and through its magnificent wine country.
Sample a glass of pricey Burgundy wine in a candle-lit crypt.
Provence and the Loire: Travel through the majestic Loire Valley, just south of Paris, often called castle country.
Explore the elegance and Renaissance splendor of the Chambord and Chenonceau
Further south, view Roman ruins at Arles and the wonderfully preserved palace of the Popes at Avignon.
LLC Library
MLAM 052
Sacred Waters of Lourdes, The, Ancient Mysteries Series hosted by Leonard Nimoy
A&E, 1997, 50 minutes, color.
LLC Library
MLAM 051
Maria Chapdelaine Director: Gilles Carle
with Carole Laure, Nick Mancuso, Claude Rich, Oierre Curzi.
1984, 108 minutes, Color, French with English subtitles.
The film illuminates with compassion the profound roles of nature and religion in shaping lives. What makes this film so extraordinary is the deeply spiritual acceptance of live in all its harshness. Flawless in its performances, impeccable in its sense, Maria Chapdelaine is a celebration of French-Canadian culture by one of its most esteemed filmmakers.
LLC Library
MLCA 014
Milky Way Milky Way
LLC Library - call number FR 141
FR 141
Astérix: Le Gaulois
FR 092
The Elusive Corporal
FR 121
FR 122
Red Kiss
FR 123
Francois Truffaut
FR 125
Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits
FR 126
Jean de Florette DVD (PAL format - region 2 - copy 1, copy 2 DVD USA format, copy 3 VHS tape) FR 127 3 copies
Linnea in Monet's Garden DVD FR 128
Horseman on the Roof
(Le hussar sur le toit)
1995; Run Time: 118 minutes; Language: French; Subtitles: English

Academy Award(R)-winner Juliette Binoche (Best Supporting Actress, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, 1996) highlights this rousing, passionate adventure! In a world ravaged by revolution and violence, two strangers -- a handsome renegade (Oliver Martinez, UNFAITHFUL) and a beautiful countess (Binoche) -- find their only chance for survival in each other! Together they undertake a perilous cross-country journey where they will also discover unmatched danger, excitement ... and passion! Universally praised by critics and moviegoers, THE HORSEMAN ON THE ROOF is another extraordinary film from the creators of the Academy Award(R)-winning CYRANO DE BERGERAC

Two copies; copy 1 VHS; copy 2 DVD

FR 130
Life and Nothing But
(La vie et rien d'autre)

1989; Runtime: 135 minutes; Language: French; Subtitles: English

Directors: Bertrand Tavernier
Actors: Philippe Noiret, Sabine Azéma, Pascale Vignal, Maurice Barrier, François Perrot

A year after WWI has ended, cynical Major Dellaplane (Philippe Noiret - Cinema Paradiso, The Postman) has the difficult task of identifying and interring thousands of fallen French soldiers anonymously languishing in field hospitals and littering the vast Verdun battlefield. Dellaplane has also become reluctant shepherd to an ad hoc society grown around the legions of widowed wives and mothers combing the French countryside for word of their loved ones. When a buried hospital train yields a fresh source of possibly recognizable bodies, Irene, a haughty Parisian aristocrat and Alice, a hopeful young schoolteacher, form an unlikely alliance with the Major. As the train's surprising cargo is revealed, the three searches must choose between life in a post-war world stripped of illusions or the seductive self-imprisonment of bitterness and mourning for days, lives and loves gone by.

Two copies, copy one VHS tape; copy two DVD with optional subtitles

FR 131
Life is a Long Quiet River
FR 132
Three Men and a Cradle
FR 135
Un Coeur En Hiver
FR 136
FR 137
Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud
FR 138
William the Conqueror: The Triumphant King
FR 139
Music of the Middle Ages
FR 140
Charlemagne (volume 1)
FR 142 A
Charlemagne (volume 2)
FR 142 B
Charlemagne (volume 3) FR 142 C
Charlemagne (volume 4)
FR 142 D
Charlemagne (volume 5)
FR 142 E
Field of Honor (Champ d'Honneur)
FR 143
Manon of the Spring DVD FR 147 3 copies

1996, 103 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.

Actors: Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Fanny Ardant, Judith Godrèche, Bernard Giraudeau

In a desparate quest to save his home town, a young man quickly learns that a sharp wit is the key to open any door in the Versailles court of Louis XVI. But his mission is complicated when he finds himself locked in a dangerous triangle with two very seductive ladies: a sophisticated older woman who can help him... and an innocent young beauty with nothing to offer but her love.
LLC Library

Two copies; copy one VHS tape, copy 2 DVD with optional subtitles

FR 133

2000;Run Time: 103 minutes; Language: English; DVD - copy 2 is region 2 PAL disc, English and French sound tracks - requires special region free DVD player or use VLC media player on computer

Director: Roland Joffé, director.
Actors: Gérard Depardieu, Uma Thurman, and Tim Roth

Vatel is based on the true story of an ordinary man, a decadent king and the woman caught between them! In the west of France, Prince de Conde has a scheme to save his bankrupt province: he'll regain the favor of King Louis XIV with a weekend of spectacle and merriment. The plan's success rests with Vatel (Depardieu), the one man who can deliver the sumptuous food, elaborate amusements and all-out decadence fit for this king! But in the midst of it all, Vatel catches the eye of the beautiful Anne (Thurman) ... and places himself in direct competition with the King!
DVD special features: widescreen, English

FR 148

two copies

Sunday in the Country, A
(Un dimanche à la champagne)

Bertrand Tavernier with Louis Ducreux, Michel Aumont, Sabina Azema, Genevieve Mnich.
1984, 94 minutes, French with English subtitles.
This film is an exquisite acted portrait of French family life on the brink of WW I.
Monsieur Ladmiral, an Impressionist painter by trade, awakes happily on Sunday to meet his son's family for their weekly visit to his Parisian country-side home. Before long, however, a sense of sadness and regret infects the day. Ladmiral is a widower in his twilight years, and the push of time is beginning to strain family relations. Though son Gonzague provides stability and grandchildren, it is his daughter Irene who inspires the old man in his meditations about life. Unexpected, Irene arrives at the gathering in her fast new car. By the time the afternoon is over, her vibrant spirit shakes the family to its core ... and Ladmiral discovers a side of himself he never knew.
LLC Library

