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Pre-Authorized Requestors at JCU

The following individuals with valid JCU e-mail addresses may use the system:

  • AC’s – Area Coordinators
  • SRA’s & RA’s - Resident Assistants
  • All Students
  • All Faculty
  • All Staff
  • All Administrator

The Schooldude work order system, maintained by the Facilities and Auxiliary Services Departments, is the preferred mechanism for placing a work order at JCU. All work orders placed through the web-based system are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner, and all transactions are recorded for the Requestor, Technicians, and Facilities Supervisors. However, the Requestors should be aware that there are other departments aside from the Facilities Department that act as Technicians (responders to requests). The following are the basic assignments:

  • Maintenance, Grounds, and Furniture issues in all University owned buildings, including the Residence Halls are responded to by Facilities Department staff
  • Housekeeping issues are responded to by Auxiliary Services
  • SOME Computer Network/ IT issues are responded to by Information Service
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