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Construction Services



JCU Planning and Implementation is handled by Kris Willis.  Kris can be reached at 216-397-4966 or by e-mail at kwillis@jcu.edu.

Responsibilities include:

  • Satisfying the needs of individuals for issues within the physical, built environment
  • Providing space planning and programming (functionality of space) for projects
  • Providing budgeting for projects
  • Fulfilling furniture and other fixtures and equipment requests with either existing or new furnishings (FF&E)
  • Determining and coordinating material selections and finishes for various renovations and new construction projects (regarding health, safety, and welfare issues in addition to aesthetics)
  • Coordinating ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) issues in the built environment across campus
  • Implementing signage for both interior and exterior environments across campus
  • Working with individuals regarding workplace ergonomic concerns
  • Coordinating and planning physical individual or departmental moves often times in conjuction with Facilities Management Services
  • Coordinating and implementing many other aspects relating to the functioning of the Facilities Department
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