Two copies, copy one VHS tape, copy 2 DVD

FR 134
La Double Inconstance Marivaux' own favorite among his plays, this comedy tells of two lovers separated by the prince both of whom fall in love with others at court. FR 149 A/B VHS/DVD
Donkey Skin 1971 Jacques Demy, producer. Starring Catherine Deneuve, Jean Marais, Jacques Perrin, Micheline Presle and Delphine Seyrig.
Lyrical fantasy about a tiny kingdom whose queen is dying. Insisting that her husband remarry someone even more beautiful than she, the queen puts the king in an impossible situation: the only woman more beautiful than the queen is their daughter, Catherine. The king must find a way to grant his wife's dying wish without involving the princess.
French with English subtitles. One VHS copy, one DVD copy.
FR 152
Beaumarchais, The Scoundrel 1997 Edouard Molinaro, director. Starring Fabrice Luchini, Manuel Blanc, Sandrine Kiberlain, Michel Serrault, Jacques Weber and Michel Piccoli.
About the legendary French playwright Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais. An artist whose work influenced the likes of Mozart and Rossini, Beaumarchais the Scoundrel was one of history's most extraordinary figures: inventor, playwirght, diplomat, playboy, Royal spy for King Louis XV, and emissary of the colonial attackes against Britain during the American Rovolution.
Love affairs, scandals, and espionage fill the hilarious, yet elegant and richly detailed period piece exploring the years 1774 - 1784 - an explosive period in Beaumarchais' unprecedented life.
In French with English subtitles
FR 151
David, Portrait of an Artist Jacques-Louis David, The Passing Show.
More than any other painter in history, David saw his art as a weapon for social change. Twice taken political prisoner during the French Revolution, he continued to work from his jail cell. His subjects were powerful and daring, incuding an actual murder (Death of Marat). So incredible were his realistic details that the painting was exhibited alongside the very bathtub which was the scene of the crime! Using a replica of David's studio, the "newsreel" technique, and a commentary derived from David's own speeches, this film provides a fascinating insight into the man who became, ironically, the virtual dictator of arts in his day.
FR 150
School of Flesh, The 1998 Benoit Jacquot, director. Starring Isabelle Huppert, Vincent Martinez and Vincent Lindon.
Dominique (Huppert) is an accomplished fashion executive bored with her mundane life, until she meets Quentin (Vincent Martinez), a much younger bisexual hustler/bartender. The pair enjoy a powerful chemistry despite their differences in age and background and enter into an arrangement where each gets what they desire most: Dominique, a bed partner, and Quentin, a home and financial security. But Quentin's mysterious air and vulnerable, yet violent nature force Dominique to look into his past. What Dominique learns could jeopardize everything she has come to believe.
French with English subtitles
FR 154
L'Enfer 1994 Claude Chabrol, director.
Paul seems to have it all: a charming hotel on a serene lake, a beautiful wife Nelly and a new son. Forced to work extremely hard to keep things afloat, Paul begins hearing voices in his head questioning the choices he's made. He's convinced that Nelly has been unfaithful and starts to see every male guest as a potential threat. What follows is Paul's downward spiral into the madness of deranged jealousy where he finally discovers that hell is not a state of mind - hell is himself.
French with English subtitles
FR 153
Noel en France 10 min FR 155
Dinner Game, The (Le diner de cons) 1998 81 minutes French with English subtitles
Director: Rancis Verber.
Cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Jacques Villeret, Francis Huster, Daniel Prévost, Alexandra Vandernoot, Catherine Frot, Benoît Bellal, Jacques Bleu, Philippe Brigaud, Michel Caccia, Laurent Gendron, Mykhaël Georges-Schar, Edgar Givry, Pierre-Arnaud Juin, Daniel Martin, lvire Melliere, Pétronille Moss, Christian Pereira, Rémy Roubakha, Candide Sanchez.
Laughter is on the menu when the creator of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES serves up a tasty comic feast with this hilarious farce.
Pierre and his snobbish friends have a standing date for dinner. Every week, they compete to see who can bring the biggest "idiot" to the party. Pierre is sure he's found a winner in the unsuspecting François, a ministry accountant whose hobby is making matchstick models of famous monuments.
But when circumstances trap Pierre in his apartment with François, the tables are turned and everyone gets their just desserts.

FR 156
l'auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment) 2002 122 minutes
Director: Cédric Klapisch
Cast: Romain Duris, Judith Godrèche, Audrey Tautou, Cécile De France, Kelly Reilly, Cristina Brondo, Federico D'Anna, Barnaby Metschurat, Christian Pagh, Kevin Bishop, Xavier De Guillebon, Wladimir Yordanoff, Irene Montalà, Javier Coromina, Iddo Goldberg, Martine Demaret, Olivier Raynal, Paulina Gálvez, Jacno, Sylvie Lachat, Magali Roze, Shilpa Baliga, Nadala Batiste, Pere Sagrista, Pere Abello, Babou Cham, Dani Grao, Iván Morales, Jacques Royer, Mira Wanting, Arsène Royer, Sophie Delin, Zinedine Soualem, Pablo Klapisch, Cédric Klapisch, Lise Lamétrie

Xavier (Romain Duris) is a straight-laced French college senior who moves to Barcelona as part of a student exchange program, much to the dismay of his beautiful girfriend Martine (Audrey Tautou). But sharing cramped quarters with students from all over Europe quickly leads to muli-cultural chaos as Xavier gets a hilarious, eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh ... and party!
DVD French and Spanish audio options, subtitled in English or Spanish
FR 157
Amélie (Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Le ) 2001 122 minutes French with English subtitles
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Cast: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Rufus, Lorella Cravotta, Jamel Debbouze, Clotilde Mollet, Claire Maurier, Isabelle Nanty, Dominique Pinon, Artus de Penguern, Yolande Moreau,
Urbain Cancelier, Maurice Bénichou,
Michel Robin
A painfully shy waitress working at a tiny Paris café, Amélie makes a surprising discovery and sees her life drastically changed for the better! From then on, Amélie dedicates herself to helping others find the most delightfully unexpected ways! But will she have the courage to do for herself what she has done for others?

FR 158
Marius and Jeannette
(Marius et Jeannette)

1997. 102 minutes French with English subtitles
Director: Robert Guédiguian
Cast: Ariane Ascaride, Gérard Meylan, Pascale Roberts, Jacques Boudet, Frédérique Bonnal
Marius is the keeper of an abandonned cement works staying high above the quarter of l'Estaque in Marseilles. Jeannette is bringing up her two children alone with her poor checkout operator salary. Their meeting won't be without trouble, since besides material difficulties, both of them are wounded by life. They have to learn how to be happy again.

Two copies; copy one VHS; copy two DVD with optional English subtitles

FR 159
La Fidélité Format: COLOR, IMPORT, NTSC ALL REGION (Plays Worldwide), 4:3 AUDIO: DOLBY DIGITAL in Original Language FRENCH. SUBTITLE LANGUAGES: Chinese, ENGLISH. PRIMARY ACTOR: SOPHIE MARCEAU, Pascal Greggory, Guillaume Canet, Michel Subor DIRECTOR: ANDRZEJ ZULAWSKI PLOT SUMMARY: Zulawski film is an outburst of passion and violence from the heart in this poignant marital drama. Intriguing that Sophie Marceau should make a film about fidelity under the direction of Zulawski, her companion for more than fifteen years. But this is just one aspect of a baroque and flamboyant film which evokes the gutter press and organ trafficking to bring up to date a literary classic, "The princess of Cleves ". Torn between her oath not to deceive her husband and her desire for a suicidal young photographer, Sophie Marceau finds herself in one of her best roles! The film's exploration of faithful monogamy vs. sexual temptation is quite reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. With her ailing mother in tow, distinguished Canadian photographer Clelia (Sophie Marceau) journeys to Paris to work for press baron Rupert MacRoi's tabloid La Verite (The Truth). In Paris, she meets Cleve (Pascal Greggory). The two quickly let their attraction become physical, and eventually Clelia marries Cleve. Once married to Cleve, she draws the line -- she will remain faithful on principle, however much she aches to consummate her attraction to Nemo, a photographer she meets.
DVD - two disk set
FR 161
Le Petit Prince 2004
Composer: Rachel Portman, Libretto: Nicolas Wright, Stage director: Francesca Zambello,
Set and costume conception: Maria Bjornson

