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The Program in Applied Ethics encourages an interdisciplinary approach to ethics that seeks to include all interested faculty, students, and other members of the university community. The Program also seeks, in its activities, to include a broad range of perspectives and to present a balanced point of view on all issues.

The study of ethics ranges across many disciplines. For example, contemporary artists are wrestling with issues of biotechnology in fascinating ways. The banner image at the top and the central image above are from the work of the artist Eduardo Kac. You can learn more about his provocative work here: http://www.ekac.org/


Sponsored Events & Programs
Unlock the Truth: Slavery Today
Colonization, Class and
Women Conference
Crisis Mapping at Carroll
Poverty & Solidarity
CASA Student Scholarship
Interview with
Sr. Helen Prejean

Natalie Terry speaks on
Fair Trade

Maya Saryyeva speaks on
Conference Orientalism
from the Standpoint of its Victims
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