Graduate-level Assignments
for NT seminars
last update: 14 JanuAry 2012

All assignments and due dates remain the same as those for the undergraduate participants, except for the following modifications/additions:
  1. Graduate students will be responsible for one or two Critical Reviews on materials pertaining to their research. The number of reviews depends upon what kinds of materials are selected:
    1. One critique of a foreign-language book or
    2. Two critiques, one of a foreign-language article + one of an English-language article or
    3. Two critiques, one of an English-language book + one of an English-language article or
  2. Unless otherwise noted in the syllabus, the final paper should be 20–25 pages.
  3. All assignments proposed for graduate credit will be graded more stringently than those for undergraduate credit.

Sometimes it is permitted to substitute a Creative History Paper or Film Critique for one of the article critiques. Consult the Instructor if you are interested in doing this.

A word to the wise: I encourage you to try to design your research topic so it will relate to your final masters essay/thesis. If it could be a chapter of your essay, so much the better.