The long-awaited new opera version of The Little Prince is set for its small screen debut and its release on Sony Classical this winter. Reaching our television sets on 27th November in the form of a BBC 2 screen adaptation, the opera was composed by the Oscar-winning musician Rachel Portman and directed by the renowned Francesca Zambello.
The opera is based on the internationally-loved children’s book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery which has been translated into over 20 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. It tells the tale of an airman who after crashing in the Sahara desert is approached by The Little Prince, a child who asks him to draw a sheep for him. As their friendship grows, the airman learns more of the tiny planet from which the Prince comes, and of a beautiful rose who the Prince is in love with. It is an immensely touching story that has continued to strike a chord with children and adults alike since its publication in 1945.
As well as starring familiar faces such as Willard White, Aled Jones and Lesley Garrett, The Little Prince also showcases a cast chosen by an extensive BBC talent search. Over 25,000 children applied to take part in the scheme with over 6,5000 turning up to auditions held all over the country. The BBC scheme was aimed at discovering talented singers aged 7-16 for the lead roles of the Rose and the Prince, as well as for a chorus of 36 vocalists. The singers were filmed by Blue Peter as they trained for their roles and prepared for their performances.
The Little Prince will air on BBC 2 at 7.30pm, while the double CD and DVD of this beautiful production will be available on Sony Classical on the following Monday, 29th November. As well as the production itself, the DVD will also include the Blue Peter special as bonus footage.
DVD (region 2 disk - won't play on standard American DVD player) and 2 disk CD set
FR 160
Challenges of French Pronunciation 2004. 53 min, Sunburst Visual Media
FR 162
The Little Prince 1974. English with English subtitles. 88 minutes.
Director: Stanley Donen
Cast: Richard Kiley, Bob Fosse, Steven Warner and Gene Wilder.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery's slender, beloved classic of innocence and discovery come to the screen with its feet firmly on the Saharan sand, its eyes tilted to the stars and its spirit brightly soaring to the songs of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. "The score of The Little Prince is a sheer delight," says The New york Times. Delightful, too, is the magical storyline about a desert-stranded pilot and a wandering child from a faraway place. Together, the two share encounters that amuse, charm and touch the heart. Have you ever acquired wisdom from a fox? Cared for a rose that was special beyond all other roses? Visited a far-off, far-out king? Witnessed the wily dance of a snake? The universe - no, life - is an enchanting place, even more so when it's shared with The Little Prince.
FR 163
Children of the Century 2003. French with English subtitles. 137 minutes.
Director: Diane Kurys
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Benoît Magimel, Stefano Dionisi, Robin Renucci, Karin Viard
The Century is the story of the terribly tempestuous and passionate love affair between George Sand and poet Alfred de Musset, two of the 19th century's most headstrong Romanticists.
FR 164
La Haine 1995 97 minutes French with optional English subtitles
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Actors: Marc Duret, Mathieu Kassovitz, Vincent Lindon, Benoît Magimel, Joseph Momo

When he was just twenty-nine years old, Mathieu Kassovitz took the international film world by storm with La haine (Hate), a gritty, unsettling, and visually explosive look at the racial and cultural volatility in modern-day France, specifically in the low-income banlieue districts on Paris’s outskirts. Aimlessly whiling away their days in the concrete environs of their dead-end suburbia, Vinz, Hubert, and Saïd—a Jew, an African, and an Arab—give human faces to France’s immigrant populations, their bristling resentments at their social marginalization slowly simmering until they reach a climactic boiling point. A work of tough beauty, La haine is a landmark of contemporary French cinema and a gripping reflection of its country’s ongoing identity crisis.

FR 165
Human Resources (Ressources humaines) 1999, Run Time: 103 minutes, in French with English subtitles

Director: Laurent Cantet

Actors: Jalil Lespert, Jean-Claude Vallod, Chantel Barre

Franck, a Parisian business school student, takes an internship in the Human Resources department at the factory where his father has labored for
the past 30 years. When Franck's efforts to better the company lead to the firing of many employees, including his father, a furious confrontation
ensues, forcing father and son to ponder their relationship while dealing with their individual lives.

Winner of over 17 International Awards, including the Jury Prize, Seattle International Film Festival
Best New Director: San Sebastian International Film Festival

FR 171
Madame Bovary 1999, run time 2 hours 23 minutes, French with optional English, French & Spanish subtitles

Director: Claude Chabrol

Actors: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-François Balmer, Christophe Malavoy, Jean Yanne, Lucas Belvaux

Isabelle Huppert is "ravishingly erotic" (Newsday) as Madame Bovary in acclaimed director Claude Chabrol's masterful adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's novel. An uncompromising portrait of a woman desperate to escape her bourgeois life, Madame Bovary is a "triumphant [and] provocative" (Rolling Stone) tale of passion and destruction.

The beautiful and fiercely sensual Emma Bovary (Huppert) is trapped in a loveless marriage with a small-town physician (Jean-François Balmer). Possessed by a burning hunger for life and love, Emma pursues scandalous affairs with passionate abandon. But when her equally reckless spending triggers a financial crisis, she must gain control over her behavior before she completely destroys the lives of those around her.

FR 170
Inch'Allah Dimanche
(Sunday, God-willing)
2001, Run Time: 98 minutes, Arabic and French with optional English subtitles

Director: Yamina Benguigui

Actors: Marie-France Pisier, Fejria Deliba, Mathilde Seigner, Zinedine Soualem, Jalil Lespert

Toronto Film Festival winner INCH'ALLAH DIMANCHE is the July film in The Film Movement Series. In 1974, under the "Family Reunion" law, the French government decided to allow the families of Algerian men working in France to legally emigrate to join them. Inch'Allah Dimanche tells the story of one such family. After a tearful good-bye to her friends and family in Algeria, Zouina (Fejria Deliba) arrives in France with her three children and moves into a house that her husband has rented for them, filled with the hopes and promises of a new life. However, Zouina's husband Ahmed fears that his wife's honor may be threatened in this foreign society and subsequently forbids her to leave the house. Throughout the film, Zouina is physically abused by her husband and emotionally attacked by her caustically "evil" mother-in-law. Zouina's neighbor, Madame Donze (France Darry), is a xenophobic busybody so obsessed with winning the prize for the best flower garden that she cannot empathize with Zouina and is cruel to her. Meanwhile, a young woman who works in a makeup factory, Nicole (Mathilde Seigner), helps Zouina feel accepted, and sparks her interest in French culture and the new world around her. As the days pass, Zouina finds herself struggling between traditional Algerian values and the rapid feminization and modernization of France. Constantly subject to the tyrannical wrath of her domineering mother-in-law and miles away from her friends and family, Zouina finds her only source of relief is Sunday, the one day that Ahmed and his mother are out of the house, when she takes her children on excursions through the countryside and attempts to come to terms with the difficulties of immigration, integration and an ostensibly impossible sense of independence.

