last update: 26 June 2006

The University expects that students will attend (and participate with a modicum of intelligence) at every class meeting.

Group discussion and other in-class activities comprise a substantial component of the course grade, and it goes without saying that one must be present to participate. Students begin with a "zero" for class participation; the score rises everytime they attend class and participate actively and intelligently in the discussions and other class activities.

For serious reasons which are documented by the student (e.g., critical illness, death in the family), an absence will be excused. If you know you have an unavoidable conflict which will prevent you from meeting class, please present your documentation of this conflict before the class absence. If you are ill or have some other emergency which causes you to miss class, send an email and then also bring a print copy or other written "excuse" with you when you return to class. Timeliness is important; lack of a documented reason for an absence can have a seriously deleterious affect upon your grade.

Any student who, without just cause, chooses to absent himself/herself in excess of four hours of class time reduces her/his total course grade by one full letter (e.g., a "B" becomes a "C"); there is an additional grade level reduction for each subsequent unexcused absence.

Remember that even an excused absence does not automatically grant an extension for an assignment. This must be negotiated before the due date for the assignment.

See the John Carroll University Undergraduate Bulletin for further information.