iPad Accessories

A stylus may function better than a finger on the iPad screen in situations where precision is required. The Griffin stylus works well for handwriting apps like Note Taker HD. It is also useful for some touch gestures on the iPad screen, such as inserting the cursor at a specific point in a line of text, selecting a word in iBooks, or adjusting a selection to more than one word.


Griffin Technology Stylus




The iPad has a built-in speaker, but better sound will be delivered by headphones or earbuds. The Sennheiser PX 200 II B Closed Mini Headphones are well-suited for use with the iPad. However, they should not be used in situations where you must clearly hear sounds around you (the closed design reduces the volume of external sounds). Note also that these are expensive headphones. If you have tried other headphones with the iPad that are economical, please share your experience!

Sennheiser headphones






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