FR 169
8 Women
(8 femmes)
2002, Run Time: 111 minutes , French with optional English subtitles

Directors: François Ozon

Actors: Danielle Darrieux, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Béart, Fanny Ardant

Academy Award nominee Catherine Deneuve (The Musketeer), Isabelle Huppert (The Swindle) and Fanny Ardant (Elizabeth) star in this outrageous mystery about a wealthy industrialist who has been found murdered in his home while his family gathers for the holiday season. The house is isolated in a snowstorm and the phone lines have been cut. Eight women are his potential murderers: his calculating wife, his two mischievous daughters, his meddling mother-in-law, his neurotic sister-in-law, his sexy sister, the faithful family cook and the sultry new maid. Each woman is a suspect. Each has a motive. Beautiful, tempestuous, intelligent, sensual and dangerous... One of them is guilty. Which one is it?
FR 168
The Widow of Saint-Pierre
(La veuve de Saint-Pierre)
2000, Run Time: 108 minutes, French with English subtitles

Director: Patrice Leconte

Actors: Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil, Emir Kusturica, Michel Duchaussoy, Philippe Magnan

While a guillotine and an executioner are sent from France, a convict sentenced to death on the isolated island of Saint-Pierre strives to better himself in the eyes of the police chief's beautiful wife. But when an event takes place turning public opinion against his execution, the town's politicians become even more determined to carry it out - and teach the police chief and his wife a lesson they will never forget.

FR 167
Games of Love & Chance ( L'Esquive ) 2004, Run Time: 117 minutes, French with optional English subtitles

Directors Abdel Kechiche

Actors: Osman Elkharraz, Sara Forestier, Sabrina Ouazani, Nanou Benhamou, Hafet Ben-Ahmed

A sensitive, daringly original and deeply human portrait of a group of teenagers living in the projects outside Paris and surviving in a world marginalized by society. Set during preparations for a school production, it captures their affections, quarrels and jealousies as well as the budding romance between shy Krimo and Lydia, the fiery blonde star. Krimo, a pre-thug with great, big dreams forms a tight crew with his friends that carries its weight around their dangerous ‘hood. Confident and sassy, Lydia is a romantic, stunning beauty driven by passion. Friends throughout their lives, as they move into adolescence, Krimo realizes he has fallen in love. Using the show as a way to get closer to Lydia, Krimo persuades his friend, Rachid, to give up the lead role. Krimo wants Lydia and he's far too smitten to be scared of looking ridiculous in front of his crew. Rejection, seduction, betrayal, and love are the heart of this universal coming-of-age story.

FR 166
Paris, Je t'aime (Paris, I love You) 2006, Run Time: 110 minutes, Language: English

Directors: Alexander Payne, Wes Craven, Gus Van Sant, Tom Tykwer, Vincenzo Natali

Actors: Natalie Portman, Elijah Wood, Juliette Binoche, Steve Buscemi, Catalina Sandino Moreno

In PARIS, JE T'AIME, celebrated directors from around the world, including the Coen Brothers, Gus Van Sant, Gurinder Chadha, Wes Craven, Walter Salles, Alexander Payne and Olivier Assayas, have come together to portray Paris in a way never before imagined. Made by a team of contributors as cosmopolitan as the city itself, this portrait of the city is as diverse as its creators' backgrounds and nationalities. With each director telling the story of an unusual encounter in oe of the city's neighborhoods, the vignettes go beyond the 'postcard' view of Paris to portray aspects of the city rarely seen on the big screen. Racial tensions stand next to paranoid visions of the city seen from the perspective of an American tourist. A young foreign worker moves from her own domestic situation into her employer's bourgeois environs. An American starlet finds escape as she is shooting a movie. A man is torn between his wife and his lover. A young man working in a print shop sees and desires another young man. A father grapples with his complex relationship with his daughter. A couple tries to add spice to their sex life. These are but a few of the witty and serendipitous narratives that make up PARIS, JE T'AIME.

FR 173
La Promesse 1997 Run Time: 93 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English

Directors: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Actors: Jérémie Renier, Olivier Gourmet, Assita Ouedraogo, Hachemi Haddad, Sophie Leboutte

Under the connscienceless guidance of his father, Roger, fifteen-year old Igor appears destined to a life of petty crime. All changes, however, when Igor delivers an uncompromising promise to Hamidou - an immigrant who while working illegally for Roger accidentally falls to his death. As Roger scrambles to cover-up the accident, Igor suddenly finds himself torn between his loyalty to Roger and the agreement he made with Hamidou.

Suspicious of Roger's motivation and intimately drawn to the heart of his promise, Igor must choose between his love for his father and the demands of his awakening conscience.
FR 174
Fidelity (Spanish import labeled as La Fidelidad) Run Time: 159 minutes Audio options: French, Spanish Subtitles: English, Spanish, or French

Director: Andrzej Zulawski
Actors: Aurélien Recoing, Edith Scob, Guillaume Canet, Guy Tréjan, Magali Noël

DVD PAL format, region 2 disk - requires special DVD player
FR 175
Mon Oncle Antoine 1971 Run Time: 104 minutes French with optional English subtitles

Director: Claude Jutra
Actors: Jean Duceppe, Monique Mercure, Olivette Thibault, Claude Jutra, Helene Loiselle

Claude Jutra's evocative portrait of a boy's coming of age in wintry 1940s rural Quebec has been consistently cited by critics and scholars as the greatest Canadian film of all time. Delicate, naturalistic, and tinged with a striking mix of nostalgia and menace, Mon oncle Antoine follows Benoit, as he first encounters the twin terrors of sex and death, and his fellow villagers, who are living under the thumb of the local asbestos mine owner. Set during one ominous Christmas, Mon oncle Antoine is a holiday film unlike any other, and an authentically detailed illustration of childhood's twilight.

DVD - 2 disk set

Disk 1: The Film
Disk 2: The Supplements (2007 documentary tracing the making and history of the film; 2002 documentary featuring interviews with Brault, Bernardo Bertolucci, Genevieve Bujold and Saul Rubinek; A Chairy Tale, 1 1957 experimental short codirected by Jutra and Norman McLaren.
FR 176
Commercials with Clothing Nouns 2006 Teacher's Discovery, Inc. Run time 15 minutes French

Real TV commercials taken from French-speaking television stations used to increase your students' vocabulary. Chock-full of authentic present-day culture that we hand-selected especially for use in your classroom. Vocabulary found in these commercials provide you with a versatile teaching tool for listening and response activities. Captured in 2004
FR 177a
Commercials with Body Part Nouns 2006 Teacher's Discovery, Inc. Run time 15 minutes French

Real TV commercials taken from French-speaking television stations used to increase your students' vocabulary. Chock-full of authentic present-day culture that we hand-selected especially for use in your classroom. Vocabulary found in these commercials provide you with a versatile teaching tool for listening and response activities. Captured in 2004
FR 177b
Commercials with Food Nouns 2006 Teacher's Discovery, Inc. Run time 15 minutes French

Real TV commercials taken from French-speaking television stations used to increase your students' vocabulary. Chock-full of authentic present-day culture that we hand-selected especially for use in your classroom. Vocabulary found in these commercials provide you with a versatile teaching tool for listening and response activities. Captured in 2004
FR 177c
Days of Glory 2006 Run Time: 120 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English, Spanish

Set during WWII, North African soldiers enlist in the French army and battle their way across Europe to liberate the "fatherland" and confront discrimination.

