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Multi-tasking with iOS 5

You can switch between open apps by pressing the Home button twice. Then all open apps will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you have more than 6 apps open, you will need to swipe your finger to the left or right at the bottom of the screen to see additional open apps. Touch an app to switch to it.



Closing open apps (iOS 5)

With the open apps displayed at the bottom of the screen, touch and hold one of the apps until all apps appear with red circles at the upper-left corner. Touch the red circle for each app that you wish to close.


Additional controls with iOS 5 - screen orientation lock/mute

The switch above the volume control on the right edge of the iPad can be assigned in settings as an audio mute switch or screen rotation lock. The function NOT assigned to the switch is accessible on the multi-tasking bar. After pressing the Home button twice, swipe your finger to the right (in the direction of the red arrow in illustration below).


Then the controls illustrated below will appear (in this case for screen orientation lock).


Touch the Orientation Lock button to lock screen orientation (when locked, screen does not rotate when the iPad is rotated - it is sometimes helpful to lock orientation when the iPad is resting flat on a table or in a horizontal position).

When the orientation is locked, the button will appear like this: image

If you have assigned screen orientation lock to the switch, then the audio mute button a will appear on the multi-task bar. The iPad sound will be muted if a back-slash appears across the button.

The Brightness control is used to adjust the brightness of the display. The Audio Playback and Volume controls are used to control the loaded audio. Note in the illustration above that the Music app has the loaded audio. Other apps can also play audio in the background while using another app. If audio is loaded in one of these apps, then its icon will appear to the right of the volume control. In the illustration below, the Safari app has the loaded audio.



Saving a Map for Offline Viewing

You may find the Maps app helpful while in Italy. However, there will be times when the required Internet access is not available. The directions provided here outline a method of saving maps for viewing at a later time without an Internet connection.

1. Open the Maps app and display an area you wish to save as a map (Internet connection required)

2. Press and hold the Home button

3. Press and release the Sleep/Wake (power) button (you should hear a sound like a camera shutter) - DO NOT HOLD DOWN THE SLEEP/WAKE BUTTON AND HOME BUTTON TOGETHER FOR MORE THAN A BRIEF SECOND OR YOU MAY RESET YOUR iPAD! - WITH POSSIBLE LOSS OF YOUR DOCUMENTS!!!!!!!!

4. Release the Home button

An image of the map will be captured and saved to the Photos app. Use the Photos app to view the map offline.

Use this method to capture any screen image on the iPad, it is not limited to maps.


Saving an Image from a Web Page Using Safari

1. Display web page with desired image in Safari

2. Touch the image and hold until a menu appears

3. Select "Save Image" in the menu

The image will be saved to the Photos app. Images stored in the Photos app can be inserted into a Pages document or a Keynote presentation (or any other app that has access to files stored in the Photos app).


Viewing the User Guide on iPad

The iPad User Guide, optimized for viewing on iPad, is available at http://help.apple.com/ipad.
View the guide on iPad: In Safari, tap image then tap the iPad User Guide bookmark.
Add an icon to the Home screen for convenience: When viewing the guide, tap image, then tap "Add to Home Screen."

Entering Accented and Special Characters with the Keyboard

The standard English keyboard provides a number of characters that don't appear on the keyboard screen. To access these additional characters, press and hold the appropriate key and the extra characters associated with the key will appear. While keeping your finger on the screen, slide it to the desired character and then lift your finger.

Main Keyboard


Available Characters


Available Characters


à á â ä æ ã å ā ª


ć ç č


ë é è ê ē ę ė


ń ñ


í ï î ì į ī


ś ß š


ó ö ô ò º ø õ œ ō




ú ü û ù


ž ź ż






Numbers Keyboard (press the [?123] key to activate)


Available Characters


Available Characters








₩ £ € ¥


‘ ’


— •


« ” “ „ »










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