The  Roman Theater at Ephesus; photo taken by Sheila E. McGinn (c)

Field Trip to
the Cleveland Museum of Art
and a Greek Restaurant
last update 11 July 2006

The field trip offered in conjunction with this class takes us to the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) and to a local Greek restaurant. The excursion is an opportunity for the members of the class to get to know each other in a less structured setting, and to have fun while learning about Ancient Near Eastern culture. Check the class schedule for dates.
If you discover a scheduling conflict, let me know ASAP so we can work out an alternative. See here for the "self-guided" tour suggestions.
I ask for a brief (400-500 word) reaction to the field trip. You might discuss topics such as expectations, surprises, and insights from the experience. It is important to refer to specific artifacts, foods, or other elements of the experience, and to connect these elements with the Biblical texts and other materials under discussion in class. See here for the grading protocol for the reaction paper. (See here for a sample paper—but be aware that it does not conform to the exact directions that you are to follow.)
These reaction papers are due within one week of the excursion; see the class schedule for your exact due date.

Sea Serpent relief from Ephesus; photo taken by Sheila E. McGinn (c)