DVD disk
FR 178
La Lettre 1999 Run Time: 107 minutes French with optional English subtitles


Director: Manoel de Oliveira
Actors: Chiara Mastroianni, Pedro Abrunhosa, Antoine Chappey, Leonor Silveira, Françoise Fabian

La princesse de Cleves by Madame de Lafayette, to the modern day in this film about passion and matrimonial virtues. Mademoiselle de Chartres (Chiara Mastroianni) has her first experience of heartbreak when a youth who believes in free love abandons her. One night, her mother's friend Mrs. Silva introduces her to Jacques de Cleves, a doctor of good reputation. The doctor fell in love with the young girl the day he saw her in a jewelry store in the Place Vendome, choosing a necklace in the company of her mother. Mademoiselle de Chartres agrees to marry the doctor to cure her broken heart but subsequently falls in love with a young and fashionable singer, Pedro Abrunhosa. Realizing the dangers of following one's passions, her mother warns her before she dies, reminding her of her reputation and her duties to her husband. But she is too much in love to care. Besides, she is a rebellious woman at heart. Using a story written almost three centuries ago, Oliveira makes light of the social order which is affecting humanity even today. Remarkably, he does this with a good dose of humor. Chiara Mastroianni combines beauty with dignity as the woman who has no choice but to follow her passions no matter where they lead her. In competition at the 52nd Cannes Film Festival, 1999

DVD region 2 disk - PAL format
FR 179
Night and Fog ( Nuit et Brouillard )

1955 run time: 31 minutes color and black & white French with optional English subtitles DVD

Filmmaker: Alain Resnais

Ten years after the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, filmmaker Alain Resnais documented the abandoned grounds of Auschwitz and Majdanek. One of the first cinematic reflections on the horrors of the Holocaust, Night and Fog (Nuit et Brouillard) contrasts the stillness of the abandoned camps' quiet, empty buildings with haunting wartime footage. With Night and Fog, Resnais investigates the cyclical nature of man's violence toward man and presents the unsettling suggestion that such horrors could come again.

FR 180
Apres Vous ( Aprés Vous )

2005 Run Time: 110 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Actors: Daniel Auteuil, José Garcia, Sandrine Kiberlain, Marilyne Canto, Michèle Moretti
Director: Pierre Salvadori

A random act of kindness snowballs into vivid proof that "no good deed goes unpunished" in APRES VOUS, the irresistible French comedy that garnered actor Daniel Auteuil (GIRL ON THE BRIDGE, JEAN DE FLORETTE) a Cesar Award nomination for Best Actor. Antoine (Auteuil), a restaurant headwaiter; takes a shortcut through a park one night and spots Louis (Jose Garcia), a despondent, lovelorn stranger, attempting to kill himself. Antoine intervenes-despite Louis's vehement protests-and hustles him home to his apartment. And it isn't long before Antoine has decided to fix all that is wrong in Louis's life. He artfully intercepts a suicide note mailed to Louis's grandparents…riotously attempts to land Louis a job at his posh restaurant…and boldly attempts to mend the rifts between Louis and his former girlfriend, Blanche (Sandrine Kiberlain). But an unexpected twist of fate upsets Antoine's grandiose plans for Louis's "rehabilitation." Here's a surprising, dazzling comedy treat that sparkles like a bottle of fine wine.

FR 181
Read My Lips

2001 Run Time: 1 hour 59 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Actors: Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Devos, Olivier Gourmet, Olivier Perrier, Olivia Bonamy
Directors: Jacques Audiard

As a secretary, Carla Behm is overqualified despite a disability that forces here to wear hearing aids in both ears. Still, her coworkers ridicule her daily for her plain looks, all the while taking credit for her best work. She's on the verge of cracking until she gets permission to hire an assistant.

Enter Paul Angeli. He's a suave, light-fingered ex-con unqualified for the simplest of tasks. However, when it comes time to steal a file a co-worker has pilfered from Carla's desk, Paul has all the skills that Carla requires. Soon he discovers Carla's uncanny ability to read lips, and their relationship becomes a seductive tango as Paul enlists Carla in a revenge plot against a crooked loan shark.

A masterfully crafted romantic thriller in the Hitchcock tradition, READ MY LIPS won Best Screenplay at the 2002 César Awards.

FR 182
Café au Lait

2005 Run Time: 91 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Actors: Mathieu Kassovitz, Vincent Cassel, Hubert Kounde, Julie Mauduech
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

An interracial trio comes to grips with impending parenthood in Mathieu Kassovitz's audacious comedy inspired by Spike Lee. Lola, a beautiful West Indian woman, brings her two lovers together in a surprise meeting to announce that she is pregnant and doesn't know which one of them is the father. A Jewish bike messenger and a rich African Muslim immediately hate each other in a rivalry fueled by their racial conflict and jealousy. Despite their differences, they share an apartment with Lola as they enthusiastically await the blessed event.

FR 183
Bon Voyage

2002 Run Time: 114 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Actors: Isabelle Adjani, Gérard Depardieu, Virginie Ledoyen, Yvan Attal, Grégori Derangère

Occupied France the subject of a deft, breezy comedy? Believe it. Bon Voyage gathers a collection of romantics, fools, and survivors, and puts them together in Bordeaux in 1940. Loosely arranged around the ditzy figure of a famous grand-dame actress (Isabelle Adjani), these hapless creatures trip over each other very amusingly during the course of a couple of frantic days. The central character is actually a young writer (the winning Gregori Derangere), who's torn between panting after the actress or aiding the pretty daughter (Virginie Ledoyen, 8 Women) of an important scientist trying to escape to England. It would be hard to say that any of this amounts to anything substantial, but director Jean-Paul Rappeneau whips it together very attractively, and the Bordeaux location offers luscious views of a pre-war city. Rappeneau's delightful 1966 comedy La Vie de Chateau, set in Normandy just before D-Day, treads some of the same turf. --Robert Horton

Two copies; copy one DVD without subtitles; copy two DVD with optional subtitles in English, Portuguese or Spanish

FR 184
The Butterfly

2004 Run Time: 80 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Director: Philippe Muyl
Actors: Michel Serrault, Claire Bouanich, Nade Dieu, Jacques Bouanich, Jerry Lucas (II)

Legendary actor Michel Serrault stars as Julien, an ornery butterfly collector. When eight-year-old Elsa and her often-absent mother move into the apartment next to his, the persistent and curious Elsa adopts a reluctant Julien as her surrogate grandpa. But when Julien leaves town for a week-long hiking expedition in the Alps to find the "Isabella," an exotic butterfly as elusive as it is beautiful, he instead discovers an uninvited companion - Elsa!

FR 185
Look at Me

2005 Run Time: 111 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English and Spanish DVD

Director: Agnès Jaoui
Actors: Marilou Berry, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agnès Jaoui, Laurent Grévill, Virginie Desarnauts

Celebrity has unexpected consequences for everyone who lives in its shadow, as the family, friends and hangers-on of a famous writer discover in LOOK AT ME, a witty and amusing comedy that won Best Screenplay at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

Lolita's father is a writer whose fame has made him so self-centered he has no clue the effect his egotistical behavior has on everyone around him. Now that she has grown up, Lolita becomes even more determined to make him notice her - especially since she's discovered a talent of her own and would like his approval. There are people who she thinks will help her, but she always winds up competing against them for her father's attention. And when she meets a guy who likes her for herself, Lolita finds she may actually be more like her father than she would ever have imagined.

