Extra Credit Opportunities
last update: 28 February 2007

click hereFollow this link for some current lectures, events, and other opportunities that you might consider using for this kind of extra-credit project.

Kinds of projects and write-ups:
  1. Extra Credit Chapter Review
  2. Review of a McGinn article or chapter (published or in ms. form; see Dr. McGinn about this)
  3. Critique of a Jesus film
  4. "St. Paul at the Movies" critique
  5. Reaction papers can be done in response to lectures (or films, or plays) on campus or elsewhere that consider some topic related to our class material. Either sign in when you arrive (if there is a sheet for our class), or bring something back that shows you were there.
    1. Then, write up a brief reaction paper (500 words max.) that includes:
      1. A précis of the talk or event
      2. An analysis/critique from you considering how it connects with the course material; and
      3. Whether or not you agree with what was presented and why/why not.
    2. Submit the paper and the ticket (or program, etc.) that shows you attended the talk.
      1. The print-out should be:
        1. Single-spaced
        2. In 12-point Times New Roman font
        3. No longer than one page.
    3. Each reaction paper is worth up to 15 points, depending on how well you do the critique.
      1. Parts 2–3 must be as specific as possible to receive full credit. (E.g., saying, "the lecture was about Islam and we are studying Islam in this class" or "I thought this was the best/worst lecture I ever heard" would earn no points for this part of the essay.)
      2. Please note, however, that bad reaction papers may cause you to LOSE points. Papers that do not follow this format, are badly written, or do not spell out how specific course ideas tie into the lecture topic, will earn a penalty grade of -5 points. Do not waste your time and mine on B.S. (that stands for "buck shot," of course).
      3. Follow this link to see the Grading Protocol for Reaction Papers.