Faculty Service Committee

The Faculty Service Committee will "carry out such procedural functions as shall be necessary for the efficient operation of the Faculty in all matters where the Faculty shall be called upon to express its opinion or render a decision."

FSC Minutes

November 7, 2006
October 24, 2006
October 17, 2006
October 10. 2006
September 20, 2006
August 30, 2006
September 6, 2005


Other Documents

Annual FSC Report for 2004-2005


Election Results

May 3, 2007

Faculty Handbook amendment to change contract date and evaluation process
For:  114
Against:  22
Abstain:  8

(The Faculty has therefore approved the amendment by the required majority of those eligible to vote.)

Faculty Forum proposal to revise the First Year Seminar
For:  82
Against:  56
Abstain:  8

Faculty Handbook Committee
Dr. Sheila McGinn (RL)
Dr. Brenda Wirkus (PL)

Faculty Grievance Pool
Dr. Ruth Fenske (Lib)
Dr. Simran Kahai (EC/FN)
Dr. Joseph Kelly (RL)
Mrs. Marcy Milota (Lib)
Dr. David Stenson (MT/CS)

Faculty Board of Review Pool
Dr. Robert Kolesar (MT/CS)
Dr. Carl Spitznagel (MT/CS)
Dr. Elizabeth Swenson (PS)

Athletic Committee
Dr. Kathleen Manning (ED)

Information Technology Steering Committee
Dr. Barbara D'Ambrosia (MT/CS)

Library Committee
Dr. Daniel Palmer (MT/CS)
Rev. Gerald Sabo, S.J. (CMLC)

University Planning Group (A & S Rep)
Dr. Margaret Finucane (CO)

Committee on Retirement & Allowances
Dr. Leo Schneider (MT/CS)

Committee on Scheduling
Dr. Barbara D'Ambrosia (MT/CS)

Council on Teacher Education
Dr. David Shutkin (ED)

University Budget Committee (A & S Rep)
Dr. Christopher Roark (EN)

University Budget Committee (At-Large Rep)
Dr. Elizabeth Swenson (PS)

University Core Committee (A & S Rep)
Dr. Patrick Mooney (PL)

Committee on University Enrollment
Dr. Zeki Saritoprak (RL)

University Hearing Board
Dr. William Bockanic (MML)
Dr. Elizabeth Swenson (PS)

Earlier Election Results

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FSC Archives

Election results from 2005-2006

Election results and minutes from 2004-2005

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FSC Members

Bill Bockanic, Doug Bruce, Duane Dukes, Barbara D'Ambrosia, Peggy Finucane, Cindy Lenox, Carl Spitznagel (Chair)