FR 186
Être et avoir
(To Be and To Have)

2002 Run Time: 104 minutes Language: French Optional Subtitles: English DVD

Director: Nicolas Philibert

Best Documentary 2002 - European Film Awards

All over France, there are still examples of what is known as 'single-class schools' that bring together all the children of a village around one teacher, from kindergarten to the last year of primary school.

Between isolation and opening up to the world, these eclectic little groups share everyday life, for better and for worse.

This film was shot in one of them, somewhere in the heart of the Auvergne.

FR 187
The Visitors

1996 Run Time: 107 minutes Language: French Subtitles: English DVD

Director: Jean-Marie Poiré
Actors: Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Valérie Lemercier, Marie-Anne Chazel, Christian Bujeau

This outrageous time-travel comedy follows the misadventures of a wacky medieval knight (Jean Reno -- MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, THE PROFESSIONAL) and his faithful servant when they suddenly find themselves zapped into the present day! Mayhem rules as these 12th-century visitors try adapting to the wildly confusing modern world! To avoid being stuck here for good, however, they soon begin an all-out cosmic assault on their former castle -- now a luxury hotel -- in their quest to return to the past. But you can be sure THE VISITORS won't leave without first delivering nonstop laughs and outstanding comedy entertainment!

FR 188
Les Misérables

1995, Run Time: 175 minutes, Language: French, Subtitles: English, VHS

Director: Claude Lelouch
Actors: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Boujenah, Alessandra Martines, Salomé Lelouch, Annie Girardot

It comes like lightning. The Nazis overrun France and for its proud people, it begins the most miserable of times. Yet it's not so miserable that the goodness of one man cannot triumph.

In Les Misérables, two-time Academy Award winner Claude Lelouch fashions a magnificent achievement that won the Golden Globe Award as 1995's Best Foreign Language Film. Legendary Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as Henri Fortin, a true and simple man whose life parallels that of Jean Valjean, the hero of Victor Hugo's great novel. But those parallels do not mean a simple updating of Hugo's tale. Instead, Lelouch uses them to frame a towering cascade of events, traits and emotions: nobility, suffering, persistence, joy, hate, longing, love, greed, betrayal, war, peace and life-affirming joy and hope. "After 34 films, I am dedicated to filming hope," Lelouch states. Here he does it with exquisite power and grace.

FR 189
Marie Antoinette

2006, Run Time: 123 minutes, Language: English, Subtitles: English and French, DVD

Directors: Sofia Coppola and Callum Greene
Actors: Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Judy Davis, Rip Torn, Rose Byrne

Academy Award® winner Sofia Coppola directs an electrifying yet intimate re-telling of the turbulent life of history's favorite villainess, Marie Antoinette. Kirsten Dunst portrays the ill-fated child princess who married France's young and indifferent King Louis XVI Jason Schwartzman. Feeling isolated in a royal court rife with scandal and intrigue, Marie Antoinette defied both royalty and commoner by living like a rock star, which served only to seal her fate.

FR 190
3 Films by Louis Malle (Lacombe, Lucien; Au Revoir les Enfants; Murmur of the Heart) - the Criterion Collection

FR 191 A

Murmur of the Heart

1971; Run Time: 118 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English (optional); DVD

Director: Louis Malle
Actors: Lea Massari, Benoît Ferreux, Daniel Gélin, Michael Lonsdale, Ave Ninchi

Louis Malle's critically acclaimed Murmur of the Heart gracefully combines elements of comedy, drama, and autobiography in a candid portrait of a precocious adolescent boy's sexual maturation. Both shocking and deeply poignant, this is one of the finest coming-of-age films ever made.

FR 191 B

Lacombe, Lucien

1974; Run Time: 138 minutes; Language: French; Subtitles: English (optional); DVD

Director: Louis Malle
Actors: Pierre Blaise, Aurore Clément, Holger Löwenadler, Therese Giehse, Stéphane Bouy

One of the first French films to address the issue of collaboration during the German Occupation, Louis Malle's brave and controversial Lacombe, Lucien traces a young peasant's journey from potential Resistance member to Gestapo recruit. At once the story of a nation and of one troubled boy, the film is a disquieting portrait of lost innocence and guilt.

FR 191 C

Au Revoir les Enfants

1987; Run Time: 101 minutes; Language: French; Subtitles: English (optional), DVD

Director: Louis Malle
Actors: Gaspard Manesse, Francine Racette, Philippe Morier-Genoud, Stanislas Carre de Malberg

Au revoir les enfants tells a heartbreaking story of friendship and devastating loss between two boys living in Nazi-occupied France. At a provincial Catholic boarding school, the precocious youths enjoy true camaraderie - until a secret is revealed. Based on events from writer-director Louis Malle's own childhood, the film is a subtle, precisely observed tale of courage, cowardice, and tragic awakening.

FR 191 D

The Supplements

Interviews with actor Candice Bergen and biographer Pierre Billard

Excerpts from a French TV program featuring the director on the sets of Murmur of the Heart and Lacombe, Lucien

Audio interviews with Louis Malle from 1974, 1988, and 1990

The Immigrant, Charlie Chaplin's 1917 short comedy, featured in Au revoir les enfants

A profile of the provocative character of Joseph from Au revoir les enfants, crated by filmmaker Guy Magen, in 2005

Louis Malle filmography

FR 191 A, B, C, D
Les Choristes (The Chorus)

2004; Run Time: 97 minutes; Language: French; Optional subtitles in English or French; DVD

Director: Christophe Barratier
Actors: Jean-Paul Bonnaire, Marie Bunel, Jean-Baptiste Maunier

An inspirational story in the rich tradition of Music Of The Heart and Mr. Holland's Opus, The Chorus has moved critics everywhere to declare it one of the year's very best films! When he takes a job teaching music at a school for troubled boys, Clément Mathieu is unprepared for its harsh discipline and depressing atmosphere. But with passion and unconventional teaching methods, he's able to spark his students' interest in music and bring them a newfound joy! It also puts him at odds with the school's overbearing headmaster, however, locking Mathieu in a battle between politics and the determination to change his pupils' lives!

FR 192
The Taste of Others

2000; Run Time: 112 minutes; Language: French; Optional subtitles in English; DVD

Director: Agnes Jaoui
Actors: Anne Alvaro, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Alain Chabat, Agnes Jaoui, Gerard Lanvin

Fun, sexy and richly rewarding, The Taste Of Others earned an Academy Award® nomination as Best Foreign Language Film (2000)! The lives and loves of several completely opposite men and women artfully intersect in what becomes a delightfully funny web of romantic entanglements! While negotiating differences in wealth and status, style and taste, this vivid collection of characters mix and match in outrageously volatile combinations! Internationally acclaimed for its sexy comic sophistications- expect the unexpected from this uncommonly entertaining motion picture!

FR 193
The Class (Entre Les Murs)

2009; Run Time: 128 minutes; Language: French; Optional subtitles in English or Spanish; DVD

Director: Laurent Cantet
Actors: François Bégaudeau, Agame Malembo-Emene, Angélica Sancio, Arthur Fogel, Boubacar Toure

The Class is a 2008 French drama film directed by Laurent Cantet. Its original French title is Entre les murs, which translates literally to "Between the walls". It is based on the 2006 novel of the same name by François Bégaudeau. The novel is a semi-autobiographical account of Bégaudeau's experiences as a French language and literature teacher in a middle school in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, particularly illuminating his struggles with "problem children" Esmerelda (Esmeralda Ouertani), Khoumba (Rachel Regulier), and Souleymane (Franck Keïta). The film stars Bégaudeau himself in the role of the teacher. The film received the Palme d'Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, making it the first French film to do so since 1987, when Maurice Pialat won the award for Under the Sun of Satan.

