Books of the Bible

The First (or "Old") Testament

Roman Catholic Canon
Orthodox Canon
Protestant Canon
Jewish Canon
Pentateuch: Pentateuch: Pentateuch: Torah:
  Genesis   Genesis   Genesis   Bereshith
  Exodus   Exodus   Exodus   Shemot
  Leviticus   Leviticus   Leviticus   Wayyiqra
  Numbers   Numbers   Numbers   B'midbar
  Deuteronomy   Deuteronomy   Deuteronomy   Debarim
Histories: Histories: Histories: Nebi'im (Former):
  Joshua   Joshua   Joshua   Joshua
  Judges   Judges   Judges   Judges
  Ruth   Ruth   Ruth   --
  1-2 Kings   1-2 Samuel   1-2 Samuel   1-2 Samuel
  3-4 Kings   1-2 Kings   1-2 Kings   1-2 Kings
  1-2 Paralipomenon   1-2 Paralipomenon   1-2 Chronicles   --
  1 Esdras   1 Esdras   Ezra   --
  2 Esdras   2 Esdras   Nehemiah   --
 1-2 Maccabees  1-2 Maccabees   --   --
Prophets: Prophets: Prophets: Nebi'im (Latter):
  Isaiah   Isaiah   Isaiah   Isaiah
  Jeremiah   Jeremiah   Jeremiah   Jeremiah
  Lamentations   Lamentations   Lamentations   --
  Baruch   Baruch   --   --
  Ezekiel   Ezekiel   Ezekiel   Ezekiel
  Daniel   Daniel   Daniel "The Twelve" =
  Osee (= Hosea)   Hosea   Hosea     Hosea
  Joel   Joel   Joel     Joel
  Amos   Amos   Amos    Amos
  Abdias (= Obadiah)   Obadiah   Obadiah    Obadiah
  Jonah (= Jonas)   Jonas   Jonah   Jonah
  Micheas   Micheas   Micah   Micah
  Nahum   Nahum   Nahum   Nahum
  Habakkuk   Habakkuk   Habakkuk   Habakkuk
  Zephaniah (= Sophonias)   Zephaniah   Zephaniah   Zephaniah
  Haggai (= Aggeus)   Haggai   Haggai   Haggai
  Zecharias   Zecharias   Zechariah   Zechariah
  Malachias   Malachias   Malachi   Malachi
Wisdom Literature: Wisdom Literature: Wisdom Literature: Kethubim/Hagiographa:
  Job   Job   Job   (note distinctive order)
  Psalms   Psalms   Psalms   Psalms
  Proverbs   Proverbs   Proverbs   Proverbs
Ecclesiastes (= Quoheleth)   Ecclesiastes   Ecclesiastes
  Canticle of Canticles   Song of Songs   Song of Solomon   Song of Songs
  Wisdom (of Solomon)   Wisdom (of Solomon)   --   --
  Ecclesiasticus (= Wisdom ben Sirach)   Wisdom ben Sirach   --   --
  Tobit   Tobit   --   --
  Judith   Judith   --   Judith
  Esther   Esther   --   Esther
  1-2 Chronicles

Protestant Apocrypha:

1-2 Esdras
Add'ns to Esther
Wisdom of Solomon
Ecclesiasticus (= Ben Sirach)
Prayer of Azariah
Song of the Three Holy Children
Bel & the Dragon
The Prayer of Manasses

1-2 Maccabees

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