Crib Sheet “Ten Commandments”

  1. A Crib Sheet is optional for the essay portion of an examination. Students are not required to use a Crib Sheet, but NO OTHER form of notes is permissible for an exam.
  2. No larger than 8.5" x 11" in size
  3. Used only on one side
  4. Hand-written, typewritten, or computer-generated  is permitted
  5. If not hand-written, font must be legible with the unaided human eye (or your usual Rx lenses)
  6. Include an outline or notes for the essay question only
  7. The Crib Sheet must be submitted to the examination proctor before the examination period begins
  8. The proctor will review the Crib Sheet to ascertain that it meets all the restrictions above
  9. If approved, the Crib Sheet will be initialed and returned to you after you have completed the objective portion of the examination; if not, the Crib Sheet will be confiscated
  10. The Crib Sheet must be included with the examination papers when they are submitted for grading.