FR 194
Le Petit Lieutenant

2005; Run Time: 97 minutes; Language: French; Optional subtitles in English; DVD

Director: Xavier Beauvois
Actors: Nathalie Baye, Jalil Lespert, Roschdy Zem, Antoine Chappey, Jacques Perrin

A gripping police noir, LE PETIT LIEUTENANT tells the story of Antoine, an ambitious young cop from the provinces who joins a plainclothes crime unit in Paris. Antoine spends his days eagerly awaiting his first assignment, drinking with his fellow detectives and developing an unlikely relationship with his superior, a veteran policewoman with a troubled past. But when the body of a drifter is found murdered along the Seine, a seemingly routine investigation suddenly turns violent and forever changes all their lives.

FR 195
Therese (Thérèse)

1986, Run Time: 90 minutes, Language: French, Optional Subtitles: English; DVD

Director: Alain Cavalier
Actors: Catherine Mouchet, Hélène Alexandridis, Aurore Prieto, Clémence Massart-Weit, Sylvie Habault

Winner of eight Cesar Awards including Best Film and Best Director, Alain Cavalier's monumental film depicts the true story of St. Therese de Lisieux, a young woman who found personal joy and spiritual liberation within the restrictive traditions of an austere religious order. Wishing to dedicate her life to Christ, Therese (Catherine Mouchet) enters a cloistered convent of Carmelite nuns at the age of 15. But shortly after joining the order, she finds her devotion to the Lord tested by a grim battle against the debilitating effects of tuberculosis, for which she refuses any treatment. The strength of her faith eventually becomes an inspiration to both her fellow sisters and the millions of admirers who remember her as "The Little Flower of Jesus."

FR 196
Children of Paradise

1945; Run Time: 189 minutes; Language: French; Subtitles: English; 1 VHS tape, 2 DVD copies

Director: Marcel Carne
Actors: Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault, Pierre Brasseur, Pierre Renoir, Marcel Herrand

Poetic realism reached sublime heights with Children of Paradise (Les enfants du paradis), widely considered one of the greatest French films of all time. This nimble depiction of nineteenth-century Paris's theatrical demimonde, filmed during World War II, follows a mysterious woman (The Pearls of the Crown's Arletty) loved by four different men (all based on historical figures): an actor, a criminal, a count, and, most poignantly, a street mime (La ronde's Jean-Louis Barrault, in a longing-suffused performance for the ages). With sensitivity and dramatic élan, director Marcel Carné (Port of Shadows) and screenwriter Jacques Prévert (Le jour se lève) resurrect a world teeming with hucksters and aristocrats, thieves and courtesans, pimps and seers.

FR 197
The Man Who Planted Trees (L'homme qui plantait des arbres)

2004; Run Time: 60 minutes; Language: French; VHS tape

The Man Who Planted Trees tells the story of a solitary sheperd who patiently plants and nurtures a forest of thousands of trees, single-handedly transforming his arid surroundings into a thriving oasis. Undeterred by two World Wars, and without any thought of personal reward, the sheperd tirelessly sows his seeds and acorns with the greatest care. As if by magic, a landscape that seemed condemned grows green again. A film of great beauty and hope, this story is a remarkable parable for all ages and an inspiring testament to the power of one person.

FR 198
The Wages of Fear

1952; Run Time: 148 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English; VHS tape

Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Actors: Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Peter van Eyck, Véra Clouzot, Folco Lulli

In a squalid South American oil town, four desperate men sign on for a suicide mission to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin over a treacherous mountain route. As they ferry their expensive cargo to a faraway oil fire, each bump and jolt tests their courage, their friendship, and their nerves. The Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur) is one of the greatest thrillers ever committed to celluloid, a white-knuckle ride from France s legendary master of suspense Henri Georges-Clouzot.

FR 199

1993; Run Time: 166 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English; VHS tape

Director: Claude Berri
Actors: Renaud, Gérard Depardieu, Miou-Miou, Jean Carmet, Judith Henry

Gerard Depardieu stars in an epic masterpiece from the director of Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring. With the broad scope of Charles Dickens and the emotional immediacy of today's news, GERMINAL tells the story of a miners' strike which destroys one family, yet plants the seeds of change for future generations.

FR 200
Diderot's Encycloédie

Printing and Denis Diderot's Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire Raisonneé des Sciences, des Arts et de Métiers

A lecture by Dr. Charles Zarobila, delivered to Dr. Hélène Sanko's FR 480 French class, January 31, 2006

DVD video disk

FR 201
Moliere (Molière)

2007; Run Time: 121 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English and Spanish; DVD

Director: Laurent Tirard
Actors: Romain Duris, Fabrice Luchini, Laura Morante, Edouard Baer, Ludivine Sagnier

Bubbling with wit, stellar performances and lavish cinematography, MOLIÈRE stars multi-Cesar(r)-nominated French actor Romain Duris as Molière, a down-and-out actor-cum-playwright up to his ears in debt. When the wealthy Jourdain (Cesar(r)-winner Fabrice Luchini) offers to cover that debt (so that Molière's theatrical talents might help Jourdain win the heart of a certain widowed marquise), hilarity ensues. Disguised as a priest, Molière becomes a guest in Jourdain's palace on the pretext of teaching Jourdain the craft of the stage, which annoys his wife, Elmire. But, soon after, the confrontation between Elmire and Molière turns seductive. Too busy to notice, Jourdain enlists the aid of a well connected and scheming acquaintance, to help him pursue the young widow. Romantic yearning, human foibles and laughs galore all characterize MOLIÈRE, a delightful film that slyly captures your heart.

FR 202
Therese Desqueyroux
(Thérèse Desqueyroux)

2012; Run Time: 110 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English; DVD

Director: Claude Miller
Actors: Audrey Tatou, Gilles Lellouche

François Mauriac's legendary 1927 novel of French provincial life has been gloriously brought to the screen by the inestimable Claude Miller in his final film. Sumptuously photographed to capture the full beauty of the pine-forested Landes area in southwest France, THÉRÈSE DESQUEYROUX is a beautifully conceived drama of exquisite taste. Marvelously played by the luminous Audrey Tautou, Thérèse is a heroine hewn from the same stock as Madame Bovary or Anna Karenina, suffocated by her provincial marriage. Thérèse has married less for love than for convenience, but it is not long before the casual disinterestedness shown her by her arrogant husband, Bernard (Gilles Lellouche), sets her mind in motion. Life is easy at first, as Bernard's pinewood estates keep them both in the lap of luxury. But when Thérèse's best friend Anne (Anaïs Demoustier), who also happens to be Bernard's younger sister, falls madly in love with a handsome young Portuguese man, Thérèse begins to see what she has been missing in her life. Corralled by Bernard's family into persuading Anne to forego her planned nuptials, she begins to see first-hand the awesome power of passionate love, as Anne will go to any length to keep her lover by her side. Soon, Thérèse begins her own fight against the oppressive Desqueyroux family

FR 203
Le Herisson
(Le Hérisson)

2009; Run Time: 100 minutes; Language: French; subitles: English and French, DVD

Director: Mona Achache
Actors: Anne Brochet, Ariane Ascaride, Garance Le Guillermic, Josiane Balasko, Togo Igawa

Set in an upper-class Parisian apartment building, The Hedgehog is the story of an unexpected encounter, that of Paloma Josse, an exceptionally intelligent and suicidal 11 year old girl, of Renée Michel, a discrete and solitary porter, and of the enigmatic Mr. Kakuro Ozu.

