This seminar is designated an International (S) course in the undergraduate Core Curriculum because it introduces students to the world of Western Asia and the Middle East, especially Greece, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.  One cannot fully understand the early church without understanding the people who comprised it and the world in which they lived and worked.  While contemporary Christians often think of the church as unchanging, in many ways it has changed and developed over time.  The earliest churches arose in the Middle East (also known as the "Ancient Near East" or "ANE"). Middle Eastern culture is distinctive from that of the United States in significant ways. Middle Eastern people share an oriental view of the world and of those who inhabit it. For example, the concepts of honor and shame are key to the Middle Eastern way of life. By traveling to this part of the world, students will have an unexcelled opportunity to enter into Middle Eastern culture and to gain first-hand knowledge of this distinctive worldview which is so essential to understanding the early churches and early Christian writings.

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last update: 23 September 2007