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Classical Studies Program

Classical Studies encompasses the languages and cultures of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Classics is by nature an interdisciplinary field, involving literature, art and archaeology, history, philosophy, mythology, and religious studies. Latin and Greek language skills serve as the foundation for any of these pursuits, and can also be a great aid to building vocabulary and language skills in English. Latin and Greek literature introduce you to classical authors whose excellence is beyond question and whose works and genres have influenced Western literature down to our own day. By taking the long view of world events, classical studies encourages students to examine fundamental human questions about mortality, heroism, war and peace, and the nature of the good life.

A degree in classics helps students prepare for a wide variety of careers and life experiences, including law, medicine, business, and teaching. Majors in other fields of the humanities, such as English, philosophy, and history, will find their education substantially enriched by coursework in classics.

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