Peer Review Exercise
(please note these groundrules)

PAPER ORGANIZATION & CLARITY OF THESIS: the object of the paper is unclear, somewhat clear, very clear

  • points where the thesis needs clarifying or specifying:


  • points where the organization needs re-working:


  • places where the sentence structure is awkward or convoluted:


  • places where the paragraphing is confusing:


  • points which should be added to or deleted from the introduction:


  • points which should be added to or deleted from the conclusion:



CONSISTENCY & CLARITY OF ARGUMENT: the argument is nonexistent, inconsistent, consistent

  • places where the argument is inconsistent:


  • points where the argument wanders/does not have a clear direction:


  • places where the argument needs development and/or clarifyication:


  • places to add further evidence for the argument and/or places where course data could bolster the argument:


  • objections which are raised but not refuted, or objections to the thesis which are not raised and need to be addressed:

FORMAT & STYLE: the writing is somewhat awkward, somewhat clear, very clear

  • places where the writing could be clearer:


  • places where spelling/grammatical/ punctuation errors need correcting:
  • run-on sentences or dangling prepositions to eliminate:
  • contractions to eliminate; numerals to spell out:
  • errors in the Citation or Bibligraphic format:

INTEREST: the ideas are boring, somewhat interesting, very interesting

  • places where the argument needs condensing:


  • data learned in this course which should be taken into account


  • new ideas or new ways in which old ideas might be re-formulated