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Interactive Web Pages

Short demonstrations from the LLC

The lessons in this section serve as demonstrations of  interactive content delivered via the Internet.  

Please report any problems you experience running these lessons to Jeff La Favre (


Lessons Created with VBScript and Active Server Page (custom script)

Solar System Quiz   This quiz utilizes server side script which is not delivered to the browser.   Therefore, this represents a higher level of security.

Code for above Quiz  Follow this link if you would like to examine the active server page script for the Solar System Quiz.

Solar System Quiz with Email Option  This is the same quiz as above but with the added option to email the score to an instructor.  In this case the student enters the instructor's email address, so you may send the score to your email address (just to test the function).  The script could be designed to automatically send the score to a set address, or a page could be designed with buttons to click   for various instructor addresses.  Unlike the JavaScript quizzes above, this script does not require the user's computer to be configured for email.  This is a distinct advantage when students are using a shared computer, such as in a computer lab.   In fact, there is no real requirement for the user to have an email address (the user can enter a fictitious address and the script will still function).

Code for above Quiz  Follow this link if you would like to examine the active server page script for the Solar System Quiz with Email Option.

Lessons Created with Macromedia Dreamweaver and CourseBuilder

Multiple choice question  This quiz also utilizes JavaScript.  However, the answers are encrypted so that it is not possible to find them in the source code.  In addition, the authoring is simplified because the script is created by CourseBuilder.

Fill-in-the-blank question

Drag and drop

Visit the Macromedia web site to learn more about Dreamweaver and CourseBuilder


Lessons Created with Hot Potatoes

A collection of lessons created with the Hot Potatoes suite (freeware).  These lessons also run with JavaScript.  The Language Learning Center has a copy of the Hot Potatoes software.  This software is very easy to use and permits rapid authoring of pages.

Interactive content created with simple web pages (no script or plug-in)

The Evil Landlady Action Maze User interactivity is created by linking a series of web pages together.  On each page there are several links which represent choices for the user.




Other web sites with interactive lessons

Spanish Language Exercises  This site utilizes JavaScript extensively.

Kenyon College, Russian 13


Randall's Cyber Listening Lab  Has audio and video

Aardvark Interactive English Language Exercises

Dave Sperling's ESL Quiz Center

Cutting Edge CALL Demos by Jim Duber Has audio and shockwave

Global English online


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