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RL 205.51 (V, CS):  TH 11:00 A.M.–12:15 P.M., AD 233
RL 205.52 (V, CS):  TH 12:30 P.M.–1:45 P.M., AD 233

Part One: New Testament Contexts
Part Two: The Message of Jesus & the Message about Jesus
Part Three: From Rome v. Jesus to a Roman Jesus

Part One: New Testament Contexts
Reading Literally, Reading Historically: A Catholic Approach to the Bible
Day 1 T 01/19 Before Class: Review Syllabus; Introductory Materials for Biblical Studies; Resources for NT Study; Harris, "Glossary"; NT Bible Bio; "Images of Jesus" essay, Learning Contracts, Learning Tracks
In Class: Revelation, Inspiration, Canonicity, Community
Read: 2 Tim 3:14–17; Harris 1–2, 21; Ralph 1; Revelation; Dei Verbum summary.
Small Group Discussion in class (= SGD): Divine Revelation discussion questions (= DQs)
DO: Blackboard(= BB) Pretests, Learning Contract (via BB form), & "Images of Jesus" essay
Day 2 R 01/21 The Biblical "Library": Community, Context, Space, & Texture of the Texts; How the Bible Means
Syllabus Quiz
DO: Go through the Gospel According to Mark (= GMark) and make a list of every
Putting Jesus in His Place: The Roman Context
Day 3 T 01/26 The Roman World in the Time of Jesus: Highlights of First-Century A.D. Roman History
: Blackboard Pretests, Learning Contract, & "Images of Jesus" essay
SGD: Rome vs. Jesus DQs
DO: Infancy Narratives DQs; Social Justice Praxis (= SJP) registration on BB SJP Discussion Board (= DB)
Day 4 R 01/28 The Roman World in the Time of Jesus: Roman Culture and Life
Read: Harris 3–5; Ralph 8; ; NZ Billboard
DUE: Infancy Narratives DQs; SJP registration (on BB SJP DB)
DO: Was Jesus Married?
DO: Surf the New Jerusalem Mosaic (Second Temple and Roman-Byzantine periods), the PBS site "From Jesus to Christ," and do this Virtual Field Trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Write a one-page reaction paper discussing what you learned via one or more of these sites.
Putting Jesus in His Place: The Jewish Context
Day 5 T 02/02

Jesus within Judaism: Jesus and the "Four Philosophies" in I C.E. Judaism
Read: Extra-canonical Sources for the Life of Jesus
DUE: Was Jesus Married?
DO: Mark Creative History Paper (= CHP)

Day 6 R 02/04 Jesus within Judaism: Apocalypticism
Read Harris 3, 4, & 5;
Day 7

T 02/09

The Material Culture of the First-Century C.E. Roman World:& Actual Middle Eastern luncheon (Unless you make special arrangements with the instructor, members of the 11 AM class will go on Tuesday; students in the 12:30 PM class will go on Thursday.)
Exam 1 on Tuesday for the 12:30 PM class; on Thursday for the 11 AM class
DUE: Reaction paper to CMA virtual tour, the New Jerusalem Mosaic,and/or "From Jesus to Christ"
DO: Synoptic Gospels Primer tutorial; write out your answers to examples #9-11
Day 8 R 02/11
Part Two: The Message of Jesus & the Message about Jesus
Jesus' Proclamation: "Our God Reigns"
Day 9 T 02/16

Finding the Voice of Jesus in the Gospels: the "Historical Jesus" and the "Synoptic Problem"
Read: Matt 5–7 & parallels; Harris 6 & 12; Ralph 7
DUE: Synoptic Gospels Primer #9-11
DO: Miracles DQs; and Listings
Day 10 R 02/18 "If I, by the finger of God, cast out Satan . . . ."
Read: Mark 1–12; Jesus Message of God's Basileia; Harris 7; Ralph 9.
DUE: Miracles DQs
DO: Sin & Salvation DQs
Day 11 T 02/23

DUE: Sin & Salvation DQs

"He spoke in parables . . . ." The "Secret" of the Basileia
Read: Mark 4–5; Luke 15–18; Matt 13, 20–21; Harris 8; Ralph 10–11
DUE: Color-Coded Synoptic Analysis of a Gospel Pericope
SGD: Preaching in Parables DQs

Day 12 R 02/25 Synoptic Problem "Workshop"
***Spring Break***

February 28 – March 07. NB: SUMMER 2010 registration begins Monday, March 08.