FR 204

2007; Run Time: 96 minutes; Language: French, English; subtitles: English and Spanish, DVD

Directors: Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud
Actors: Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Gena Rowlands, Danielle Darrieux, Simon Abkarian

A fascinating and wholly unexpected take on Iran’s Islamic revolution beginning in the 1970s, Persepolis is an enthralling, animated feature about a spirited young woman who spends her life trying to deal with the consequences of her nation’s history. Based on an autobiographical comic book by Marjane Satrapi, the story concerns Marji (voiced as a teenager and woman by Chiara Mastroianni), whose natural fire and precociousness are slowly dampened by the rise of religious extremists. Marji grieves over the imprisonment and execution of a beloved uncle, then begrudgingly adapts to ever-tightening rules about dress, social mores, education for women, and expectations about marriage and divorce. Along the way, her grandmother (Danielle Darrieux) and mother (Catherine Deneuve) help keep Marji grounded during her rebellious teens and encourage her to find life beyond Iran’s borders, a decision that proves both a blessing and curse. An unique window onto a crucial chapter of 20th century history, Persepolis is graphically engaging with its black-and-white, bold lines and feeling of repressed energy, fit to burst. The emotional content is so strong that after awhile, one almost forgets the film is a cartoon. Satrapi co-wrote the screenplay and co-directed the film along with animator Vincent Paronnaud.

FR 205
The Intouchables

2011; Run Time: 112 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English and Spanish; DVD

Directors: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
Actors: François Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny, Audrey Fleurot, Joséphine de Meaux

When Driss, an ex-con from the projects, is hired to take care of an eccentric French aristocrat named Philippe, his newfound job quickly becomes an unpredictable adventure. Speeding a Maserati through Paris, seducing women and paragliding over the Alps is just the beginning, as Driss turns the often humorous world of upper-class Parisian society upside-down. As this unlikely duo overcome adversity of every flavor in this true story, they also shatter their preconceptions of love, life and each other. Based on the #1 international best-selling book, "You Changed My Life."

FR 206

1983; Run Time 136 minutes; Language: French; subtitles: English; DVD

Director: Andrzej Wajda
Actors: Gerard Depardieu, Roland Blanche, Emmanuelle Debever, Ronald Guttman, Tadeusz Huk

Gérard Depardieu and Wojciech Pszoniak star in Andrzej Wajda s powerful, intimate depiction of the ideological clash between the earthy, man-of-the-people Georges Danton and icy Jacobin extemist Maximilien Robespierre, both key figures of the French Revolution. By drawing parallels to Polish solidarity, a movement that was being quashed by the government as the film went into production, Wajda drags history into the present. Meticulous and fiery, Danton has been hailed as one of the greatest films ever made about the Terror.

New high-definition digital transfer
Video interviews with director Andrzej Wajda, screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, and Polish film critic Jerzy Plazewski
Wajda s Danton, a 42-minute behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the film
Original theatrical trailer
New and improved English subtitle translation
PLUS: A new essay by film scholar Leonard Quart

FR 207
Karmen Gei

2001; run time 82 minutes; language: French and Wolof subtitles: English DVD

Directors: Joseph Ga Ramaka
Actors: Magaye Niang, Thierno Ndiaye, Widemir Normil, Stephanie Biddle, Aissatou Diop

FR 208
Aya de Yopougon

2013; run time 84 minutes; language: French; subtitles: French; animation; DVD region 2 disk - play with VLC media player on computer or word format DVD player

Directors: Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie

Actors: Aïssa Maïga, Tella Kpomahou, Tatiana Rojo

Love stories in Yopougon, a neighborhood of the Ivory Coast capital.

FR 209
Le chat du rabbin

2011; run time 100 minutes; language: French; subtitles: French; animation; DVD region 2 disk - play with VLC media player on computer or word format DVD player

Directors: Antoine Delesvaux, Joann Sfar
Actors: Mathieu Amalric, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino

FR 210
The Rabbi's Cat

2011; run time 100 minutes; language: French; subtitles: English; animation; DVD

Directors: Antoine Delesvaux, Joann Sfar
Actors: Mathieu Amalric, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino

see Le chat du rabbin for version with French subtitles (FR 210)

FR 211
Le Colonel Chabert

1943; Run time: 95 minutes; Language: French, DVD - Region 2 disc

Raimu, entouré d'Aimé Clariond, Marie Bell, Roger Blin et Jacques Charon, prête sa stature et son immense talent à ce "Colonel Chabert" adapté du roman d'Honoré de Balzac.  Raimu, dont Orson Welles disait: "C'est le plus grand acteur du monde".

NOTE: this disk will not play in standard DVD players (North America). Use a world format player or use VLC media player on a computer.

FR 212
My Best Friend

2007; run time: 95 min; Language: Fench; subtitles: English; DVD

Director Patrice Leconte
Starring Daniel Auteuil, Dany Boon

Unlikeable antiques dealer Francois (Auteuil) always gets what he wants, but there's one thing he's never had: a friend. Challenged to a bet by his business partner, Francois must find someone who will pose as his best pal in just 10 days. Enlisting the assistance of charming taxi driver Bruno (Boon), Francois, goes to outrageous lengths to be "sociable, smiling ans sincere."

FR 213
L'Arnacoeur 2010; run time 105 min; Language: French, subtitles: English and French; DVD FR 214
Thérèse Desqueyroux

2012, run time 106 min, Language: French, subtitles: English; DVD region 2 Disk will not play in standard DVD players

Director: Claude Miller
Actors: Audrey Tautou, Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier, Catherine Arditi, Isabelle Sadoyan

SYNOPSIS: The year is 1926. In the Landes region, free-spirited Thérèse Larroque, the daughter of a wealthy pinery owner and radical-socialist politician, marries Bernard Desqueyroux, another pinery owner. Although she does it half-heartedly, she thinks that marriage may help her to 'sort out all the ideas in her mind'. But her disappointment is great. Her wedding night is all but fascinating and when she becomes pregnant she realizes the baby matters more to Bernard than herself. While Thérèse stifles in her husband's beautiful residence among stiff in-laws who do not think high of her, ideas keep on roaming her mind.

FR 215

C'est pas moi je le jure!

(It's not me I swear!)

2008, run time 110 min, Language: French, subtitles: English; DVD

Director: Philippe Falardeau
Actors: Antoine L'Écuyer, Gabriel Maillé, Catherine Faucher

10 year-old Leon is a lot of things, but normal is not one of them. He plays with Lego in the middle of the street, trashes his neighbor's house and attempts suicide from time to time, which really annoys his brother Jerome. Leon and his mother share a gift: they are terrific liars. But when his mother abandons the family and moves to Greece, Leon's world falls apart. To subdue the pain, he falls in love with Lea, the girl next door. In the summer of 1968, they embark on a journey where everything is possible: learning to play Barbie, braving a cyclops, growing up and, for good measure, buying a ticket to Greece...

FR 216