Action Mazes

I first saw the idea of the action maze presented by Rebecca Lee of Options Unlimited in Surrey, BC, and Shannon Stewart, who has taught Creative Writing at the University of BC, at the March 1996 TEAL conference in Vancouver. They demonstrated a maze based on a series of cards. I came away very impressed, and wrote this maze based on a problem from a student's journal. Then Susan Mackey of the University of Victoria CALL lab suggested that we turn it into an exercise for the MUSH, in which each card would be a separate "room" in the MUSH (this is now running on the University's VCR MUSH), and that I turn it into a series of linked HTML pages, which is what I have done here. This type of exercise seems to be perfect for HTML, and I hope to write a few more exercises like this in the coming months.

Please feel free to use the exercise with your students, and let me know how you get on -- you can e-mail me at (at the University of Victoria), or

This material is by Martin Holmes of the University of Victoria, based on an idea by Rebecca Lee and Shannon Stewart.