Jesus' Proclamation: "Our God Reigns"
Day 11 T 03/09  
Day 12 R 03/11  
Day 13 T 03/16 Who Opposed Jesus & Why? Basileia Praxis vs. Mediterranean Honor & Roman Power
Read: Matt 22:15–46; 26-27 & //; John 4, 7; Phil 2–3; Harris 9, 10, 11, 12
SGD: Who Killed Jesus DQs
Day 14 R 03/18

Jesus' Passion & Death
Read: Harris 16; Ralph 8. Jesus' Arrest and Execution; Crucifixion; Passion Synopsis; Resurrection Synopsis
Optional: Jesus Ossuary; I C.E. Shroud
SGD: Christology Timeline
DUE (Everyone): Midterm Class Participation Self-Assessment; (Track A): Instructor conference and Midway Group Assessment
Assignment (Track A): Finish rough draft of Synopsis (due by 3/13)

**NB** Priority registration for FALL 2010 runs March 19-30
The Message of Jesus Becomes the Message about Jesus
Day 15 T 03/23 Paul
Read: Harris 14, 15, and 17; Ralph12.
SGD: Rom 9-11 DQs or 1 Cor 15 DQs
Day 16 R 03/25 Mark
Read: Harris 7
Assignment (Track C): Anointing CHP due
Day 17 T 03/30 Exam 2
Day 18 Matthew & Co.
Read: Harris 8 & 19
Read: Harris 9 & 13.
DUE (Track A): Fourth project progress report; (optional) Infancy Narrative Review
Read: Harris 10
    Many Gospels, One Jesus?
Read: Harris 11 and 12
Practice: Which Gospel Is It?
***Easter Break*** April 01–05
***Weird JCU Schedule*** T 04/06 Easter Tuesday: Monday classes meet
***EGLBS Meeting*** R 04/08 Research day; we do not meet class today
Assignment: Finish project portfolio (DUE Tuesday)
Day 20 T 04/13  
Day 21 R 04/15  
Part Three: From Rome v. Jesus to a Roman Jesus
Apocalypticism v. Domestication: Can One Serve Both God & Caesar?
Day 22 T 04/20  
**NB** T 04/20 Last day for Spring Semester course withdrawal
Day 23 R 04/22 "This Present Evil Age"
Read: Revelation, esp. 1–3, 12–14; Harris 20; Ralph 13
SGD: Apocalypse DQs
Assignment (Track C): Vocation Essay; (Track A): Instructor conference
Day 24 T 04/27 The Apocalypse of John vs. the Apostle Paul
SGD: Social Roles in Paul v. Paulinism DQs. (Optional) Apocalypse CHP
A Theology of Heavenly Escape
Read: John; Colossians; Ephesians; Harris 10 & 18; Commentary on Colossians. (Track B Option) Slavery CHP
Day 25 R 04/29 Roman Patriarchal Aristocracy & the "Household of God"
Read: 1–2 Peter; 1–2 Timothy; Titus; Acts; Harris 13 & 19; The Battle for Paul
DUE (All Tracks): Group Instructor conference; Summative Group Assessment; Final Class Participation Self-Assessment
SGD: Charismatic Revolutionaries in Early Christianity DQs
(Optional) "Corinthian Women Prophets" CHP
(All Tracks) Blackboard Post-Tests DUE Sunday midnight
Day 26 T 05/04 Christianity & Society at the End of the First Century
Read: the Acts of Paul and Thecla; Harris 21.
(Track B Option) "Women Apostles" CHP
Day 27 R 05/06 Last Day of Class: Third Exam

Section 52 (12:30 PM class): Tuesday 5/11, 1:00-2:50 PM
Section 51 (11:00 AM class): Thursday 5/13, 10:00-11:50 AM

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