Complete Election Results from May 12, 2006

Faculty Governance Proposal
For:  106,  Against: 15

Faculty Service Committee
A&S rep:  Dr. Margaret Finucane
A&S rep:  Dr. Carl Spitznagel
At-Large:  Dr. Douglas Bruce
At-Large:  Dr. Duane Dukes

Faculty Handbook Committee
At-Large:  Dr. Robert J. Kolesar (MT)
At-Large:  Dr. Jacqueline Schmidt

Faculty Board of Review Pool
At-Large:  Dr. John Spencer
At-Large:  Dr. Brenda Wirkus

Faculty Grievance Committee Pool
At-Large:  Dr. Barbara D'Ambrosia
At-Large:  Dr. Gerald Guest
At-Large:  Dr. Daniel Kilbride
At-Large:  Dr. Gwendolyn Kinebrew
At-Large:  Dr. Philip Metres

Athletic Committee
At-Large:  Dr. David Rainey

Committee on Computer Policy
At-Large:  Dr. Sheila McGinn

Committee on Graduate Studies
At-Large:  Dr. Duane Dukes

Library Committee
At-Large:  Dr.  David Robson
At-Large:  Rev. Francis X. Ryan, S.J.

Committee on Research and Service
At-Large:  Dr. Daniel Kilbride

Committee on Retirement and Allowances
At-Large:  Dr. Katherine Gatto

Council on Teacher Education
At-Large:  Dr. Catherine Miller

University Budget Committee
At-Large:  Dr. Brenda Wirkus

University Core Committee
A&S rep:  Dr. Robert Kolesar (HS)

University Council
Arts rep:  Dr. Dianna Taylor

University Planning Group
BSOB rep:  Dr. Jonathan Smith

University Hearing Board
At-Large:  Dr. Gerald Guest
At-Large:  Ms. Kathleen Kobyljanec
At-Large:  Dr. Leo Schneider

Committee on University Enrollment
BSOB rep:  Dr. Andrew Welki
At-Large:  Mr. Jerry Moreno


Complete Election Results from April 5, 2006

Faculty Forum
Chair:  Dr. Miles Coburn

Faculty Forum Executive Committee
Div. III:  Dr. Robert J. Kolesar (HS)
Div. V:  Dr. Dianna Taylor
At-Large:  Dr. Brent Brossmann

Committee on Academic Policies
Div. I:  Dr. Marc Lynn
Div. IV:  Dr. Jacqueline Schmidt
At-Large:  Dr. Peter Kvidera

Committee on Nominations
Div I:  Dr. Marc Lynn
Div. IV:  Dr. Maryclaire Moroney

Committee on Rank, Tenure and Salary
Div. I:  Dr. Mark Treleven
Div. II:  Dr. Naveed Piracha
Div. V:  Dr. Sharon Kaye
At-Large:  Mr. Jerry Moreno

Committee on Research, Service and Faculty Development
Div. III:  Dr. Ruth Fenske
At-Large:  Dr. Carl Anthony
At-Large:  Dr. Sharon Kaye

Finance Committee
A&S rep:  Dr. David Stenson
BSOB:  Dr. Charles Watts

Committee to Examine Athletics and Enrollment
At-Large:  Dr. Paul Murphy (MML)
At-Large:  Dr. Kathleen Manning


Election Results from September 27, 2005

Search Committee for VP for Enrollment Services
At-Large: Dr. Frederick Travis
At-Large: Dr. Mark Waner

Search Committee for Director of Multicultural Affairs
At-Large: Dr. Susan Long

Search Committee for Director of Career Services
At-Large: Dr. Elizabeth Swenson
At-Large: Dr. Richard Fleischman

University Core Committee
A&S rep: Dr. Robert Kolesar (HS)


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