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Specifically the Program in Applied Ethics seeks to:

Enable students to reason carefully about complex ethical questions by teaching ethics across the curriculum and by offering a variety of campus activities that address ethical issues.

Prepare students to deal effectively with the ethical problems that arise in business and the professions, including law, medicine, politics, journalism, counseling, social work, and the sciences.

Assist interested faculty members in identifying resources and developing a background in ethics so that they may address ethical issues in their teaching and research.

Provide interested faculty members with support for research and publication in applied ethics and for further professional development.

Enhance the availability of resource materials in ethics by building the library's periodical and book holdings, by developing a video and audio cassette library, and by collecting ethics newsletters and other relevant publications.

Serve the community by making resources in ethics available to both public and private organizations and by offering programs of interest to practitioners in business and the professions.

Establish and maintain connections with local and national ethics centers and professional organizations and participate in those activities as appropriate.
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