Seminar Presentations
last update: 27 August 2007

Each student will do THREE CLASS PRESENTATIONS. Use note cards for the oral presentations and submit a copy to the instructor to assist in grading your presentation. I strongly encourage you to rehearse your presentations aloud so you are certain that you can keep within the designated time limits. As always, any visual aids are welcome.
  1. One presentation will involve a critical review of a scholarly book or article. The presentation will focus on how the author's choice of method illuminates and/or obscures the meaning of the text or texts under discussion. Time: 5-7 minutes.
  2. A second presentation will involve an oral response to a draft of another seminar participant's research project. The respondent will receive a copy of the draft at least one week in advance to prepare an evaluation of the project. The response should focus on methodological issues, both at the descriptive/analytical and interpretive/homiletical levels. The primary purpose of the response is to raise, for class discussion, key ideas or issues from the paper. At the same time, both the response and the seminar discussion are designed to aid the author in revision of the project before the final draft is required. To this end, please give a copy of your notes not only to me, but also to the author when returning her/his rough draft after our class discussion.  Time: 5-7 minutes.
  3. The final presentation will introduce the seminar to your own research project. You will lead the seminar through your analysis and interpretation, highlighting the methods you used. This will be followed by another seminar participant's response, as outlined in the foregoing paragraph. Time: 10-12 minutes.
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