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3)  Congratulations to Keti Sulaj on her acceptance into the Ohio State University and Kristina Shkolnik to the NEOMED Schools of Pharmacy!

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NEOMED's MoU Program Description:

If you complete the following coursework with a minimum GPA at John Carroll University, you will be guaranteed an interview with NEOMED.

The Program guarantees an interview if the student:
- completes at least 30 semester hours
- demonstrates the ability to meet ALL the prerequisites prior to admission (see below)
- earns a GPA  3.5 on the 4.0 scale
- achieves a PCAT Composite score   75th percentile
- completes ALL other application materials and procedures as required by NEOUCOP
- meets ALL other criteria as outlined by the NEOUCOP Admissions Committee

Required Pre-professional Coursework

JCU Course #

Course Title

Credit Hours


Principles of Biology I & II with Lab


CH 141-144 (or CH151/153)

General Chemistry I & II with Lab


CH 221-224

Organic Chemistry I & II with Lab


PH 125/125L, 126/126L

or PH 215/215L, 216/216L

General Physics


CH 435-436

Biochemistry I and II


MT 135






EN 111/112 (or EN103/112

or EN114/116)

English Composition/Literature


EC 201



MT 228



CO 100



PS 101



SC 101




General Electives





JCU students wishing to earn their Bachelor’s degree will need to complete the Core Curriculum and the requirements of at least one major. .




Very competitive, very rewarding...


Pre-pharmacy coordinator: Dr. David Mascotti, Ph.D.




Why should you be interested in Pharmacy?

Great jobs, great benefits, interesting work.


Should You Be a Pharmacist?

Do you Like?

                Chemistry, Biology & Math?

                 To improve people’s health?

                 To solve problems?

Are you?

                Dependable & Organized?

                 Detail Oriented?

                 Able to communicate well?

Career Opportunities

Retail Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy /Clinical Specialist

Nuclear Pharmacy





Pharmacy Management

Pharmaceutical Sales

Federal Food & Drug Administration

Managed Care Setting

For more details of these opportunities link Here.



In a nutshell:  Very competitive, very rewarding...


The competitive aspect can be illustrated by looking at the average incoming PharmD candidate from 2005;


Typical Accepted Student to PharmD Programs entering PharmD programs in 2005:

GPA, science 3.38

GPA, math 3.41

GPA, cumulative 3.47

78% composite PCAT


Also, in 2008, the national application to acceptance ratio was 3.1 to 1 - thus, very competitive..



Data from students accepted to PharmD programs who participated in PharmCAS (


What should I be doing to get into a PharmD program?


Curriculum & Activities


Fundamental to all programs

One year of General Chemistry

One year of General Biology

One year of Organic Chemistry

One semester of Calculus

One year of English Composition

One year of Physics


Additional coursework, variable

Additional semester of Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Psychology, Communication, Biochemistry, Human Physiology & Anatomy, Analytical Chemistry, Philosophy, Microbiology


These course requirements would be most easily achieved by completing  either a  Chemistry or Biology major with an emphasis on healthcare-related coursework.



Locally, join the John Carroll University pre-pharmacy club!  For more national information, visit the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (



Additionally, take part in any internships to give experience and discover new fields.



Undergraduate research enhances critical thinking skills and puts you in touch with innovations in science.



This national exam is required by most PharmD programs and is often taken after 2-3 years of coursework.



Most traditional PharmD programs now require an application to PharmCAS, which is a clearinghouse for simultaneous applications to many universities.  This will apply after you have taken your required courses, PCAT, and are ready to apply to PharmD programs.



Where should I get my pre-pharmacy experience?


At John Carroll University, of course!  


Because the science programs are especially strong here.  And even though our pre-pharmacy program is quite new, we have a track record going back at least 10 years for students successfully obtaining PharmD degrees from several different universities.  For example, every student who has graduated from JCU a PharmD program thus far has graduated and passed the NAPLEX board exam.


What PharmD Programs are in this region of the country?



Findlay University


Ohio Northern University

Ohio State University

University of Cincinnati

University of Toledo


Albany College of Pharmacy

Butler University

Duquesne University

Ferris State University

Lake Erie College of Pharmacy

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Midwestern University: CCP

Purdue University

Rutgers University

Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

University of Appalachia

University of Buffalo

University of Illinois-Chicago

University of Kentucky

University of Michigan

University of Pittsburgh

University of Tennessee

Wayne State University

West Virginia University


A great resource for all PharmD programs can be found here.


For more information, please contact the Pre-pharmacy Coordinator at JCU, Dr. David Mascotti.

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