Cradle of Christianity:
The Earliest Churches through Story & Stone

Study-Travel to Turkey and Greece
18 JuneŠ1 July 2010
With Dr. Sheila E. McGinn, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
John Carroll University
Projected Itinerary: Overlooking the Marmara Sea
Day 1

Depart Cleveland for Istanbul

Day 2

Arrival Istanbul. Transfer to hotel. Orientation to the city via motorcoach this afternoon. If time permits, visit the Blue Mosque and Hippodrome. Mass. Overnight/dinner Istanbul.

Overlooking the Marmara Sea, the first evening in Istanbul

Day 3

Hagia SophiaBreakfast. Visit Hagia Sophia, Archaeological Museum, and Topkapi Palace. Some free time in the afternoon. Overnight/dinner Istanbul.


Interior of the dome of the Church of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, one of the oldest existing Christian basilicas. The church was once converted into a mosque, and now is a museum.

Day 4

Breakfast. Travel to Çannakale, visit Troy; continue to Assos for dinner/overnight. If time permits, stop for a brief visit in Alexandria Troas


This Trojan Horse has been reconstructed at the site of ancient Troy.

Trojan Horse
Day 5

Breakfast. Travel to Bergama (Pergamon), visiting the Asklepion and the Acropolis. Continue then to Thyatira (visit if time permits). Overnight/dinner Akhisar (near Sardis).


The Asclepion of Pergamum (or Pergamon) was among the world's earliest and greatest medical centers. Here the great physician named Galen laid down the basic rules for all the doctors who would come after him for centuries.

Day 6 Breakfast. Visit Sardis. Continue to Colossae and Laodicea. Overnight/dinner Pamukkale. Library of Celsus
Day 7 Breakfast. Travel to Kusadasi, stopping in Aphrodisias for a visit to this major archaeological site. If time permits, visit some of Ephesus this afternoon. Overnight/dinner Kusadasi.
Day 8

Breakfast. Visit Ephesus (sites associated with St. John's Basilica, Artemesia, the main site with sloping Roman villas). If time and interest permit, visit Miletus. Return to Kusadasi for dinner and overnight.

The world-renouned Library of Celsus at Ephesus

Day 9 Breakfast. Embark on 3 day/2-night cruise to Greece. Mass at First port of call - Patmos, the island on which the exiled St. John wrote his Apocalypse.
Day 10

SantoriniMinoan Horn AltarBreakfast. Port of call - Crete/Heraklion. Later in day, port of call - Santorini.

Learn about Minoan culture in the morning, and enjoy the sun and sandy beaches of Santorini in the afternoon.

Day 11

Breakfast. Arrival Pireaus with transfer to Corinth to visit archaeological site. Continue then to Athens for dinner/overnight.

Day 12 Breakfast. Visit Acropolis, Agora, Areopagus and new Acropolis Museum. Some free time in afternoon. Overnight/dinner at a restaurant in Plaka Athens. Celebrate Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul Temple of Apollo
Day 13

Breakfast. Excursion to the ancient site of Delphi, the Sanctuary of Apollo. Overnight/dinner at a restaurant in Athens.

Delphi, the Sanctuary of Apollo, was one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the ancient world. Devotees came to solicit advice from the Oracle (or “Sibyl”) as to what the future held in store for them. Of great importance throughout the first century, this site provides a striking backdrop for understanding the life and times of early Christian missionaries like Paul. A visit to this hauntingly beautiful site serves as a fitting conclusion to a journey tracing the rise and development of Christianity in the Mediterranean world.

Day 14 Breakfast. Transfer to airport for return to Cleveland.
This trip may be done alone or in conjunction with the summer seminar (RL299/499)
for up to six undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education credits.

Call Dr. McGinn at 216-397-3087 for further information